Sarah Wollaston

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

Sarah Wollaston (Tory) deserves a cunting. Having previously been a very vocal Eurosceptic, Wollaston has decided to turn her coat and defect from Leave to Remain. One thing about scum like Major and Heseltine, is that they have at least been honest and consistent about their support for the EU. Possibly the only time they have been honest.

Wollaston, however is a worthless piece of shit who couldn’t even stick with her decision. Word is that Tory whips have pressuring Brexit supporting MP’s to defect, looks like it’s worked with Wollaston. I can’t help but wonder what this non-entity was offered in exchange for becoming a traitor. The chance to suck Cameron’s micro-penis perhaps.

In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t going to Leave very much. Like I said, she’s a non-entity. I just hope the constituents that she lied to about being Eurosceptic remember her treachery at the next election. There’s also a rumour of another defection to Remain in the next few days. Unless it’s one of the “big hitters”, like Gove or BoJo, it won’t really matter.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

19 thoughts on “Sarah Wollaston

  1. On the plus side Denis Skinner has backed Brexit and hopefully will take any remaining labour voters with a shred of decancy left with him. Those who vote to remain can form an orderly queue behind Mr Blair, Madame Guillotine will be with you shortly.

    • This is possibly the only time that Skinner and I will agree on anything. Still, he had to be right at some point in his life. Might as well be now.

      • great nomination quick-I also agree about thick shit skinner -its the only time I will ever agree with him also.
        I wrote an email to woollaston and asked her if the 350 million quid figure upset her that much as a lie then could she also mention the 4250 figure claimed as the household cost if we vote to leave -spread by Gideon osbourne -a total lie and exaggeration by several fold -even if the remainers are right -the 350 million is just a slight exaggeration not like 4,250 figure per household which is several times even the worst imaginable figure-and many folk -like me think even if there is a slight down turn post brexit-it will be temporary only .
        she didn’t reply but I don’t think she has any integrity and so she wont mention the stupid lies of the remainians-like ww3 and collapse of western civilisation and global recession and the ludicrous 4,250 quid per household cost .
        the root of all their fear is us the English white working class-the electorate and democracy.

      • The 4250 figure is estimated GDP based on dividing a ludicrous forecast by the larger population caused by immigration.
        You can’t spend GDP so it’s bollocks…

  2. The more I hear from all sides of the whole cunting debate the more I am for launching every fucking one of them off the end off a pier. They squabble over out nation and history like rats over a rancid piece of meat.

    People died for liberty and freedom and this nations sovereignty, almost the moment the war ended they began to sell out those who lived, those yet to be born and those who paid the ultimate price.

    This disgusting cunt has no principals and no future.

  3. Sir Philip Green is a CUNT of massive proportions.
    He must be stripped of his knighthood.
    He must also be stripped of his meat and two veg , by blowtorch, and his organs should be ripped out one by one.
    He should then be pegged out somewhere in Cardiff for the local gull population to pick the rest of his weasly skeleton, although I doubt he actually has a backbone of any sort.

    • He strikes me as being something of a twat. He definitely needs to lose that Knighthood. In fact the entire honours system needs overhauling, so that cronies and arse kissers don’t get honours.

      • The honours system was over for me when they gave Lenny Henry an OBE or CBE or whatever, the only thing said cunt should receive is HIV.

      • He’s a racist cunt who enjoys fucking fat ugly white scumbag whores.

  4. I see the Archbishop of Cunterbury has been mouthing off about his support for remain. Like a lot of British people, I’m not particularly religious, so his uninformed ramblings are irrelevant to me. Even if I was religious, I was raised Catholic, so he’d be irrelevant to me either way.

    The Mail seem to be of the opinion that his intervention has provided Cameron with a boost, though I don’t really see how. From what I’ve read, most Mail readers are openly hostile to the idea of religion, and Welby seems draw quite a lot of ridicule. And apparently, a lot of British don’t feel particularly Christian. I don’t give a fuck that Welby wants us to stay in the EU dictactorship. In his position, he’ll be protected from the worst of what those evil cunts over at the Reichstag will throw at us.

    If he wants to be a traitor, that’s up to him, but he needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to sway the ‘undecided’ voters. And that’s another thing that annoys me. If you’re still undecided as to which way you’re going to vote in 11 days time, then you’re too fucking thick to vote anyway.

    • Hasnt he got his work cut out protecting and covering up for paedophiles in the church ?

  5. Why is this Archbishop cunt sticking his oar in. Pompous dreamer cunt who believes his views matter and we should all sit up and take notice.

    If the bloke next door wore a dress and had an imaginary friend you’d avoid the cunt at all costs.

  6. Cantuar is just a cunt-skidmark as found in pairs of knickers dropped on the pavement in our nation’s cities on a Friday night…

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