Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain is (was) a cunt…

Arguably the most overrated rock star in history: this snivelling, scruffy thieving twat was an overhyped and untalented tosspot… Fiirst of all his band’s name and logo were stolen from the 1960s UK psychedelic band, Nirvana… Then there was the stolen music… ‘Come As You Are’ is a direct rip-off of ‘Eighties’ by Killing Joke… His lyrics were shite… Just whining and crap written on heroin and cough syrup… A bit like Neil from The Young Ones in a rock band…

He also raised the profile of Grunge: a crappy scene for scruffy, smelly, lank haired ‘slackers’ and cunts… And perhaps his worst offence was giving a huge platform to that crabs riddled smackhead slag, Courtney Love…

And ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was fucking shite…

Nominated by: Norman

17 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain

  1. On the topic of greasy cunts that would smell like shit – that Geldof cunt could have signed off with him one would think

    • Obviously a depressed individual with many issues, his biggest mistake was marrying that crazy bitch Courtney Love like John lennon he preferred strong/crazy femibitch types.

      Not a huge fan of his music but he definitely was had a few good ideas for songs but was mostly noise rock shite.

      This is the bands name he originally stole from https://youtu.be/FDNtxz_4oWg Great band actually most songs from Nirvana(UK) would probably give the beegees a run for their money IMO

      Btw the album cover for story of simon simopath was also plagurized by cobain for the nevermind LP

  2. Well cunted, Norman. Enthusiasm for Cobain or his rubbish band always eluded me. So he was a whiny, daughter-abandoning, suicidal junkie masochist. I am sure the average dosser on the street could have done the same.

  3. On this note I think The Foo Fighters should be cunted. Release the Colour and the Shape and appear as if they’re going to change popular rock music for the better. But, instead, they break up, Grohl keeps the band name and then release the same fucking song for the next 20 years. What a waste David, you toothy cunt.

    • First two FF albums were actually not that bad but have been overplayed on the radio. They then started to write softer annoying radio ready shite that sounded the same.

      He recently said his next project “will be darker” No Grohl you dumb stupid bastard thats going backwards not forwards!

      His last 4 records was also “dark”, more like angsty alternative metal for musically ignorant and suicidal teenagers.

  4. I saw some footage of this prick a few years ago, spitting on the camera and looking like a twat. Shit music, shit person, glad he fucking topped himself. Cunt.

  5. Call me a CUNT but Ilike Nirvana, loved the grunge cheerleaaders, actually all cheerleaders.

    Ok Ok I am a cunt already

    • I actually liked alice in chains they had some good songs especially the Dirt and Jar of flies LP(Sap was good too) but pearl jam and soundgarden? Nah… don’t think so, fuck those clowns

  6. Suicide or Cuntney Love’s “every little helps” assistance? Pity she didn’t blow her head off at the same time, the ghastly telantless crone.

  7. Kurt Cobain is dead but Rod Stewart ain’t and they done give him a Knighthood. When I saw the picture above the headline I thought Shirley from EastEnders was being knighted. What has the decrepit old cunt done to deserve a Knighthood, ejaculate over a super models tits? The whole Honours system is bollocks and given Rod the tax evading cunt stewart a bauble is a fucking sick joke.

    • Couldn’t agree more, fucking arrogant jock grave digging cunt. This is what he is doing over here in Holland now https://youtu.be/yboWQn3Gd3o
      Certainly worth a knighthood for services to sauces, aaaaaargh! Where are me tablets?

      • I saw he got Knighted and seriously couldn’t work out why. The gravelly-peroxide twat.

      • The poor man’s Steve Marriott… When one thinks of the steaming turds that Stewart dropped in the 80s (‘Young Turks’ ‘Infatuation’ ‘Tonight I’m Yours ‘ being just three of them) he should be done for crimes against music, never mind a fucking knighthood… Rod is like that other premium cunt, Mick Hucknall… Sings a load of crap and pulls a load of tarts who wouldn’t go within a mile of him if he wasn’t rich or famous… No wonder Stewart’s Spitting Image puppet had a knob for a nose…

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