Amber Rudd [2]


Amber Rudd is a mouthy fucking idiot!

Hates to give anybody else the chance to speak……..chopsie cow!

Nominated by: General Nasser Arse

Rudd by name cunt by nature. I just watched her on the TV debate, and now see the merit why Muslims will not allow women not to undertake anything of serious gravity. I bet she doesn’t have a Mosque or any immigrants on her street.

The only thing she now about immigration is that Uncle Bens Sauce and rice is on offer, but honey do you know the house for sale next to the St John Smythes is going to be sold to a darkie, we better move, but I hear they do nice curries.

Nominated by: Gwen786

37 thoughts on “Amber Rudd [2]

  1. I know not who she is and care even less, as she has been nominated by a fellow cunter then she is indeed a cunt.

    • I couldn’t watch it as the wicked witch of the north, krankie McMerkel was on, and I know I would have put my foot through the TV. Just another bag of anchovy flavoured slugs looking for a bigger job.

  2. Rudd was a fucking disgrace during the debate last night. Mind you, so were Eagle and Wee Jimmy Krankie. They just couldn’t resist launching personal attacks against Boris, proving once again that the Remain camp, or as I prefer to call them, ‘Filthy Traitors’, have no coherent facts with which to fight. All they have are lies and conjecture regarding the economy, and childish insults toward anyone who supports remain. Some of those dumb fuckers have even insulted the Brexit supporting members of the British public by labelling us Little Englanders.

    Well, yes, I am English. What’s wrong with that? And what’s wrong with wanting the democratically elected government of the UK to do the job we fucking elected and pay an obscene amount to do? Why are the likes of Cameron and Gideon so keen to hand governance of OUR country to foreign scum like Juncker, Tusk, Merkel, and Schulz? And Schulz is apparently building his own little clique of Krauts within the EU.

    Ok, so it’s hard to predict what will happen to the economy if we tell the EU where it can stick its union, but I’m confident that we will not see the Armageddon scenario that Cameron and Gideon have been constantly promoting. And frankly, I take their doom mongering as their admission that they’re shite at their jobs.

    • well said quick-draw .
      I hate her-isn’t she about as bad as the evil eagle sisters or sturgeon -but still falling short of the big ugly fat black shrek thing called Dianne abbot .
      amber rudd-is a born yes man -perfectly adept at greasy pole climbing and with no virtues of any sort-she has no virtues to betray.
      cruel spiteful rude selfish arrogant and self serving in every cell of her body-if you ever wanted a low life to cover up a mass murder or paedophile ring she would be the perfect person to volunteer for task .
      can I point out you said “childish insults towards anyone who supports remain ” I am guessing you meant brexit or leavers ?
      just thought I would tell you that you may have made an error as i thought it my duty as a fellow cunter and Englishman and I never ever describe myself as british as I am not im English -like you .

      as english -our 4 main enemies nowadays and for decades are scots French turks and Pakistani’s -im fed up being told how much I like them and need them by the press-I am English and I exist and that’s my view -personally I love poles -and find myself in a minority of one for that -but I do and I declare it-however like yourself I am a leaver and I no longer consider myself a European or internationalist as I always used to-but nor do I consider myself a little Englander . I really hate amber rudd-she makes me feel combative as soon as I hear her-if I listen to the words I feel I am being insulted lied to and lectured -by someone I don’t even consider to be human let alone humane .

      • If these cunts actually read any history, instead of just making it up to fit their agenda, they would be aware that the term “Little Englander” was originally used to denigrate those who opposed the British Empire’s colonial expansion. Didn’t one of those EU fuckers once say that “we are building an empire”? Aren’t empires supposed to be bad? Cunts…

      • You’re right, I did mean Brexit. I was thinking of those in the Remain camp. Ask any of the other contributors here how bad my typing skills are. I don’t always think to check what I’ve typed either. One day I will learn.

      • its ok quick-can I call you quick?
        I am just the same-I don’t check stuff and make silly errors-we need a software thats more forgiving of us -or just check first-im so glad when I make that effort-but sometimes when im too angry or busy or tired I don’t bother to check and then -I suggest don’t read your comments for fear of discovering the errors when its too late.
        I knew you meant brexit and value your contributions -and thanks for the acknowledgement .

      • Whatever is said re religion, Poles are nominally Catholics, and are pd strongly anti-muzzie; after WWII, they have NO intention of being fucked-over by anyone… I’d far sooner have an “-owski” as a neighbour than an “al-jeera”.

      • yep-thanks for that comment-my sentiments perfectly expressed .
        I keep meeting poles and live on an estate of them and I always thank them for coming here and tell them they are maintaining our identity-as they always love England and they learn perfect English really fast and they are as honest as us and possibly even harder working . they have a history that’s reassuring -as you explained and they are our alternative to Pakistani and turks -and as I live next to evil turks who make my life hell and I sold my first house to a paki who ripped me off -I like you know which of the 2 types I want and its poles -my phrase is 1000 poles are better than one Romanian and a thousand Romanians are better than one turk and 1000 turks are better than one paki .
        I would rather have less immigration but can live with it as long as the immigrants believe in human rights and love England and intend to learn English-I am yet to meet a muslim who thinks like this and very few Africans do -but all Europeans do especially poles Latvians Lithuanians and Estonians -maybe danes dutch Norwegians swedes germans and fins-would be even better ? but they don’t want to live here -so poles are as good as we are gonna get and I am grateful to everyone of them -though I am yet to meet anyone who agrees with me-shockingly I keep defending them and I keep getting told when I meet a bad one I will change my view. but as you can tell im fairly outspoken and feel duty bound to defend the blameless.
        as you can also tell-I could write a book about my encounters with evil muslim scum -and where ever you move and live the parasites appear not long later -there are very few places where you can escape muslims -round here they are everywhere and a wave of white flight precedes them .
        Peterborough luton Leicester Bradford -are the places I know -all lost for eternity to ghettos of extremists who not only refuse to recognise our laws and human rights and animal child and womens rights -but people who support the London bombers and sharia law .
        in luton 70% of muslims asked on the street on itv and bbc local news said they supported the London bombers -so why lots of white English keep saying poles are even worse than immigrants from Africa and indian sub continent -I don’t know ? thanks for being a fellow lover of poles .

      • Any immigrant where ever they are from who commits a crime in our country should be deported to the shithole they came from. Alternatively execute the cunts and feed them to the fucking sharks.

    • I totally agree with you. This is what I wrote earlier :

      Three fucking witches. Only the cauldron was missing –

      “Hubble bubble toil and trouble
      Boris is a fucking cunt
      Leave the EU there’ll be trouble
      He’s working for the national front
      He’s a double crossing sod
      He just wants the PM’s job
      You can think just what you want
      But remember Boris is a cunt!”

      And that Eagle bitch was beyond belief…

      • That’s a very good post D. And you’re right, Boris showed all three of those hags up by remaining calm and not allowing himself to return fire. I particularly liked it when he turned Sturgeons own words against her regarding the Remain campaign. “I agree with Nicola” was something she could NOT counter.

        The fact is, although Boris is seen as something of a buffoon, he’s actually highly intelligent. Sturgeon, Rudd and Eagle fell into the trap of thinking they were far more intelligent than Boris. They clearly weren’t.

    • QDM ‘All they have are lies and conjecture regarding the economy, and childish insults toward anyone who supports remain.’

      I think you meant ‘leave’, but I agree with everything you said. It was the same with John Major on ‘The Andrew Marr Show’, he just spent the whole time attacking Boris Johnson, while Bojo stuck to the facts. They are all traitors who want to remain to further their own careers, and the Labour Party are even worse than the Tories in my opinion – they have alienated their core voters, the poor working class, who will suffer the most if we remain in the EU. I am so angry about this that I can hardly bare to think about it any more, but I’m certainly going to put a big black cross to leave the EU.

      • Same here, not that I believe it will do any good. The result is already predetermined and the referendum is really just for show. May as well not make it easy for them though…

  3. Wolfgang Schäuble, German Finance Minister, is very silly, patronising and (age 73) quite possibly senile old CUNT.
    “Britain will realise that they’ve made a mistake, and then we will let them back in to (the club), if they wish…”

    Well, If France pulls out as well as us, Germany will REALLY look democratic, unless Muffley Merkel allows a referendum.

    At least Der Spiegel’s “Brexit”cover seems honest and (I pray!) hopefully an accurate prediction. “Britain, Please don’t go…” The overt blackmail is now changing to petulant whining…

    • I’m all up for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Berlin, we can always blame the North Koreans

    • He actually said that? What arrogant bell end he is. Then again, he is a kraut. Choosing freedom is never a mistake.

      • “Freedom isn’t free, it takes a heavy fuckin’ fee. If you don’t put in your buck o’five who will?”

        Song from Team America, World Police.
        Many a truth said in jest.

  4. For a cunting, I’d like to nominate young Facebook Mums/Insta-Mums (or Moms as British girls insist on saying these days).

    Many of these vapid, pram-faced slags get up the duff by some feckless chav with a double-digit IQ who then subsequently fucks off leaving aforementioned pram-face and sprog to a life of abject mediocrity and uselessness whilst living on benefits.

    A lot of these young mums are bang tidy so when I stumble across their public Instagram profiles it’s really disheartening to be subjected to pic after pic of the bog-eyed little bastard taken every five fucking minutes. Then there is the time-consuming task of scrolling down through the seemingly never-ending 9 month stream of selfies of her and “bump”……….. just in order to get to the juicy pre-pregnancy wanking material like holiday bikini photos.

    Listen love; stop advertising your kids life on the internet for all to see – the little tyke can’t consent to this and may not appreciate it when he/she grows up. Also, apart from your fellow walking incubators and some internet nonces, no cunt wants to see pictures of your ugly fucking kid. Just show us your tits (preferably without the horrible little goblin hanging off them).

  5. No wonder Amber’s first husband scarpered off at a rate of knots!
    She’s such a horrible poisonous, humourless cunt, I don’t blame him.
    She never once smiled during Boris’s ordeal at the hands of this trio of witches,
    ………ordeal because Cammy knicks was too shit scared to face him!
    Boris, ever the gentleman, never lost his cool, & faced his tomenters with dignity
    & good humour.
    When is Ruddy cunt face joining Len in Unite?……..she’s got all the right attitudes!

    • Anybody watch “The Amazing Mrs Pritchard” some time back on the telly. Janet McAteer played the chancellor a dead ringer for Rudd. Maybe she modelled herself on that?

    • Knowing Bojo’s previous, he’s probably got ambitions to shag one or all of the fucking witches

    • you are right -nassers arse-she is actually frightening isn’t she? the eagles always have the same effect on me as does Emily Thornberry -but of them all rudd is the most frightening-like some villain from dr.who – absolutely cold blooded -she is obviously camerons number one attack dog.

  6. Hope the cow get’s de-selected asap……her & Wee Jimmy Crankie……as for
    The Eagle there’s more brains in a rocking horse.. …….probably be made a Dame soon
    to get her out of the way…..adviser to Neil Kinnock of Tripping Sands!

  7. Think with Eagle, the other twin got most the brain. and that was fairly poor to start with

    Old Wee Burney Strurgeon is looking a tired old act now “Och it’s the fecking tories fault” dont wash anymore

    Rudd will be sucking whatever cock she needs to to maintain power

  8. Wee Jimmy Krankie latest………has been appointed Foreign Correspondent
    for the Beano, could be promoted to the Dandy!

  9. Hope Cameron has read the Daily Fail this evening. Apparently, a new poll gives Brexit a ten point lead. It must have really broken their hearts to print that, three weeks ago they were wanking themselves silly over a poll that supposedly gave Remain an 18 point lead. A week later that had dropped to 13 points.

    While I would love to believe that the Remainiacs have been so incompetent as to gift us freedom lovers an open goal, I keep thinking of last year’s general election polls, which seemed to show we were heading for another hung parliament. We all know how that ended. I’m still waiting for that arrogant cunt Ashdown to eat his hat. Then again, you can’t expect an adulterer to show any honour.

    Still, I hope Cameron, Gideon, Rudd and all the other traitors are sweating buckets tonight. It’ll certainly wipe the smirk off Cameron’s grill for a day or two.

    • Polls are polls… Just underlines the massive importance, if you are BREXIT, make sure you vote.

      As has been noted on this board before, even if we get a clear decision to leave, CUNTS are bound to try and obfucsxxxobfusk oh shit, they’ll try and bugger it up (I meant to throw that purple molotov earlier, it wasn’t Bols “Parfait amour”, but meths….).

      But to start with a good vote would be satisfying…will Emma, “unwise, Greg, unwise” and Bendadick-AndyPandy go orf hand in hand into the Brussels sunset, with faces like slapped arses??! Please, please…

  10. The Outs must be loving Blair & Majors’ appearances to try & woo the voters to
    the Remain Camp.
    Sir John, ex- working class bus conductor in Brixton, & all round useless cunt
    ……..remember Maastricht? …….& Tony ……how much are you invoicing the
    Remainers Tony?
    John could have risen to the dizzy heights of Inspector ( Blakey??) on the buses
    if only he had not ‘curried favour’ with politics!

    • I’m hoping for a leave vote, just to rub Blair’s nose in nationalism.

      • its you again quick-and again you are spot on.
        I hope politics is never the same again after this referendum -I am not a nationalist or patriot-but I am hoping as you do and the comments above about blair and major are spot on also-we need to deselect the scum like amber rudd and the eagles and anyone who hates democracy and refuses to listen -I just want some democracy back-and I don’t even mind what govt I live under-just so long as they are not greasy poll climbing professional cover up merchants and liars -who have zero integrity . the scots referendum changed Scotland forever-labour vanished and were replaced by the peoples choice and we need the same in England-I want a party who will end the Barnett formula and end uncontrolled immigration and allow only English votes on English matters [evel] – I would like to see the corrupt scum who are joined at the hip – the liberal tory and labour parties punished or extinguished as a result of the referendum fall-out – they are all buyable for questions and bribed and all avoid tax and fiddle expenses and all use private schools and all are masons and all are elitists -so swapping from labour to tory to labour and liberal to tory and liberal-it doesn’t matter as we always get paedophile rings and cover ups and secret deals and masonic rule and corruption and end up with an even bigger house of lords full of sickos mostly-we have to do like Scotland and remove the establishment elitists and vote for real people who were not born for office or entitled at birth and then titled before death -this is the bigger underlying issue that has changed me from once being a proud European and internationalist into a supporter of everything English and hater of our obvious enemies-the scots and French who support our ruling elite against us. and do nothing but harm us every time they utter a word .
        the internet has allowed us all to discover the sad reality of the con job we have been living under for generations and I have a feeling life is gonna be different after the referendum -whether we stay or go -I truly hope so .

      • Bingo!! British politics could well start to get interesting. Too many cunts, not enough rope…

  11. Why did’nt that son of toil Wedgie Benn, champion of the Workers,but exempted
    himself from doing any work……why did’nt he leave a few hundred thousand to that
    other (imaginary) son of toil Millipede, to help him fight the Tory Hordes?
    Too busy counting his lolly, & saying ‘fuck the workers……they’ll believe anything!’
    Anyway he knew a loser as soon as he saw him!

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