Amber Rudd [4]

As London’s murder rate overtakes that of New York, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd says that “Police cuts are not blame.” Most people in the country are still rubbing their eyes in disbelief as they read this unbelievable sentence; yes, they can’t believe Amber Rudd is STILL the Home Secretary.

No doubt the copious killings are all to do with social media and nothing to do with the shying away of Stop & Search. Yes, definitely no correlation there, Rudd.

Shadow Home secretary Diane Flabbapotamus is on holiday in McDonalds and was therefore unavailable for comment.

It doesn’t matter that Rudd’s face resembles The Emperor’s from Star Wars, nor that she dresses in a sexless Hilary Clinton suit, she’s just shit at her job.

She continued, “Stop and search is a vital policing blah blah new laws blah the Government is committed blah social media blah blah blah.”

Rudd is currently the second worst person in the country to be the Home Secretary. She is an incompetent cunt, swimming far out of her intellectual depth and she and her Emperor-like face should be sacked.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

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  1. She is absolutely fucking useless.

    The worst thing about this is that if she really thinks we will believe it she is a bigger cunt than any of us!

    And if she really believes it herself, she has proved that she is indeed the biggest cunt in the UK!

    • A sort of JK Rowlinginit look-alike.

      Straight out of a shitty Boots the Opticians ad…

      “I look soooo, like ??” (A daft munter)

      Just WTF was that shite all about ??

    • Fuck me, it’s no wonder kids can’t bloody read when they leave school – if this is the standard of OXFORD PROFESSORS in this country then what the fuck are the teachers like?. He’d clearly not been informed about any real aspects of the subject i.e the content and went off on the usual left-wing save-the-EU-crap we’ve all come to expect and love. Personally I’d like to see EVERY cunt not born here on a list, never mind just EU scroungers……… errr I mean workers

  2. One useless, ineffectual Home Secretary followed by another. A product of the ultra posh Cheltenham Ladies College ( no trannies or gender neutrals thank you ) the Dudd knows as much about real life as flying in the air. A dirty traitorous remoaner she probably expects to follow her predecessor into the top job. Fortunately, with a tiny majority of less than 350 it’s far more likely that her privileged arse will be kicked down the road at the next election. Fucking useless bitch.

  3. Apparently believes that a few Rap “gangstas” spouting their unintelligible shite on youtube is more dangerous than the loss of 20,000 police-officers since 2010.

    Another politician who must have such contempt for the general public that she thinks we are too stupid to see that endless cutting of resources has to have a limit. I just wish that,for once,some fucking bullshit-spouting gobshite politician would admit that their cutbacks have gone too far and we can not expect services to continue to operate effectively without investment. All that “we’re all in this together” shit has been shown to be another lie perpetrated by our betters. Tax cuts for the richest is what those Cunts Cameron and Osbourne really meant,while cutting vital services for the public…and the Police force IS a vital service,it must be properly funded.
    This Rudd woman is just another typical politician. She puts herself and her career first,her paymasters next,followed by her political party…the general public are just an afterthought to be treated like backward children to stupid to realise what utter Cunts run this country.

    Fuck her.

    • Fair enough Dick, but police do themselves no favours by wasting much of their limited resources.

      • “Wasting MUCH of their limited resources”…. How do they do that? Ok,of course they’re not perfect,no orginisation trying to operate in our politically correct times is ever going to be perfect. However a few frothing Daily Mail outrage articles are not proof of vast waste by the Police service.

      • The MET has had to reduce its numbers by the equivalent of Manchester Police. Or put another way, Our largest city’s police force must downsize by the number of police in the third largest city in the UK. Fucking mental.

      • I appreciate that, RTC. It just gets me sometimes when the Police service is criticised for something that is actually a Home Office initiative. The police service can only do as instructed by it’s political masters. No Police Officer sets the agenda,just as no General decides to go to war. All of these decisions are made by gobshite,venal politicians and it’s left to the mugs on the ground to implement them.

      • Appreciate your point Dick. It’s all part and parcel of the sickness pervading our once astute and relevant nation.

        65 next month and past caring. Next stop Dignitas.

      • @RTC…Dignitas? I wouldn’t bother. Give it a few more years and the government’ll be providing a free euthanasia service in order to free up housing and resources for our cultural-enriching newcomers.
        🙂 .

      • Quite apt that the only breakfast cereal available at the Dignitas clinic is Cheerios….

      • Well I wasn’t thinking of going just yet. More a case of getting my ducks in a row while I still have a few marbles left, so to speak… sort of.

        Encouraging news re: proposed Free Euthanasia Service – anything to save a bob or two, cheers!

      • Crime in London was higher before police numbers were cut, although the cuts haven’t helped. This is a social problem – stupid cunts who think it’s clever to talk like halfwits innit, be uneducated and carry weapons and deal drugs bruv. No parental control and alien ‘cultures’ also contribute.
        Home secretaries are responsible for wasting police resources going down the ultra liberal politically correct path. Valuing ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’ and affirmative promotion over old fashioned coppering. As Dick would say:-
        Fuck them

      • “Crime in London was higher”…I wonder if a lot of those figures are manipulated by the downgrading of certain crimes and the public apathy towards even bothering to report them.

      • Here are couple for you DF
        The local nick in Fullwood was “upgraded” – it was an old type nick with the blue light above (which disappeared during renovation – they are worth a few quid) and the thick stone walls with a few cells below. Local paper suggested about £700k was spent on it – the whole place gutted – new spaz accessibility – windows, carpets, curtains, walls knocked down and replaced, new office furniture – the whole 9 yards.
        It never saw a copper in it. It was shelved after some nicks were amalgamated with others and the building realised £400k – bought by a local blambo without going to auction (they are everywhere on the political scene in town and spreading through the suburbs like an Australian bush fire).
        Lancs and Cumbria forces were amalgamating and had a brand new purpose built multi storey office erected on the outskirts of town for direct access to the motorway network as most of the plods from HQ lived a drive away. It was to be the nerve centre for the new Lancs / Cumbrian force and gazillions was spent on comms alone as the whole system had to have redundancy / resilience built in and a mega new solution designed by the best software architects in the business. Again, like Fullwood it had all the latest furniture / fixtures and fittings installed for the plods – no expense spared (as there never is with government contracts – everybody wins except the tax payer – you and I).
        It never even saw a boy in blue, not a seat was sat on or a carpet trod. It stayed empty but fully operational and manned by security / comms guys / software engineers – the full Monty. I have no idea of the wasted cost of a huge white elephant but I know for a fact the telecom and data infrastructure including UPS’s and associated gear was over £2M. That’s not anecdotal or “my mate told me”. My youngest sibling was the BT project manager and was the lead PM for the whole project delivery.
        I know that’s not plod directly wasting brass but the money lavished on white elephants is fucking disturbing. We should know about these fuck ups – we don’t – its planned that way.
        The NHS spent over £5bn under liebours watch on a completely seamless computerised patient access system. It was canned with not a single fucking bit of kit talking to any other bit of kit or a record accessed. I knew “consultants” who retired on their proceeds of that little fuck up. That’s another story 😉

  4. We’re going to need a fucking big, real wall for all the cunts we have to put up against it. Maybe the Donald will have some bits left over from his Mexico venture that he could send us. Alternatively, we could just send the cunts over there for NRA target practice.

    • Trump is sending the National Guard to the border. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are cooperating…California isn’t.

      Our National Guard is (probably) somewhat akin to your old Territorial units. Raised from the local populace they are nominally under the command of the state Governor until called up by the President for National Service.

      They are often called up in the case of emergencies like floods, earthquakes, riots or hordes of Third World Shitholians invading sovereign territory.


  5. Her constituency, Hastings, voted to Leave the Reich though Rudd still hacked (and occasionally still hacks) her Remain vomit. If they had any real balls they’d de-select her but as she’s in the Zelda May gang, that probably won’t happen. Nonetheless, she should be shown the door.

    • During the Referendum I recall reading a crass argument from South coastal towns to Remain because “we have a lot foreign students come to study” in them.

      Yes, fuck sovereignty, making your own trade deals, creating your own laws, ploughing £Billions into East European economies, fishing in your own fishing waters and regulating unknown people entering your country…. Chukwuma from Nigeria has paid for his Multi-skills class and Kwang-Suk won’t be able to study Engrish.

      • CM, would these south coast towns by any chance be the ones that used to complain about shop-lifting exchange students ?

        Odd how things change !!

  6. I don’t fucking care that the murder rate is higher than New York. I’d love to read the resumes of the 50 victims and see if any of them contribute positively to society. Good riddance to a bad lot, long may it continue.We

    • Good point CnR

      There was an article in last weeks Sunday Times on the ‘victims’, whilst they couldnt include their CV’s they did include their names and mugshots.

      Fuck my boots they were all had foreign names, you know the ones, Ngobo, Estavas etc and there in the middle is the picture of a white woman called Hannah something or other. I had a quick look into her case and a man and a women were arrested in connection with her murder but it certainly read as if it was some type of crime of passion.

      Still, it would be wrong of me to jump to any conclusions.

    • C’n’R, I hope you weren’t victim #51, brutally taken mid-sentence and currently transcending to the Paradise City in the clouds.

    • I’m sure they were all aspiring footballers, doctors, engineering students or some such…..

      Then again probably not on reflection. Somali on Somali, yes, right, let the cunts get on with it, in fact perhaps we could encourage it as, after all, Sadick Khunt says it’s all part and parcel of living in a big city.

      • That excuse is reserved for “peacefuls” blowing the fuck out of the infidel.

        When it comes to “culturally enriched” stabbings that goes into tragedy soundbite folder.

  7. lol at the ‘Battle of the Flowers’ well done those removing the flowers laid in ‘tribute ‘ to that scumbag Henry Vincent. anyone see those two women relatives of his putting up flowers? jesus fucking christ. keep removing them well done !

    • It’s a fucking disgrace they’re allowed anywhere near Mr Osborn-Brooks’s home. Symptomatic of the sickness pervading our society.

      Besides, the cunt died in hospital, nowhere near the house he chose to invade.

    • The Pikey Cunts should be looking at his mate who left him lying and fucked off in his van. Perhaps if he’d taken the thieving Cunt straight to hospital the NHS could have sacrificed decent money keeping the bastard alive.

      • If the Pikeys give the cunt diplomatic asylum the cops won’t be able to touch him.

      • According to the Metro, the cousin of scum cunt pikey Vincent, is calling the people who are removing the flowers,”scum.”
        Thick fuckin’ slag leaves me speechless….
        Gutless cunt is dead, who fucking cares.

        Go to any pikey gym and see their training for every day life.
        Four pikey’s hitting the same punch bag….

      • He’s probably stealing some senile old Dear’s life savings as we speak. The small matter of a death won’t deter a true pikey from going about his unlawful business. They’re like rats, a live one’ll chew up it’s dead mate if it gets the chance.

      • They are outlaws, pure and simple. The law doesn’t apply to them, unless it’s to protect them. Scum, the lot of them.

      • And the honourable Liebour MP for Stretford is suggesting that Universal Credit will favour pikeys and gippos as they are “unfairly disadvantaged” for having larger families?? My piss boileth over. Quoted in the Huffcuntington post – next to the story about the dead gippo cunt.

      • Glad of this thread, as my piss was stripping the bloody wallpaper this pm, watching the news.

        Do the vermincuntscumbags truly have no sense of…words fail me totally. They are ripe for extermination. Apologies if that seems a little harsh, but…they appear to be threatening WW3 over the removal of what are probably stolen flowers.

        Sod the middle east, get our army out to d/w this cancer on society.

      • No surprise police putting pikey right to provoke above residents right to quiet enjoyment of their street.

  8. What’s always struck me as the most remarkable thing about dear old Amber is she was once married to the brilliant late Adrian Gill or AA Gill as he was better known.

    Maybe Amber’s got some talents and a dark cutting sense of humour we just don’t know about but whatever you would never have put those two together in a month of Sunday’s.

    To be fair this stupid bint does give me a laugh every now and then with her ‘stern face’, I can just see it now, before she goes on stage to give a speech, looking in the mirror and saying ‘ok come on Amber, stern face, stern face give them the fucking stern face, yeh that’s it, come on……’.

    On the Police, I agree with you DF, they are at the behest of their paymasters who will throw them under a bus at the drop of a hat in order to cover up for their ridiculous ‘initiatives’ and wide and deep cuts.

    I have several mates in the Police both currently and recently retired. They all to a man (and women) tell the same story about a politicised agenda that’s gradually crept in over the years that only serves to stifle effective policing, this of course is outside of the cuts.

    The irony of course is that the Police Service by law cannot be Unionised as that’s seen as political and Robert Peel always envisaged the Police Force would have to be impartial and non-judgmental when it came to enforcing the law.

    It defies belief then that the man hating moose Saunders instructed Investigating Officers to always believe alleged rape victims which in itself totally undermines a basic tenant of British Common law ie innocent until proven guilty.

    Then we have IPCC and the fucking cunts within. I have a mate who has been subject to an investigation for the last couple of years by these cunts and he’s going through hell.

    It’s a complicated story but the top and bottom is some cunt ‘died’ on his watch. That description really doesn’t do justice to the events but it would be wrong of me to elaborate for his sake.

    I am beyond disgusted at the way in which he’s being pursued by some ideologically driven fat cunt lawyer that’s well known to have made it his mission to nail a copper, any copper before he retires.

    The upshot is this, if my mate is cleared then there will be a disciplinary as that always happens in these cases, a disciplinary is far harder to judge as it’s not a criminal investigation and in comparison it’s fairly subjective.

    If found guilty of gross negligence/ misconduct serving police officers effectively loose their hard earned and well deserved pensions and at the age of 50-55 that income is impossible to replace.

    So what to do? Well we’ll see but one thing is for absolute certain, never again will a serving officer who’s aware of this case ever again exercise any discretion and will simply refer what we’re once fairly routine decisions up the line which in turn will paralyse the service.

    I’m naturally conservative both small and big C but I am fucking disgusted at the cuts to the police service that often leave them massively exposed and open to prosecution in order to cover over their fuck ups.

    When the police can’t police for fear of being caught up in a political / ideologically driven agenda to protect the rights of criminals or any number of minority groups that may or may not yet exist then we all need to be very worried.

  9. A right royal cunting there, Captain M. I do feel though, that even if there were significantly more police on the streets, the murders, muggings, stabbings and shootings would still continue (albeit not quite so frequently) because inner-city darkies can’t help but be violent dullards; it’s simply their nature.

  10. Whilst Elmer Fudd is about as much use as an indoor sundial, there is great reticence across the boards (meejah, politicians, journos) to query the “cultural enrichment” aspect which seems endemic in the vast majority of cases.

    Always quick with excuses to justify why these stabby cunts are stabby cunts and various bleeding heart stories to absolve them of any blame.

    So let’s just say we could replace all of the met police overnight, would the stabby “culture” immediately evaporate? I doubt it.

    There may be more bods walking about but if two or more “culturally enriched” types decide to play sushi, they will – end of.

    Moreover, while Lammy and Abbott are wringing their hands over plod not doing enough and blaming it all on the cuts (selectively ignoring the “cultural enrichment” aspect), they would be first two cunts up in arms about unfair policing, targeting “culturally enriched” individuals, all with lashings and lashings of “waycist” cries thrown in for good measure.

    They were over the moon when “stop and search” was redacted as it offended their “culturally enriched” constituents, and – of course – pointing out that the majority of those infractions were perpetrated by the “culturally enriched” minority (and hence why that demographic were searched more often than say 80yr Betty types collecting their pensions who were responsible for 0% of those infractions), well, you guessed it, that’s just waycist isn’t it!

    • “Lammy and Abbott …. would be the first two cunts up in arms about unfair policing, targeting “culturally enriched” individuals, all with lashings and lashings of “waycist” cries thrown in for good.”

      Too right. Quicker than a pair of rats up a drainpipe.

      In a surreal, Alice in Wonderland-type logic, they are the Tweedledum and TweedleDumber of all MPs.

  11. Yeah I saw those filthy pikey slags crying about those flowers. “They cost money” one of them said, “ nothing’s free.”
    Oh really bitch? What about the education service, the NHS, the roads, the council clearing up your shit, the benefits you ponce off us? You and your kind have never paid a single fucking penny in income tax you lowlife scrounging scum. And if you actually paid for those flowers you stole every fucking penny from real people.
    Well done to the locals for fighting back against these subhuman cockroaches. Did I mention that I FUCKING HATE FUCKING PIKEYS ?

    • Heard a few beleaguered residents speaking on LBC earlier. Some of those ‘grieving’ pikey relatives should be done for intimidation.

      No, wait a minute, I forgot… that would be raaaaccist!

  12. What can we expect from our Police and Justiciary, when they are appointed and accountable to a Politician ?

    • Police chiefs, teaching unions, military top brass, NHS execs, councils, all dance to the tune of government policy without question no matter how insane. One thing that gets me is how can one cunt of a politician move between departments in a reshuffle say from defence to health or transport to environment with little or no experience?

      • Since they know nothing about anything, it really doesn’t matter where you put the cunts, they’re just figureheads for the Civil Service anyway.

    • The trouble is, ASA, politicians have forgotten that they are meant to represent the People. We,the People,are meant to be the Masters,and they are supposed to implement the Peoples’ will and wishes. They no longer consider themselves “public servants”, they consider themselves our Lords and Masters and believe that we are here to be lectured and hectored like naughty schoolchildren as they implement their “new,improved” ideas on how we should live and think.

      Utter shits.

      • Shits they are Dick. Simplearseholes like me would like to take the entire parliamentary estate and shove it up Mama Merkels volumous cunt. They wanna stay in Europe, then up her hole they go!

  13. Spuds and Harry Kane are cunts, but probably more so Spuds.

    Trophyless Spuds are clutching at straws and have requested that Kane be named as the goalscorer of an Erikson goal so that Kane can hopefully win Europes golden boot.
    Mibbee the FA are cunts an’all as they’ve agreed and given it to the Spuds player.

    I’m a fan of Kane and hope he becomes a great, but this is clutching at straws and if it starts a trend then I’m gonna be claiming to have fucked Sheena Easton…….. Well, I did see her at Glasgows big day in 1990….

  14. I’ve started rereading Filth by Irvine Welsh.

    Either Irvine Welsh is a cunter or some of us have styled our cuntings on Welsh’ work.

    For those who haven’t read it and those who have, get a copy and give it a geez.
    To me it reads like a Cunters Annual. The main character Bruce Robertson is one hell of a cunter, and leaves no cunt uncunted.

    • The wife bought me that book 20 years ago and I STILL haven’t got round to reading it!

      Thanks for the tip Birdman – it’s just moved to the top of the pile.

  15. Worked for the MET for 16 years. There are literally thousands of plod sat in offices working on stuipd projects or replicating other units intel. Also sickness absrnce is so badly abused it is beyond belief.

    More plod working in there control rooms on a Friday nihht than tge whole of South London. No this is not made up , I can assure you. They waste hundreds of millions on failed I.T projects, Command Point, CARM4, CHS, etc then more money to sue the companies they nearly bought it off! Command Point fiasco now running at over £100 million for a cancelled project.

    Entrenched in hierarchy and rank structure also completely obsessed with cultural Marxism. I accidently reffered to a trans thing as a man and got accused of mucroaggressive transphobia as I had apparently trigeered the confused gender vending tranny fucktard.

    It is not beyond saving but someone with gumption needs to take control NOW!

    • Suspect it’s much the same story in every large Government department. And fear it is beyond saving – too many uncontrollable, bureaucratic vested interests.

      Beyond saving till they run out of other people’s money, that is.

  16. From sitting over here on the American sideline, reading post after post about the UK, I think the dumb cunts who have overthrown this country have cloned doppelgängers in your country.

    I’m not sure which of us is more fucked by the Kumbaya campfire sing’n motherfuckers of progressive enslavement.
    Meanwhile, society goes to shit while the wealthy (in safety) have a good old laugh at our expense…

  17. That nerve gas poisoned Ivan cunt in Salisbury… Recovers, comes out of hospital and an atom bomb lands on his head… Yer’ve got to laugh…

  18. I don’t give a fuck what happens in Londonistan
    Murder each other with impunity I say
    We need a wall from the Yorkshire Dales UP THE Way!!!!!

  19. This woman REALLY is No. 1 Enema of the People.

    Eventually, she will be expelled for the rancid shite she is.

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