People living in vehicles

People living in vehicles need a cunting.

In Bristol there are loads of cunts living in ‘Converted’ vehicles, Caravans, Old Minibus’ etc. Some of these vehicles have coal burning heaters/stoves and some cheeky cunt actually advertised a ‘Converted’ vehicle for rent. You’d think that it was Pikeys (which would have the bonus being able to buy the odd ‘Off the back of a lorry’ goods) but it’s not its white middle class cunts and there all over the place, there are a load near Ikea, fuck knows what the toilets are like after these scruffy cunts have used them. I know there is a housing crisis but these cunts should fuck off to the countryside where Farmer’s may be able to employ the cunts and pay them in Apples and pears. Seriously there are loads of these cunts and there was a serious fire in one the other day with a possible fatality.

If I sat in my car and started a barbecue and the old bill saw I’d get arrested, so why are these cunts allowed to burn coal in a vehicle. Some of these vehicles have chimneys so it’s obvious. What will be done abaaaaaht it? Fuck all. If it were a load of Somalians there would be houses built in record time for them, so the governments are cunts as well. What a pile of cunt.

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  1. Just watching Peter Ford on Al BBC talking a lot of sense about retaliation over the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack.
    The UK and the septics are believing all the bullshit coming out of Syria ref the attack even though all the info is from one side and not independent its the jihadi supporters such as the White Helmets and the rebels.
    So hardly balanced and reflective.
    Oh who is Peter Ford he’s the ex British Ambassador to Syria. Also another ex British Ambassador to Syria Craig Murray says much the same thing on his blog.
    This country allows jihadi scum in to kill and maim in concert halls underground trains on bridges and shops but if they say “we was gassed” then we say oh they must be telling the truth let’s bomb Assad or is it to prevent the inspection of evidence which of course may not exist.
    Just my tuppence.

  2. This is a new one on me. Vehicles with fucking chimneys? Fuck me Bristol has gone downhill. Perhaps their Green MEP is encouraging this hippy lifestyle.

  3. Comedy penalty in a Champions League quarter final and the BBC wanking themselves into a frenzy over Liverpool getting into the semis whilst ignoring the violent behaviour of their supporters during both matches against Abu Dhabi City.

    Modern football is a cunt if you support a smaller team that isn’t owned by a filthy rich Arab or a Russian gangster.

    Think I’ll repost this rant over in the nominations.

  4. Bristol? Surely shome mishtake?

    My old Beaufifhter 412 hasn’t one of these new fangled interior barbeque facilities. Sounds frightfully downmarket with grease from steak cuts getting onto the fine leather upholstery and whatnot.

    I am sure their Kensington showroom will exclude these optional extras for their more refined and civilised clientele.

  5. I don’t know anybody who lives in their vehicle,but I did once see a documentary about some dashing blades who spent a summer holiday touring around in a big,red,double-decker bus. The two main characters were called Cliff and Mervyn,and they had only one thing on their minds…chicks. Young,old.fat,thin…It didn’t matter to these two stud-muffins (no coloureds,mind). There were some other bachelor boys along for the ride,but to be honest they seemed a bit “light on their feet” compared to Cliff and Mervyn who cut a swath through the local frothing gash like a combine through a wheat field. “Love ’em and leave ’em” seemed to be our heroes’ method statement. It was like some kind of hitchhiker porn film as Cliff and Mervyn tempted the chicks onto their love-cruiser and taught these young innocents about “Man-love”.. They often disembarked speechless and bow legged after a session with the “terrible two.”

    I did hear that there was a lot of unused footage where Cliff and Mervyn put on song and dance shows for the poor kids at childrens’ homes,but apparently that footage has been mislaid….Shame,I bet it would have been of real interest to several talent-spotting agencies these days….I wonder what became of Cliff and Merv.,the randy hetros.

    What’s got 193 legs,no teeth and smells of piss?….. The front row at a Cliff Richard concert.

    I’ll just get me colostomy bag,and I’ll be on me way.

    Fuck them.

    • Q. What has 200 arms, 200 legs and no pubic hair?

      A. The front row of a One Direction concert.

      I’ll get my coat.

    • Gay actors are notorious for their zealous portrayals of rampant, red blooded macho heterosexuals. Rock Hudson in McMillan & Wife being a prime example.

      That said, aren’t most male actors bum-bandits?

      • Not most,…all. Apart from Fatty Arbuckle who really knew how to leave the women speechless.

      • Fatty was the prototype victim of the #MeToo movement. A much maligned and disgracefully treated thespian of the highest order.

      • It’s a great shame that Fatty never got to demonstrate his inimitable method to Emma Thompson…preferably while Kenneth Branagh was stuck up her at the same time.

      • How did AIDS get into America…

        Up the Hudson.

        Bum bum…….

        I don’t know why but I still laugh at that.

      • What does AIDS stand for?

        Ass Injected Death Sentence…

        Bum bum, again….

    • Come on now, Mr Fiddler…there’s no evidence whatsoever that Harry Webb is a bottom-fondler. Just look at him: If that’s not a vision of hetero manliness, I don’t know what would be.

      • I like to think of him as Clit Richard rather than Cliff,on account of all the minge that he must have left ruined during his pussy-chasing career.
        He’s an example to us all.

      • I’ve just checked and you’re right, CC,it is Melvyn. That must be why he’s never responded to my increasingly strident demands that he sends me a signed photo of him and Cliff spit-roasting Una Stubbs.

      • I’d imagine that on that one occasion when Cliff overcame his disgust at touching a woman and plowed Una Stubbs’ furrow in an attempt to “fuck the gay away”, he made her wear her Aunt Sally costume and spend the whole three minute experience imagining he was bumming Worzel Gummidge. Or the Crowman.

      • Yes, Melvyn Hayes I think. He played the butch Gloria in It aint half hot mum.
        Lovely boy, look you.

    • Well bugger me sideways I had no idea Cliff was serial shagger back in the day! Although that would explain, why he is a celebrated celibate now, as he must have worn out his todger with all that poking he did in the past.

      • google and watch espresso bongo….go to the titty scene….watch cliffs face as the topless dancers walk past……now….tell me he wasn’t gay.

      • Cliff is a pathetic, whinging, multi-millionaire nancy boy cunt who should have the good grace to keep his greedy snout out the public purse.

  6. All yous who voted in Theresa May are cunts.
    Heading towards word war three is not a fun place to be.

    Twice in a month this doss cunt has pointed a finger at someone without evidence or even an investigation that leaves my future existence hanging on a shaky peg.

    This fuckin chemical attack could have been filumed anywhere. The Middle East, Southern Europe and South America all look the fuckin same in some parts. Dusty towns with flat roofed shoddy houses and swarthy kids running amok.

    Also, no cunt asks how all this mobile phone footage filming supposed war zones makes into the medias hands at a rapid rate.

    Fake, fake, fake…… and if it ain’t fake….. well…. fuck um!!!!!!!

    No fuckin way our futures should be put on the line for a bunch of cunts who always claim on the news that ‘only Allah can save us’

    • Sorry Birdie….none of us did. We weren’t given the chance to elect her, she was selected by her remainer chums.

      • Actually, I think you’ll find it was the DUP who put her there.

        Now if Sinn Fein took their seats…

  7. GCHQ has launched a ‘major offensive cyber-campaign’ against ISIS to hinder their ability to co-ordinate attacks and spread propaganda. BT are re-routing their hub to rural Lincolnshire as we speak.

    • I live in rural Lincs. Perhaps BT can get us decent broadband while they are at it. The cunts.

      • I would be happy with the filling of a few potholes, leave all that electricity bollocks to you knowledgable ones. We will carry on with signal rockets and rush lights.

      • You soft southern metropolitan fucker. Grantham is practically Islington. I am the other end – on a clear day we can see Hull. Fortunately we don’t get many clear days.

  8. Apparently, there’s an energy scandal in Oireland…

    What’s the calorific value of tar and feathers, in case they run out of peat ?

  9. You wanna see all of the Roma future doctors, scientists and businessmen living out of beat up, belching smoke, road illegal vehicles (that plod go nowhere near due to paperwork fear), then please feel free to stop by Toddington Services between J11 & J12 on the M1.

    Either they’re recreating the Calais Jungle for a hand wringing BBC drama about an ex Syrian Doctor who falls in love with a transgender bisexual crippled “peaceful” cunt – living out of his car due to shell shock , or, it’s a bunch of useless good for nothing cunts who are here because they allowed to and nothing more.

    As in Blind Date – the decision is YOURRRRRRSSSSSS!!!

  10. That car looks tidy WHITE VAN MAN
    Y-tube goldie looking chain gotta van
    tools at the back Brake tools at the front

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