Amber Rudd [4]

As London’s murder rate overtakes that of New York, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd says that “Police cuts are not blame.” Most people in the country are still rubbing their eyes in disbelief as they read this unbelievable sentence; yes, they can’t believe Amber Rudd is STILL the Home Secretary.

No doubt the copious killings are all to do with social media and nothing to do with the shying away of Stop & Search. Yes, definitely no correlation there, Rudd.

Shadow Home secretary Diane Flabbapotamus is on holiday in McDonalds and was therefore unavailable for comment.

It doesn’t matter that Rudd’s face resembles The Emperor’s from Star Wars, nor that she dresses in a sexless Hilary Clinton suit, she’s just shit at her job.

She continued, “Stop and search is a vital policing blah blah new laws blah the Government is committed blah social media blah blah blah.”

Rudd is currently the second worst person in the country to be the Home Secretary. She is an incompetent cunt, swimming far out of her intellectual depth and she and her Emperor-like face should be sacked.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Amber Rudd [3]


Amber Rudd is a spineless cunt…

Good idea to get UK companies to go on record about their foreign workers (aka cheap labour), but backs down instantly when the snowflakes and leftie cunts cry ‘racist!’… She is now letting in grown men from the woglands and ignoring the warning signals from Cologne and Paris… One (probably more) of these ‘children’ will either rape or kill someone, and the BBC, Rudd, May and the Mayor of Londonistan, ‘Citizen’ Khan, will have to explain it away…

This is going to be both a tragedy and a farce…

Nominated by: Norman

Amber Rudd [2]


Amber Rudd is a mouthy fucking idiot!

Hates to give anybody else the chance to speak……..chopsie cow!

Nominated by: General Nasser Arse

Rudd by name cunt by nature. I just watched her on the TV debate, and now see the merit why Muslims will not allow women not to undertake anything of serious gravity. I bet she doesn’t have a Mosque or any immigrants on her street.

The only thing she now about immigration is that Uncle Bens Sauce and rice is on offer, but honey do you know the house for sale next to the St John Smythes is going to be sold to a darkie, we better move, but I hear they do nice curries.

Nominated by: Gwen786

Amber Rudd


Amber Rudd (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) is a cunt.

The woman is a 5th columnist from J.P. Morgan, acting for vulture capitalists to destroy the UKs native infrastructure to make sure the globalist 1%ers maximize profits on fuel, energy and even the air we breath.

The cunt is closing all our coal-fired power stations (that used to burn our own coal – we have at least 4000 million tonnes ion reserves – but presently import coal because the Lib/Lab/Tory party has closed all the mines out of hatred for miners and for under the table cash from foreign coal exporters), and has dictated imported gas has to be used to generate electricity in place of all the coal-fired power stations, by 2025.

Coal provides 30% of the UKs energy needs and there are over 30 coal-fired power generation stations still in operation. Dozens of gas-fired power stations will need to built to make up the shortfall in supply (obviously, given the filth we have in parliament, by foreign companies awarded ludicrously generous contract with zero risk and obscene profits guaranteed for the next 50 years, by venal MPs.

The fucking irony is that treated emissions (scrubbed smoke etc.) from a coal-powered power station have less ‘greenhouse’ gasses than a gas-powered power station.

So expect a kilowatt of electricity to be £5 by 2025 (with a surcharge of £10 for carbon trading and to subsidize fuel bills for the rich).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber Rudd sold the air we breath to J. P. Morgan so it could charge us all 50p a lung full.

Nominated by: Delroy