Blackadder deserves a cunting.

Overrated….full of that shower of self regarding right on wankers who everyone was expected to admire and fall about laughing at.

I didn’t then and, watching the re-runs now, I was right not too. Absolute shite.
at least they’ve started dying off. Proper punishment, I say,


Nominated by: Dan

21 thoughts on “Blackadder

  1. Miserable cunt. Have to disagree on that one
    Good strong characters and the penchant for irony had me chortling and guffawing my socks off. Admittedly the first in the series was shite and they were lucky to get a second commision.
    Plenty of cunty “comedy” to choose from, Mrs Browns Boys which springs instantly to mind. What a fucking insult to human intelligence that is. I definitely give that an 11 out of 10 on the old cuntometer.

    • If Mrs Browns Boys is 11 on the cuntometer you’re going to need a whole new meter for Mr Khan, if we are going to start discussing the pinnacle of shite comedy Mr Khan has got to be near the top.

      • “Admittedly the first in the series was shite and they were lucky to get a second commision.”

        Its Funny you say that Petula, I actually loved the 1st series the most. For starters they had the best most well played actors on that series Brian Blessed, Frank Finlay and a few others.

        Its from then on out that the series took a nosedive In my opinion the 1st series and the army series(4th I think) were the best, well my favorite ones that is. They had the best jokes and skits in those ones

      • The last episode of series one with “the six most evil men in the world” is a corker, blink and you’ll miss Rik Mayall as Mad Gerald.

  2. I personally prefer the first series or “The Black Adder” as it was called mainly because that smug little cunt Ben Elton wasn’t involved. The humour is broader and less “Middle Class” and the first episode had Peter Cook as Richard III with some great lines. Plus guest appearances by Frank Finlay, Patrick Allen, John Hallam and the best use ever of Brian Blessed’s big fucking mouth as the war obsessed King Richard IV (not a misprint). And they had a character in the last episode called “Sean The Irish Bastard”, can you imagine getting away with that nowadays? The BBC have buried it deep and it’s never repeated.
    The supreme irony is that Blackadder V could not be made now as references to “thickies” or “fat bastards” or jokes about French hygiene and German cruelty etc break BBC guidelines so thankfully that’s one paycheque poor little Ben won’t be cashing. You supported this PC crap and brought it on yourself Elton, you wanker…

    • Good call, thought the first season was the funniest, tried the next couple and gave up long before the ww1 series.

      • A bit like Only Fools And Horses…. Great in the early days: a story of two brothers on the black market in Maggie’s Britain…. Getting up to all sorts of daft schemes to get a few quid… Then It became more about yuppies and other such shite, the supporting cast got as many lines as Del,Rodney and Albert (Granddad was gone by then), and the Trotters dynamic was ruined by both (to a lesser degree) Cassandra and (to a greater degree) Del being domesticated by the horrendous misandrist Racquel and her horrible kid Damian.. The stories got more ludicrous: Del having a mafia don double in Florida and some muzzie cunt shouting ‘Gary’ all the time…

        Classic first three series with Granddad and the first two series with Uncle Albert… The rest is below standard…

      • Got it in one. First three series – superb. Thereafter, a year of alright stuff before descending into ghastly shite. And becoming a NATIONAL TREASURE, despite not being fucking funny anymore.

  3. Loved the first and second Blackadder…. Peter Cook as Richard III, Brian Blessed as Richard IV (!) and the great Frank Finlay as the Witchsmelller Persuivant…. Second series had its ace moments too (Ronald Lacey and Tom Baker), but I think it went downhill when that cunt Ben Elton got more involved… The last World War I series is vastly overrated… A lot of Hugh Laurie gurning, a lot of that Stephen Fry cunt shouting and going ‘Baaaaaar!’, a lot of Tim McInnerney twitching and crap gags from Rowan as Blackadder: about best disciple competitions and polar bears only golf clubs….

      • Blackadder 1 was indeed filmed around real castles and had a large cast and sets, dozens of period costumes etc. Series 2 was only commissioned on the condition that it could be made on the cheap. 2 or 3 main sets and a cast of six.
        Best lines…
        Richard III’s ghost (Peter Cook) “Somebody cut my head of at one point but apart from that the day went swimmingly”
        Richard IV before embarking on the Crusades “As the good lord said, love thine enemy as thyself. Unless he’s Turkish, in which case KILL THE BASTARD!!”
        Oh and the Black Russian codpiece….
        “That usually frightens the Clergy”

      • @ Mr.Bastard 1st series had great one liners
        King Richard IV: [to Edmund] Don’t be mistaken about this appointment, Edward. I’ve always despised you.
        Edmund: Well, you are my father. I mean, you’re biased.

        King Richard IV: You, compared to your beloved brother Harry, are as excrement as compared to cream!

      • Blessed are the Meek…… for they shall be slaughtered!
        Let’s get those meek bastards now!!

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    • The Russians are worse though. I have personal experience of those fuckers and trust me, they are devolved scum, who make Neanderthals look sophisticated. I wouldn’t trust a Russian twat as far I could throw the Kremlin.

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