Amber Rudd


Amber Rudd (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) is a cunt.

The woman is a 5th columnist from J.P. Morgan, acting for vulture capitalists to destroy the UKs native infrastructure to make sure the globalist 1%ers maximize profits on fuel, energy and even the air we breath.

The cunt is closing all our coal-fired power stations (that used to burn our own coal – we have at least 4000 million tonnes ion reserves – but presently import coal because the Lib/Lab/Tory party has closed all the mines out of hatred for miners and for under the table cash from foreign coal exporters), and has dictated imported gas has to be used to generate electricity in place of all the coal-fired power stations, by 2025.

Coal provides 30% of the UKs energy needs and there are over 30 coal-fired power generation stations still in operation. Dozens of gas-fired power stations will need to built to make up the shortfall in supply (obviously, given the filth we have in parliament, by foreign companies awarded ludicrously generous contract with zero risk and obscene profits guaranteed for the next 50 years, by venal MPs.

The fucking irony is that treated emissions (scrubbed smoke etc.) from a coal-powered power station have less ‘greenhouse’ gasses than a gas-powered power station.

So expect a kilowatt of electricity to be £5 by 2025 (with a surcharge of £10 for carbon trading and to subsidize fuel bills for the rich).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber Rudd sold the air we breath to J. P. Morgan so it could charge us all 50p a lung full.

Nominated by: Delroy

8 thoughts on “Amber Rudd

  1. Good cunting.

    A change agent of a Cunt.

    As you say: Morgans, venture capital, politics, exchequers office and currently fuck up the country’s energy dept. Didn’t I read somewhere she rubs shoulders with the luvvie brigade. I call her a change agent because I have a growing suspicion that she and people of her ilk (politicians, bankers………..) are bred to fulfil a specific roll and they are untouchable regardless of what cock up they perpetrate or depth of depravity they sink to, good god you can even shrug off: gob fucking a pig these days,how intimate their friendship with kiddie gets and that’s what we are aware of; what else?

    I wonder if Morgan and her chums at venture capital have their grubby fingers in the uk fracking farrago debacle?

    • Possibly the conservative party requires a form of grass roots overhaul akin to the Corbynistas to remove the third way bankstas and give the party back to the small c Conservatives? In all honesty, the party has been on the ropes since John Major came to power, and there doesn’t appear to be any decent candidates in the wings to take over from Cameron. Maybe if Field Marshal Lord Guthrie could be persuaded?
      As to the Kiddie stuff, I think you have to be working for a Labour controlled Local Authority, or a card carrying member of the party within the Beeb or the like to get away with that.

  2. The home office has instructed that all prisons in the UK are to put up that picture of Amber Rudd to stop inmates wanking.

    • Hope they notice, they’re all off their faces on spice and black mamba apparently. Maybe that will make the experience more interesting as the photo metamorphoses into a snap of Edwina Currie.

      • I’ll never understand how synthetic weed that makes you hallucinate climb walls peel your eyes out, cause mass laughter and anixety is legal. Real Pot is alot safer and you can’t die from it.

  3. “Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change” = sucking shit out of joow arse-holes.

    A filthy dirty subhuman vermin rat bastard – like 99.99999999999999999999% of the vile evil shit in parliament.

  4. Rudd by name cunt by nature. I just watched her on the TV debate, and now see the merit why Muslims will not allow women not to undertake anything of serious gravity. I bet she doesn’t have a Mosque or any immigrants on her street. The only thing she now about immigration is the Uncles Bens Sauce and rice is on offer, but honey do you know the house for sale next to the Syngen Smythes is going to be sold to a darkie, we better move, but I here they do nice curries and the women are pretty but I don’t care about te P+ki husband.

  5. I look forward to the day there is a revolution in this country and the globalists are tried for their evil. Amber Rudd epitomises this evil and deserves the hatred you lot throw at her.

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