Bonnie Greer


Whatttttttttt is going on ? “…is a cunt” doesn’t have Bonnie Greer in the drop down menu of cunts!

I looked twice because it doesn’t seem possible-so assuming old bony Greer the black feminist American evil cow – who would make a great bookend for black shrek in a wig Dianne abbot – hasn’t been cunted yet …can I nominate her urgently as it must be an administrative over-sight on the part of the site big-wigs.

I would pay a grand to watch Black Shrek in a fight to the death – if the evil dead can even be killed?

Nominated by: Steve Cook

12 thoughts on “Bonnie Greer

  1. Hilary Benn is a cunt…I wish Hilary Benn was more like his dad….as in dead…

    And that tranny fucktard, Eddie Izzard, is also a whopper of a cunt..

    • Looked like the cunt got dressed in a charity shop during a power cut then ate his mum’s lipstick.

  2. never heard of bonny greer,but I think its about time and I’m sure its already been done but I would like to cunt football,all aspects of it-

    players -over paid kids with no life experience apart from acting like cunts most of the time,

    management-over paid dodgy, wankers,very few of which are british are paid an obsene amount of money to do fuck all,

    fan-if they are not moaning about violence they are causing it,this dosnt happen in any other sport,so why football is it due to a very large cunt ratio

    hangers on – all the wankers selling various shit to the football cunts,counterfit kit,out of date burger bar dog food,cans of coke with multipack on the for a fiver.

    a very high cunt ratio in football,i reckon even more than the government…..treble cunts

    • Not to mention the massively gay nature of the whole thing. But no no, “we are the lads, we are the lads!!!! We like watching men in little shorts getting sweaty, grabbing each other and having tantrums.” Yep. Nothing queer about you lot of cunts.

  3. Ah yes, how that cunt Greer has avoided a cunting thus far is beyond me.

    Does anyone else remember the debate with her and Nick Griffin?

    Billed as ‘witty and urbane’ she actually came accross as humourless and rude.
    Furthermore, her refusal to talk to Mr. griffin before the debate showed her up as a typical arrogant, entitled, chip on shoulder coon..

    Why the fuck they let a stroppy American (surplus to requirements) import debate on English immigration issues remains a mystery to this day.

    • Jeremy Vine has her on speed dial, for when he needs an American. She fits in with his ‘impartial’ point of view, the bony dancing tit.

      • you are spot on there gutslick .
        she is the dial a feministic black female international view-she goes on and on about slavery and she is so thick and talentless and doesn’t understand a single thing she has a superior view on -which is every subject on earth.
        I think of her as the female version of muhammed ali -thick talentless black American -white hating -slave obsessed loudmouth and opinionated .
        the only people who are never entitled to an opinion on tv and who rarely appear on tv are the white working class English-the few who are allowed to appear-are filtered so thoroughly that they are made to appear all pro black pro immigrant pro muslim pro Europe pro feminist pro bbc etc etc -its like I live in a parallel universe as the real world is nothing like the strange tv world-which exists only in millionaire enclaves and black ghetto parts of London largely .
        I think muhamed ali or however you spell his name should be cunted-as he is nothing and all day and all week I am being told he was a genius-the greatest black man in world history-so intelligent and so talented at poetry and the greatest humanist and lover of peace and so on-really ? 10 year old football thug style idiot poems? a unique punch bag style of boxing -where he was out manoeuvred and out punched by loads of boxers and a muslim convert who hated white folks and had an obsession with slavery historically from 150 years ago -just like greer – but just like greer – uninterested in true slavery-which is mostly against non blacks and happening on a greater scale than ever in history in reality today -right now.
        ali and greer are fine as people-entitled to exist and breath and even have opinions -but why do we have to agree they are geniuses ? or super talents? or people with more valid views than us white folks and non entities ? they are just racist sexist white hating opinionated thick as shit big heads and big mouths -I wouldn’t even think they would be capable of mowing my lawn let alone fixing my sink or writing my will or running a country -as for greer-I bet her stupid books are crap -not even intellectually stimulating or relevant or well written and as for ali’s poetry -all poetry is crap but ali’s was the sort of poetry I imagine those chimps and gorillas who use sign language would write if they bothered to write poetry.
        its like rap music or dj shite -if you cant write music and cant play an instrument and have zero talent or intelligence you have to sample other peoples songs and chant rap crap and likewise simon cowell tells us what we will listen to and idiots like nigella tell us what we have to eat -and the saddest thing is most people are totally brainwashed and are obediently doing as instructed-by these talentless thicko scum bags .
        now after a week of being told ali was probably the greatest human being who ever drew breath and brainier than prof Hawkins and newton and Darwin and more talented than paul mcartney or mick jagger or turner or bob Dylan or bowie or brunel and nicer than mother Teresa Gandhi or mandella -im tired of it and …….
        sorry I disagree – according to the media in the uk -I am wrong and he is this great super brainy fantastically multi-talented ultra humanistic super hero of all humanity -I just see a black American loud mouthed opinionated uneducated talentless racist nobody -and that goes for bonnie greer and ali alike -they are 2 peas in a pod -so at the risk of being hated -I think the greatest human being who ever lived should also be cunted ? I nominate ali for a cunting

  4. Over suntanned rentagob with victim written large down the yellow streak on her back. Proof that God does not exist, or at least he is a bit of a cunt if he does.

  5. How did this talentless ugly cunt ever get an OBE?……political expediency to
    stop the riots & looting in London probably…..the natives are restless tonight

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