JK Rowling [2]


JK Rowling is a complete cunt…

The other day this silly bitch milked the Harry Potter cow again, as she apologised on the ‘anniversary’ of the ‘death’ of some character called Remus Lupin…

Yesterday would have been my brother Andy’s birthday, had he not been killed when he was hit by a car… Yet this attention whore one trick slagwagon is mourning fictional characters and commorating their ‘deaths’ with ‘anniversaries’, while playing up to every Harry Potter fanmong cunt in the world?

Go and boil your fucking big head, JK, you fucking cunt!

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Plenty has been said about Rowling in the recent Harry Potter Fans (are cunts) thread… Basically JK is a complete cunt who will probably be trying to get publicity and cashing in on Harry Potter and all that other bollocks on her deathbed…

    French & Saunders and those lother women at those Glamour Awards (I know: what the fuck are the Glamour Awards?!) are stupid cunts… Of course we expect sad old witches like those unfunny mingers, French & Saunders, to try and be ‘shocking’ and ‘hard’ by using naughty swear words…. But then every other silly talentless tart at this pointless ceremony started doing it… There was some silly cow spouting that she was a ‘working class motherfucker’ when she lives in a posh house in London, then some other daft bitches started swearing… It was like lemmings diving off a cliff or a monkey throwing shit because it saw another monkey doing it… I mean, everybody swears (I know I do), but to just do it to look cool or shocking (like those Pistols knobheads on Bill Grundy) or because two clapped out has-been alternative comedy hags start is pathetic…It reminded me of Alan Partridge being dead pleased with himself, when he said ‘Big balls’ and ‘Fanny hair’ to his childhood schoolteacher…

    • I only pay attention to women on TV if they are exceptionally how with their tits out, even then I keep the sound down in case one of them speaks and ruins my concentration.

      Nuff said

  2. Nice one Norm. Rowling is a fucking annoying cunt and a one trick pony. “I’m JK Rowling, I created Harry Potter”. Yeah, we know. You keep telling us every few days. She’s also an insufferable leftie and self-publicist. As we know, she recently changed the ethnicity of Hermione from white to black, and then accused people of racism when they expressed surprise.

    Her rant did two things. It showed her PC credentials to other lefty fuckwits, but it also gained publicity for her play, which was the main objective of her rant. And that is my problem with Rowling, she won’t let us forget she exists, not even for five minutes. That and the fact she’s disappeared up her own arsehole.

    Just when you think you’re going to have a nice, quiet, Harry Potter free month, up pops Rowling with another earth shattering (in her mind) pronouncement. “I’m sorry I killed Remus Lupin”. Really? You created a world full of wizards and magic, bring the fucker back to life if you’re so sorry. Who was the headmaster at the school? The Gandalf clone? A few years back, she announced he was gay. So what? It’s the 21st Century, it’s perfectly acceptable to be a knob gobbler these days. So we’re told.

    What’s next, “Malfoy is a tranny”? “Ron is a crackhead”. “Hagrid’s had gastric band surgery”. Could you imagine Ian Fleming constantly making these kind of announcements about James Bond? “007 is about to be discovered in a threesome with Russian femme fatale Ivana Wankoff…and a chimp”. “Bond is back….in a gingham dress, and six inch heels.

    Wanting to keep her fans up to date is one thing. But she should go on the many forums and make her announcements there, instead of announcing to the whole world that Hagrid is actually Voldemort in disguise. Because most of the Earth’s population doesn’t actually give a fuck about Happy Rotter. Most people have far more important things to deal with.

    • Its fairly easy to bring a fictional character back to life. For example I have now decreed that Lupin is alive and well but spending term in prison after it was discovered he was sexually abusing young boys at Hogwarts. It is said that the when the police broke down his door to arrest him he was found eating shit over the corpses of several muggles he had just butchered. See. Its easy.

      • I can’t believe that a fifth rate children’s author could be so famous. Dreary derivative books and crappy films for fickle kids and slow adults. Who gives a stale shit what she says, thinks or does.

    • And that new play is in two parts, so the bugger gets to milk twice the ticket money. What a fucking piss take!

      Anyone seen please post the ending on the internet so it spoils her little scam…

  3. I think it’s time Lewis Hamilton was cunted. Like Rowling, he’s disappeared up his own arse since becoming famous, and has become an arrogant, smug wanker. He recently announced his support for Remain. I would now like to announce my support for the person who kicks seven shades of shite out this arrogant cock. This is a man who fucked off to the tax haven of Monte Carlo the moment he started earning the big bucks.

    He now considers his home to be a ranch in Colorado, which he last year declared to be the place he would like to raise his children, when he eventually starts a family. He’s a man who hates this country, and her people, in Obama like fashion. He spends as little time as possible in the UK, and has no right to vote here.

    So what the fuck does our membership of the EU have to do with this disloyal, tax dodging cocksucker? If you’re not willing to pay tax in the UK, the country in which you were educated for free, treated when you were ill or injured…for free, then you have NO right to stick your nose in when the most important decision for centuries is around the corner.

    Branson’s another one. He can’t stand the idea of having to pay his share of tax in the UK. But he’s more than willing to stick his oar in when it comes to our membership of the EU dictatorship.

    • I think this cunting could be extended to cover all ex pats. I have no problem with people emigrating, I would myself if I could. However, it fucks me off when they think they should have their say on how the rest of us cunts, who they have managed to escape from, must live our lives. Some sad old fat cunt eating egg and chips in Spain should mind his own business. As with the lottery, if you haven’t got a stake, you can’t win it. Get fucked, all you fair weather Brits.

      • Does that include expats who want Brexit and who will be flying back to UK to vote just to make fucking sure because they don’t trust postal votes? Or are they cunts too?

    • Dyson was good today though. Apparently he said all the Remainian’s economic doom and gloom was ‘absolute bollocks’

      • He has been saying this for months, I don’t know why he is not more prominent in the campaign. Shame, he actually knows what he’s talking about.

  4. It must be said that this very website is the pinnacle of the sexual equality movement. Recently women have dominated the nominations. These women have through sheer hard work and talent earned their cuntings, I realise that as a gender in general they do have a head start but this should not diminish our recognition of their achievements.

    Women you are cunts.

  5. Michael Moore is a fat arsed big mouthed yanky cunt who is currently in UK promoting another irrelevant film of meaningless opinions. It beats me how they got the fat fucker on a plane, maybe he had to travel as cargo. He has called UK “toxic” and has “nothing to offer”. Not surprisingly the rancid mound of human waste is anti Brexit calling Brexitiers “haters”.

    In other news a shop in Londonistan has been valdalised for displaying pro Brexit posters in its window. This brave blow for human rights was carried out by fans of Mr Moore at approximately 2:45 am leaving the owners of the shop, a pair of brothers in their 80s, shocked but even more resolute to promote Brexit in future.

    They do this, Mr Moore you useless sack of week old dog excriment, because they have something British which IS worth having. It is called bottle, and you can have one in your mush any time you like.

    • Millionaire fat cunt. Arrogant and full of himself, only his death scene in Team America justifies his existence. Fuck off out of my country you bloated worthless arsehole.
      And go on a diet….

      • Matt Damon also got what was coming to him in that movie. I take more notice of my cat’s opinions than I would either of those spunk bubbles.

      • Any cunt who uses the word ‘haters’ is usually a twat who says or does something shit, and when said shit is called shit, they cry, and say ” don’t listen to the haters”. Wet, pointless cunts, please help yourself to as many paracetamol as you like.

      • Agree, but feel his diet should be 500 Big Macs a day. I just don’t want to be around when the ‘cunt detonates…

    • They hire one of those big, Russkie Antonov cargo planes. I didn’t know the fat hypocrite was in the UK. Although, I thought there was an unpleasant aroma in the air. I assumed it was Cameron’s cowardice.

      • I saw him yesterday on the TV. He would have to in my next dead pool bid. Cunt looks he is about to explode. He should be making a movie on the cunts that feed him if he is worried about a good long life and heath care. As he wont need any of it soon. I would hate to be the poor cunt who has to cremate him.

  6. Rowling plagiarised most of her ideas from authors such as Tolkien, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton

    At least Lord of the Rings was written by a leading scholar rather than some bored slapper with a splatter of pig latin.

      • Not to mention the Star Wars rip-offs from Rowling… The golden prodigy who turns evil… Even the name is a giveaway (Voldermort/Vader)… The pair who hate each other but end up together (that ginger cunt and that taxdoging Watson cunt/Han and Leia)… There are also bits in Harry Potter that are nicked from Monty Python…

        And when I was at school there were some books about a boy named Tim and his magic cat Tobias, written by Sheila K McCullagh (the thieving bitch Rowling even nicked the ‘K’)… The thefts Rowling has made from those stories is fucking outrageous… On a par with Oasis and their numerous rip-offs…

  7. JK deserves said cunting, especially for making all those fucking Hairy Fucker movies come into existence.

    However, she has got MASSIVE tits and loads of cash…………so I would.

  8. I have to say, Mrs Cunt Spotter was a big fan of Potter and was really pissed off with me after having read a bit of one book I told her how it would end and that Harry had to die because he was a horcrux. Fucking obvious if you ask me.

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