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Some intensive cunting for BBC sports panel discussions is necessary. For those of you who don’t waste your time watching the shit on offer on the Beeb, a BBC sports panel comprises 4-8 people, invariably chaired by Claire Balding or Gabby Logan, who witter away endlessly and inanely about whatever sport you want to watch when you could actually be watching it.

Yesterday I had the misfortune to endure possibly the most retarded discussion I’ve ever witnessed. It was about the cycling points race which, if you have something vaguely resembling a brain, isn’t particularly difficult to understand. If you’re Rebecca Adlington, however, it is particularly impossible to understand. Fair enough, I’m sure most people don’t know or care about this particular race but why the fuck must this chatter be broadcast on a Saturday morning when most people want to watch the before-mentioned cycling/swimming etc. Surely the red button can be used for those with a fetish for talking cunts rather than for the actual sport?

If you missed it, the conversation in question consisted of one of the cycling ‘experts’ explaining to old rubber-face how the points worked, which resulted in an arseful of shrieking and giggling and Adlington bleating on Stacey Solomon-style about how they go fast and they go slow and fast and slow and why don’t they just go fast? Hahhahahaha – then someone else said they go slow so they can have a cup of tea, cue more shrieking and giggling, then some other cunt said ‘didn’t you see them pass the biscuits around?’ cue more frenzied giggling and shrieking, all the while Balding stuffing her fat head into the picture to bombard us with shit fucking one liners.

When they finally show the odd race, it tends to be followed by a 25-minute interview with whichever Welsh/Scottish/English bint came fifth and hopes to do better the next time but is so amazed that she’s there in the first place and everything is so awesome hello everyone back home etcetera etfuckingcetera.

The one exception to this is Michael Johnson, who has a talent for in-depth analysis that would shame a NASA scientist. How the fuck he can put up with the rest of the twats on offer is beyond me.

Nominated by Galted Asas

50 thoughts on “BBC Sports Panels

  1. The CW games is about as pointless as a sporting event can get, talking about Micheal Johnson it was interesting to see the blizzard of nonsense aimed at him for simply telling the truth about these games , he said many of the top athletes hadn’t entered the games as it was too early in their season, hence the quality wasn’t there, cue social meejah Cunts getting on his case, even mrs punch ( Judy) gobby Logan was questioning him!! Unlike 99.99% Cunts over in Australia MJ is a fuckin legend!…..
    just saw the womans T38 100 mt final for woman with coordination and balance issues!! Amazing race , at the gun lanes 3, 4 and 5 went the wrong way!, Lane 1 and 6 fell over handing victory to lane 2 who ended up in the hot dog concession…… 😎

  2. Luckily I don’t have BBC telly but do suffer Kenny Dalglish’ daughter on Five live.
    You would think that being a Dalglish and growing up surrounded by footballers that this numpty would have a clue about the football. If she has, then she hides it well.
    All she ever asks is how things in sport feel. How does it feel to win, score, qualify, being black, etc…..
    It’s Loose Wimmin talking balls is what it is.

    Maybe there’s too many ex sports stars and minor ex sportsmen/bits being given air time.
    Even Joleon Lescott is being given a shot on Fivelive.
    Who the fuck do the BBC think wants to listen to Joleon Lescott?….. No cunt likes him.
    See also Danny Mills, Chris Sutton, Kevin Kilban, the Nevilles, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and others.

    And who in their right mind thought that viewers would want to look at Rebecca Conkface, never mind listen to the dolphin faced cunt??????
    I go along with this cunting but feel that my beautiful Jewish princess Stacey Solomon could have been omitted from this.

    • PS. This Adlington big nose cunt (well, she ‘as got a very big nose’), I remember when the media and minor sports cunts were acting all hurt that some members of the public were focusing their attention on Ms Adlingtons lack of looks and not on her swimming.
      Fair do’s, I get that….. if she was just averagely ugly, but this moose is mingin.
      No nose job or sandblasting is ever gonna change that or peoples opinion….. She’s that fuckin ugly.
      Still, that conk would keep yer cock dry if you were unlucky enough to get a bj from her in the rain.
      Gotta think of the positives…

    • The BBC should put up a VIEWER discretion is advised warning notice before CONKFACE is wheeled out!!

      • @Quislings

        Conkface? From Nose City?

        Come on…let’s watch the stoning.


      • Watching a stoning would be infinitely more interesting than the shite on view at the commonwealth games!!

  3. You forgot to mention Colin Jackson. That guy could win a gold medal for droning endlessly on, and is quickly coming to challenge Balding for most annoying presenter. In fact, the only reason he comes second, is because he generally only gets wheeled out when there’s athletics to be done. Balding on the other hand is like Japanese knotweed, fucking everywhere and almost impossible to kill.

  4. Rugby is only sport I watch. And I always record it so I don’t have to put up with the bullshit preview and half time discussions.
    It is a shame that former fine players talk such shit.

  5. When Rebecca Adlington looks in the mirror she must be wondering……”Is this a mirror, or am I staring at the back of a huge spoon”….

    As for Claire Balding, anything she does is usually followed by the spacker version.
    So was happened to the blind, three legged dogs in Paracrufts…..

  6. All overpaid fucking wankers talking shit that nobody wants to hear.
    However, I would sit and listen to all of them for hours if only they would get rid of Mr beardy smugface. Yes , Mr Gary Shitcunt, world famous jug eared , virtue signalling, remoaning, refugee loving, crisp munching , taxdodging fucking hypocrite wanker.
    Biggest cunt in sport , biggest cunt on the BBC.

  7. There are a lot of absolute cunts on the BBC and also running it. I wonder if the cunt who saw to Jill Dando has any relatives of the same lethal persuasion?

  8. Totally agree about Michael Johnson, he is the one dry piece of land in an ocean of cunts. The guy is obviously educated, but how the fuck does he put up with the literate smeg he is surrounded by. Maybe he sees it as a mission. I actually find that what he has to say about an event is far more interesting than the event itself.

  9. Well these sport knowledge gobblers have me a bit flummoxed and baffled. I never know what the fuck they are talking about. All I do know is they know more than me.
    Now the only point I can make, is that the most irritating little cunt on these shows is that wing nut cunt Linneker who seems to talk fucking non stop. Surely he is paid by the word?
    The blond bint , who is looking a bit rough nowadys, is still ( in my opinion ) eminently rootable….something in her smile……

  10. Aside from that smear of slime, Lineker, the biggest cunt in the BBC sports department is that PC obsessed, Helium voiced, clueless fluff brained fucking slag, Jacqui Oatley… She is fucking crap at commentary and she is totally foul… When the squeaking cunt made a fuss about David Moyes saying he’d give her a ‘slap’ in jest, she milked it and helped to have the goggle eyed useless one hauled over the coals… Truth is, Oatley did not deserve a slap… She deserved a fucking anvil in the mush, Wile E Coyote style… And she still does, the horrendous femstapo gash…

  11. Just heard on the radio that the Hunchback is chairing a “war cabinet” in Downing Street.
    Fucking hell ! We can’t go to war with Ivan backing the other side ! With this bunch of useless cunts in charge?
    I fucking surrender!

    • Fear not Freddie, if she takes us to War it will be In Name Only.

      W.I.N.O. – you know it makes nonce sense.

    • Well trannies want to be allowed on the front line.

      ….2 birds and all that.

      • If the recent push to recruit Muzzie decoys and cannon fodder doesn’t meet with sufficient success, maybe trannies could be used to plug the gap?

        Be worth a punt if it helped save a few proper soldier’s lives.

      • Remember when a tranny was the radio?
        My grandad was always in his shed with his tranny…

      • I was always under the eiderdown with my tranny listening to Radio Luxembourg drifting in and out like Corbyn and Lammy at Grenfell grotto.

    • Don’t be intimidated by that cunt Putin – Russia’s military budget is virtually the same as ours ffs – just look at the might we can weald.

      Its all bluffing and posturing on his part – I know that have put s400s there which is supposed to be a really capable system but I bet they have got fuck all stocks of missiles to fire out of them.

      Let rip with 300 tomahawks and we will see – my money is on the cruise missiles that’s for sure.

      Nice to see Putin’s cronies coming under a bit of financial pressure at last. Not from Theresa the Appeaser of course.

    • I don’t mind dying in a nuke blast so long as all the fucking pikeys and there cunting kids die as well, my wife thinks there’s something wrong with me.

      • The ‘cleansing fire’ approach. I tend to agree – this place is becoming such a shithole a 2MT thermonuclear warhead is staring to look like a sensible approach to sorting it out.

      • Shame we haven’t yet developed a smart bomb that can rid us of pikeys blambos and undesirable elements of all persuasions in our country. That’s if its still classed as ours. I see we are to apologise and consider reparations for the guests who drifted in from de islands during the 60’s and 70’s. Had they listened and took Enoch’s advice the cunts wouldn’t be still here. They would be back in their cabins growing ganja and molesting tourists.

  12. But we’re supposed to be bombing the cunts. Dropping trannies on them isn’t going to do much damage.
    Good idea though.

    • No, but it would be a step in the right direction, surely? Better than bombing in name only.
      Government needs to show it means business.

  13. Apparently (so we are told…), the Skripals were poisoned with “high-grade Novy-Tolchok (thanks, TECB), which could only have been produced at “state-level”…

    Such high quality material…Must’ve come from Shinners of Sutton closing-down sale.

    • And the report stated that it was “free from impurities” ie straight from the bottle.

      Now thick little me thinks…” a week in the open air, bird shit , atmospheric pollution? ”

      I would not expect purity. So where in fuck did they get their sample ? Porton Down ?

  14. So I’m thinking Trump is either schizophrenic or being held hostage by the deep state possibly both tho actually. Those tweets yesterday were retarded. Despite Trump’s very strange Russia/Syria threatening tweet yesterday (which was bizarrely followed by 2 friendly, non-threatening tweets about Russia) 24 hours has passed, so far nothing has happened so maybe we dodged WW3, I can only hope

  15. The BBC panel that was always guaranteed to super heat my piss was the Match of the Day one that hosted Alan fucking Hansen. What a cunt.

    Let’s set aside his dulcet tones and stuck on repeat comments that ‘the defending was appalling/shocking/diabolical’ (take your pick), famously this cunt said ‘you can’t win anything with kids’.

    Fuck off you cunt. Hansen hung up his boots in 1992 just as the class of ‘92 we’re winning just about every honour in the professional youth set up and despite this he felt suitably qualified and superior to make that now infamous statement.

    Had this cunt retired in ‘82 I’d have cut him some slack as he’d have been sufficiently far enough away from the action to get it wrong.

    IMO Most people who followed football at the time knew this team was special, really special whether a fan or not. So how could someone so close to the game get it so wrong? If he was in my business he’d never work again.

    But alas Hansen worked for Al-BBCeer where facts, reason and experience have never really been the deciding factor in an interview, so his incisive knowledge of the game continued to grace our screen’s for a further 20 years and his reward for this was £40k an episode.

    If ever we needed clarification that AL-BBCeer Sports panels are stuffed with cunts who are employed by even bigger cunts I recall an interview on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast several years ago with the then head of sport Barbara Slater who herself was another massively over remunerated box ticking exercise liberally salaried to the tune of £400k pa by the British Tax payer.

    I don’t recall the exact question but it was in relation to Hansen and his tenure on MoTD, Slater replied in one of those oh so friendly ways ‘oh you just can’t argue with Alan, can you, he’s so knowledgable about the game’.

    Fuck me I need to get a job with Al-BBCeer, I’m not surprised these cunts can’t stop giggling at the most inane shite comments made by totally insignificant shit stains. I’d be pissing myself all the way to the bank myself.


  16. Off topic…. On Saturday, Radio 4 is broadcasting Enoch’s ‘ Rivers of Blood ‘ speech in its entirety. Who’s calling for it to be banned ? None other than slap head remainer cunt Lord Adonis. Cunts like Adonis don’t like free speech, unless it’s for them. He’s crying RACISM for fucks sake. These cunts are so predictable.

  17. Owen Jones is just an utter fucking twat. Sort of kid that used to grass you up for not doing your homework. Sort of kid we used to knock seven bells of shite out of during PE lessons.
    A severe twatting is still required I think.
    BBC right wing, my arse.

    • Moaning “Owen” Jones’ book on “The Demonisation of the Chavs” is, I am informed, just part of a series…
      Other titles include:
      “Let’s all embrace NBC Warfare, it’s really quite jolly fun when you understand the politics”
      “Waaagh !! Why can’t I have a hissy fit, stamp my little feet, and run off to my safe space?”
      Er… That’s enough for now (Ed.).

      “Owen” Jones. What a steaming, sloppy wet cunt.

  18. We will have to stay in Europe for our own security.

    We must stay in the Customs Union for our own security

    We must allow freedom of movement for our own Security

    We must join a European Army for our own security

    May and her remainer cronies had this in mind all along…..

  19. It’s war boys, it’s war!!
    The Tangoman and the Grannyshagger have talked the Spineless One into it.
    Expect enormous cock ups, billions of pounds down the drain and, ultimately, untold thousands of “refugees” knocking on the door to get in.
    Luvvly jubbly.

    • And neither the Russians nor Syrians did it. There was no advantage.

      Never mind a good ‘ole war will nip the Coleman enquiry in bud…


      Folk voted Trump in on the wall, protecting American interests, fucking off the political generational elite, and banjoing a whole host of illegals out.

      He’s done none of that yet.

      Alas our own leader is equally ineffectual.

      Don’t see how their ineffectual prowess enables them to decide to go to war on fuck all to help put a Shariah Law bunch of cunts (who hold Sunnis and Christians in cages as human shields) in place of the secular Asad.

      Asad is a cunt but based on how well Iraq and Libya turned out, better him than the bomb-makers waiting to replace him!

      • Also a handy vehicle for Appeaser May to draw attention away from the recent spate of “culturally enriched” stabbings, etc., that the meejah were holding onto like a terrier with a kitten!

  20. We have a football pundit here in Australia that would easily put all these cunts to shame.
    Craig Foster is his name and trust me on this one he really is the most boring shitcunt i have ever had the displeasure of listening to.
    No wonder no cunt out here likes football if this cunt is the face of it

    • Havent heard him but some of your rugby commentators are total cunts. But then, they are not unique it that respect. Once you have listened to Naas Botha rambling you long for the adverts.

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