John Major


Four eyed cunt sticking his oar in probably egged on by that other cunt Camoron.

Can’t understand why though. A lot of the folk the ‘IN’ campaign are trying to appeal to are the younger generation, most if not all of who will not remember this fucking clown. Those of us that do remember the cunt will also remember him for signing us up to that Maastricht treaty shite without allowing us to have a vote on it first.

Many will also remember him for shagging the most stupid woman this planet has ever spawned, namely Edwina Currie. This act alone surely strips him of any shred of respect due, no matter how small.

But I’m sure that everyone who does remember you John will remember what a first class fucking cunt you were, and still are. FUCK YOU Major, fuck off preferably to another country where nobody knows you and we won’t be reminded of you ever again.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

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  1. Not only was she stupid but she is as ugly as fuck and a right old boot.

  2. If there has been one issue that shows that pretty much all politicians are fucking supercunts, then it has been the EU referendum. The amount of two faced cuntery that has been displayed by all the bastards is beyond words. Well, civil ones, and lucky old me I can use them freely here. For that fucking myopic dildo Major to have shared a platform with Bliar, destroyer of worlds, is typical of the conniving behaviour of the Lab/Con shitsticks. The only platform I want to see those cunts on has a trapdoor and some rope on it. I hope the Blair factor kicks in and cunts start thinking “If that evil cunt is in, I’m out”

    • Excellent post, if anything comes out of this vote no matter what the result it should be that we vote LabCon into History. As soon as the war ended these cuntards started selling off the freedom and dignity of those that fought for what they believed was the right side. After the war they turned Japan and Germany into economic super powers and used Russia as an excuse to line their pockets.

      Damn them all to hell

    • well said-gutlsick-spot on -you are a serial offender at getting things right .
      the referendum will lead to even more de-selections after -I hope -it certainly has exposed the extent of the problem we the electorate face -the cross party elitist deceitful democracy despising establishment -must be taught to live by the same laws and rules we all do .
      I am going to have to say I could not find president barny Obama -in the cunting nominees ? if this is true -that he has never been nominated I am surprised -as he is a gay man who is married to a tranny and when joan rivers declared this on tv she was dead in the strangest way imaginable within a week .
      he has falsely claimed parents and was born in a different country and produced a fake birth certificate to prove otherwise.
      he is gay with his known boyfriends declaring the reality and he was said to be as thick as shit at uni where he was managed through it to be primed for office-just like happened with blair and Cameron and George w bush and Clinton and is said to be true of chuka umunna and david miliband and im pissed off with lying thicko paedophiles being groomed into office by the elite .
      add to that the cunt came here and threatened us over brexit .
      he has no education and no track-record and is lying about his sexuality nationality and religion -theres tonnes of stuff about this on google and youtube and some great investigations -he had to bribe Donald trump to not expose him as he couldn’t defend an un-defendable reality-he is a fake in everyway you can imagine-though personally I don’t hate Obama or umunna or miliband blair or bush -I hate the idea these people are selected for office as kids because they are paedophiles or rent boys or gay or corrupt or bribe-able and then presented to us as self-made brainy honest deserving folk-when all of them are stooges and mouth pieces for the masonic elitists and illuminati -and whoever we vote for we get one of their puppets.
      the evidence against Obama is overwhelming and not challenged in court or by evidence or by science -its beyond bizzare and so I nominate Obama -the totally fake man-assuming he hasn’t already been nominated ?

  3. John is working class, so he tells us……what a useless cunt!

    He should have stayed on as a bus conductor…..he would have eventually

    have become an inspector ( Blakey!!!)

  4. Amber Rudd is a mouthy fucking idiot!

    Hates to give anybody else the chance to speak……..chopsie cow!

    • I think of all of them on last night’s debate, Rudd deserved the biggest cunting. This, considering Sturgeon was on there, was quite an achievement.
      How would a Hastings Tory voter feel to see the MP he or she had voted for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Eagle and Sturgoen, never once challenging their attacks on her party, and spending most of the evening making personal attacks on a party colleague? I hope this performance is remembered the next time she faces the voters.

      I was impressed by Gisella Stuart and Andrea Leadsom last night, particularly the latter who I hadn’t seen before. Should Johnson end up as PM, he should make his first job firing Rudd and promoting Leadsom in her place.

  5. Angela Eagle is also a nasty finger pointing Alan Johnson lookalikey bags under her eyes whiney cunt

  6. Is it any coincidence that Bliar also has the most god-awful taste in women??!

  7. Eddie Izzard question time right now: Eddie you are a cunt. In your makeup and pink beret you are trying to make a serious point about the EU. You look like the mental cleaner at work you cunt.

    • Thank fuck, someone just shouted at him to shut up. Fucking arsehole. At least he’s dressed for a panto….

    • A Frenchman can wear a beret, Captain Sensible can wear a beret, Eddie Izzard just looks a massive cunt in a beret.

      Still, it’s reassuring that we have the benefit of his wise and learned counsel.

      • If he let other fuckers speak, he might learn something, like how much of a cunt he is. Another point, he recons the Welsh are pro EU. Like bollocks we are.

      • You’re right. The problem is, he’s an ignorant, far left cunt. None of them are capable of allowing others to speak if they disagree with them. It’s because the lack manners. I actually forgot QT was on, but I’m fucking glad I did forget now. I hate Izzard.

      • You’d think with his money he could afford a mirror.
        At first I thought it was Su Pollard from Hi Di Hi.

        Tranny cunt.

    • Bang on, this thing whatever it is deserves a massive cunting, why the fuck would any normal person be seen out in public let alone on TV looking like that. Complete cunt who will hopefully be the winner of the next dead pool.

  8. Hilary Benn is a cunt.
    We had to suffer his father for fifty dreary years and now he’s dead and gone, he has left his legacy in the shape of his equally annoying son. It’s like a family business….
    Benn and Son, Cunts of the first order.

    • For a brief moment, he showed signs of being a decent politician when he made his speech backing airstrikes in Syria. Regardless of whether you agreed with him or not, it was a powerful speech. Turns out it was just a blip. He’s a cunt like all the others.

      • I agree his Syria speech was impressive, especially as it went against his party leadership. It’s his mindless campaigning for the remainers on TV this week that has gripped my shit.

    • His old man was always staunchly anti-EU, and if I rember correctly a fighter pilot in WW2. And yes, I always thought Tony Benn was a complete cunt as portrayed by MSM .. then I did a bit of checking myself.
      Hilary Benn’s pro-bombing speech was more to embarrass Corbyn (who is also a cunt) than because he thought it was the right thing to do.
      MSM will always suck up to any Labour MP if they think they might replace Corbyn.

  9. Speaking of politicians, Sarah Wollaston (Tory) deserves a cunting. Having previously been a very vocal Eurosceptic, Wollaston has decided to turn her coat and defect from Leave to Remain. One thing about scum like Major and Heseltine, is that they have at least been honest and consistent about their support for the EU. Possibly the only time they have been honest.

    Wollaston, however is a worthless piece of shit who couldn’t even stick with her decision. Word is that Tory whips have pressuring Brexit supporting MP’s to defect, looks like it’s worked with Wollaston. I can’t help but wonder what this non-entity was offered in exchange for becoming a traitor. The chance to suck Cameron’s micro-penis perhaps.

    In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t going to Leave very much. Like I said, she’s a non-entity. I just hope the constituents that she lied to about being Eurosceptic remember her treachery at the next election. There’s also a rumour of another defection to Remain in the next few days. Unless it’s one of the “big hitters”, like Gove or BoJo, it won’t really matter.

  10. Eurocunt Alert!

    “In an interview with Der Spiegel German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble ruled out a ‘Norway option’ where Britain would keep access to the single market without being an EU member, saying it ‘would require the country to abide by the rules of a club from which it currently wants to withdraw. In is in, out is out’.”

    I Googled him and he looks suspiciously like Jean Claude-Juncker.

  11. During Gulf war 1 we were told we would have to pick straws to decide who could go and meet him personnaly (He was Primeminister then)

    I think our troop leader was shocked when none of us even wanted to meet the cunt.

  12. If I was Izzard I’d confine my overseas visits to non Moslem countries, lest

    he get’s slung off a high rise block…..don’t go to the Cairo Marathon Eddy!

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