Clare Balding [3]


Clare fucking ‘I stand up to piss’ Balding. Hideous looking old fart – pleasuring herself with pickled horse todgers, fucking horrible old nag. Hope she falls at Bechers Brook and snaps here fake dick off on a really old gorse bush.

Nominated by: Arsebiscuit

21 thoughts on “Clare Balding [3]

  1. Not much more to add to the OP, apart rom the fact she is another BBC favorite in their anti male, anto hetro agenda.

  2. Got nothing against her but when I look at her picture I just keep seeing Bungle out of Rainbow…
    Andrew Marr as Zippy anyone?

  3. Might have known this silver spoonfed tuppence flicking carpet muncher would rear her ugly head during Trooping The Colour… There hasn’t been such a servile and crawling royalist areslicker on TV like Balding since that old cunt, Alistair Burnett… Balding is now talking to some silly old boot who calls herself a ‘Royal Superfan….’ Sums the whole thing up… What a joke… What a waste of time and money… What a load of cunts…

    • Spot on Norman, could have wrote that myself word for word.
      What’s wrong with these brain dead arse licking mongs. Clearly have no self respect. Subservient flag waving wankers who believe some German inbred cunts have the right lord it up.
      Ask any so called royalist the royal families real sir name or why they changed it and they never know.

      I’m thinking of putting up some barriers and telling cunts to get behind them so I can go on a walkabout….how do you think I’ll get on.

      Re:Clare Balding…is there such a thing as anal chining.

      • Time for a bit of the old usurping perhaps, anyone know a surviving Plantaganet? Any chance of getting some DNA off of old Crookback’s bones for a bit of cloning? The result might just be up for shoving a sword through the Juncker cunt.

      • Funnily enough, Mrs Dioclese is a surviving Plantagenet. Honest. Kid you not.

        She’s the 20th Great grandaughter of Henry III(1206-1272)
        24th great grandaughter of Isabel Plantagenet (b 1154)
        20th Great grandaughter of Lionel Plantagenet (1338-1368)
        19th great grandaughter of Phillippa Plantagenet (1355-1378)
        21st great grandaughter of John ‘Lackland’ Plantagenet (1166-1216)
        23rd great grandaughter of Geoffrey le Bon PLantagenet(1113-1151)
        18th great grandaughter of Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282-1318)
        22nd great grandaughter of Eleanor Plantagenet (1162-1214)
        19th great grandaughter of Edward I ‘Longshanks’ Plantagenet (1239-1307)
        20th great grandaughter of Edmund ‘Crouchback’ Planagenet (1244-1296)
        19th great grandaughter of Henry of Monmouth Plantagenet (1281-1345)
        18th great grandaughter of Elinor Plantagenet (1311-1371)

        It’s ‘Crouchback’ not ‘Crookback’ and it’s spelt with an ‘e’ not an ‘a’

        …and yes we do have the pedigree details to prove it. So remember she would have been your rightful Queen if it went down the female line as well as the male like it does now!

        Curiously, she’s also by 15th cousin twice removed. I’m not a Planagenet but we are both descended from William I’s great great grandson Hugh Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester

      • “She’s the 20th Great grandaughter of Henry III(1206-1272)”

        She couldn’t settle for being the great granddaughter of henery the eighth? “I’m henery the eighth I am I am I’m henery the eighth I am”

        bloody hell dio your wife is royal supremacy is she a threat to the monarchy, I wonder?

      • I met an American once whose name was Parr and claimed to be a direct descendent of Henry VIII Catherine Parr. When I explained that they had no offspring, she was adamant and wouldn’t accept it…

        As regards the royal thing, if you trace your tree back far enough then everyone of British heritage will find they’re descended from royalty somewhere along the line. As you go back, the ancestry gets bigger and the population gets smaller. Take out the serfs who died in squalor while the nobility had nice snug castles to live in, and the odds are even better. It’s just a numbers game…

  4. She is the BBC go to dyke, just as Graham Norton is their go to poof. I would be hard pushed to name their straight contemporaries though. Do they have them? I watch so very little on the beeb these days, I have no idea. Last week, trapped in an airport lounge with eastenders on a nearby tv was like having a stroke, but worse. And I’m pretty sure Samantha Janus, as she was the only cunt I recognised on the dreadful thing, has had a facelift. She used to be quite fit in the nineties, now on her way to looking like Joan Rivers. Mindless crap for mindless cunts.

    • I once met Sam Janus in 96… She was a nice girl and not at all a cunt, unlike a lot of those ‘good looking but knows it’ types… It is terrible how she looks now though… Dead right about NeverEnders… The only remotely fit one in it now is that bird who plays Lauren Branning…

      Hope those Albanian cunts don’t kick off today… If they get a dodgy corner, there’ll be a riot…

      • If you haven’t seen it yet Norman, I can recommend the film “Kingsman The Secret Service” . Sam Janus/Womack is in it as the agent’s mum. As is all the fun that was missing from Spectre. Even Colin Firth is pretty good.
        Colin Firth and “fun” in the same paragraph, unbelievable…

      • There was quite a good film (the name escapes me!), with CF playing some City financial whizz-kid who starts doing something worthwhile with his millions. At the end, he gets stabbed to death by a character played by a very good Scottish actor (Robert somebody…Carlisle??). All round, quite credible 3-dimensional acting.

        Sorry for the uninformative post, but have just spent half the feckin’ afternoon unblocking the crapper.

      • Haven’t seen that one, Mr. B… Will check it out… Cheers..

        Met Sam in a club in London 20 years ago.. She was sound as a pound… So many up themselves celebrity cunts out there, but she was great…

  5. Fucking old whore, I fucking hate Balding, a fucking total cunt who smells of stale piss, talcum powder and cheap perfume.
    I saw her at Newmarket once when I went with my old company on a corporate works do in the private hospitality Rowley mile boxes , we were in the VIP section and I walked past her, as our eyes met and I realised who it was she had the audacity to say” Sorry, I don’t pose for photos” to which I replied “I was not going to ask love, I’m off to take a shit”
    True story!

    • Nice one, Boaby… Should have said to the old witch, ‘Good, I wouldn’t want my camera to crack now, would I?’ Balding is a royal brown nosing, melon farming, fat dick van dyke, prisoner cell block h reject of a cunt…

  6. She’ll end up looking like that old nag Camillah…ought to be humanely destroyed.

  7. This obnoxious fat fuck should have been sacked after taking the piss out of Grand National winning jockey Liam Treadwells manky gnashers in his moment of glory. Treadwell now has a set of pearly whites but Balding is still a fat ugly lezzer.

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