Amber Rudd [3]


Amber Rudd is a spineless cunt…

Good idea to get UK companies to go on record about their foreign workers (aka cheap labour), but backs down instantly when the snowflakes and leftie cunts cry ‘racist!’… She is now letting in grown men from the woglands and ignoring the warning signals from Cologne and Paris… One (probably more) of these ‘children’ will either rape or kill someone, and the BBC, Rudd, May and the Mayor of Londonistan, ‘Citizen’ Khan, will have to explain it away…

This is going to be both a tragedy and a farce…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. £88,000 of our wonga to try a case on whether a firm should make a cake or not! And now there’s talk of taking it to higher courts.

    Why cos it was a cake promoting gay rights. No prizes for guessing which way this farce went!

    Firstly if some cunt came in asking for a “Hitler was a Hero!” cake I’d expecting them to be told to fuck off, unless the cake maker agreed to do it.

    And there we have it. It’s the cake maker’s choice, end of. So why this fucking farce? Utter cunts!

    If I were the cake company I’d just do it and make it a fruitcake packed with fudge!

    What a fucking country, every cunt and there dog waltzing in courtesy of Dubz without any kind of checks whatsoever and the big story is a cake! Fuck’s sake!


    Amber Rudd is a cunt and every fucking company in the UK should be forced to dob in every dodgy illegal cunt or face closure. She can call it “Byron’s Law”.

    And every cunt I saw today on Al-Be-Be-Cerah news in the jungle was neither Syrian, nor a child. Most of the cunts were from Africa and were in their 30’s at least.

    Oh and in one shot (which lasted 2 seconds when the libbo cameraman realised what he was filming) there were 1,000’s of the cunts queuing up. I didn’t see one person in that queue that looked a) female, b) a child or c) from Syria AND there was actually two lanes, one for individuals and one for families.

    There wasn’t a single soul in the “families” queue but the “individuals” queue was a mile long and full of middle-aged African men. That’s what it was so don’t dress it up!

    And I’ll reiterate: not one of these cunts are refugees or asylum seekers, they gave up that right as soon as they left the first safe country they arrived in. They are economic migrants pure and simple. Given this, they can fuck off! Cunts.

    • These arse bandits clearly targeted the shop as well. Cunts. Just like the queers who booked into a hotel and got told to go.
      RWC makes a good point. However what’s the betting that anybody asking for a “Hitler was a hero” cake would be nicked themselves.
      We all have a choice these days as long as that choice coincides with diversity. Any other view and prepared to be sued/arrested.

    • As I don’t watch the telly, and refuse to even look at the cunting bbc’s websites, I just know that this cunting mincing story will be at the top of the news. Bound to be read by a black poofy cunt terrorist who can’t pronounce the letter ‘R’ as well.

    • I wonder what would happen if I went into a bakery of peace and asked for a cake with “Allah is a CUNT” written on it? I’d probably get done for hate crime.

      • Or if I found out where there was a mincing poofy bakers. And asked the poofy cunt who skipped over to me and asked if it could help me, if I could have a large cake with ‘I love girls & their nice juicy pussies rather than a blokes filthy old arsehole you bent cunt’ on it.

      • Hitler is my hero you insensitive Naziphobic bastard and couldn’t it just be a authentic black forest cake(fruit-fudge)?

        Fruitcake is fucking nasty shite, I just end up throwing it out or giving it away

        2016 (current year!) and nazism still can’t be accepted as a alternative political party

      • Don’t know much about Hitler, so I had to look him up.
        Turns out he liked to photograph his niece having a shite on his weak chest………

      • Skidmark
        To borrow a cunts phrase..
        That made me literally lol.
        I haven’t lolled in a long time!

  2. When watching al-be-be-ceerah ( cheers rebel) today, all i see is adult BLACK black males and the odd smiley white do-gooder.
    All these alarm bells are ringing , but the main thing i always notice is the clobber. In years gone by ,genuine refugees looked tired,hungry,dirty and had tatty clothes.
    These cunts look like they are at Glastonbury, but with the luvvies straying out of the VIP’s ironic these luvvies wont mix with Brits at any event ,but when it comes to these scumbags , they come out from behind their barriers and weep for them.
    Unless Mike Ashley has opened up a sport shop in Calais, where the fuck are the tents, rucksacks and clothing coming from. I have to clothe my daughter and i know it’s not always cheap, but some of theses cunts have trekking gear which is definitely not cheap……..

    • Probably all been donated by bleeding heart liberal lefty cunts. You know, the type who wouldn’t give a homeless British man the steam off their piss. Self serving self righteous hypocritical cunts.

      • If it is donated, it never came from a charity shop….
        How many pensioners freeze to death every winter in UK? Maybe they could do with some north face clobber……….

  3. the gays who ordered the cake must be given their rights to order a cake from wherever they like but the owners of the shop appear to have NO rights to follow their own beliefs. its cobblers. and i say that as someone who thinks all religion is bollocks.

  4. This case is proof that equality,. tolerance and diversity are bollocks. If we are to respect someone’s right to be Gay we also have to respect a persons right to refuse to bake a cake that is against their beliefs.

    Some minorities have more equality than others in the wacky world of PC bullshit. If it had been a Jewish baker or an Islamic food shop the case would of been brushed away. Mind you I doubt the cunts would of gone into a Muslim bakers and asked for a gay cake.

    • Someone actually pointed out to nick Ferrari on lbc this morning that if a gay had gone into a Muslim baker and asked the same, he would have definitely have been refused and likely obtained some manner of beating.
      And it would have been swept under the carpet.
      We all know it would.

      Nick was saying that the law is the law and it would have been dealt with the same as this. Rubbish.

      So I ask you…
      In PC top trumps, who outranks who?
      The poofs or the peace lovers?

      I actually think the peace lovers are at the top of the tree.

  5. The poofy gay boy mincing little queens have a major problem and a very dark secret.

    Nobody really gives a fuck.

    All they have left of their victim status is a baker refusing to bake them a cake and a B&B not allowing them to stay.

    Is that it? If that is all the discrimination you face then you are one lucky bum boy, chum.

  6. I wonder if nadiya would have baked a batty boy , eh i mean a battenburg for the dirty, limp wristed,over the top, shite under the foreskin gay chap…………

    PS. Yoigo is a cunt and a waste of fucking time and money. Any tips on a good internet provider coz my phone and laptop are about to take a fucking dive out the window

  7. I like the idea of denigrating really bad people but,come on, some of the nastiness on here is puerile. The left have issues with homophobia and Islamophobia because attacking one puts them into direct conflict with the other. What the hard left really hate is the majority who have a sensible outlook on life ,don’t hate gays but dislike Islamic cultural views.

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