Harry Potter fans


What I really hate is adults who are into this Potter crap, they need cunting themselves the childbrained twats.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

So Rowling is getting short of a few bob and needs to inflict her Potter twat on the London stage.

Fair enough. I won’t be going to see it – but can anyone explain to me why the fuck the new Hermione has to be black?

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. FFS! That really fuckin’ boils my bacon. She’s not black in the books (I hate them by the way) So it can only be some socially nonsensical, quota driven, making up the numbers cobblers. Whoever insists on this needs to be stripped naked and thrown into a bed of early June stinging nettles…Then pasted with marmite and tied down over a red ants nest…The cunts.

  2. Fuck off! Are they making another Harry Potter film? I can’t believe J(ustA K(unt Rowling has managed to plagarise almost every known fantasy writer in history and milk the multi-trillion dollar franchise to its core. When Rowling first started off she seemed more humble about her intentions creating the series.

    Of course she smelt the bacon hopped on the pigs arse and decided to use her bitchcraft to become a gorillionaire.
    By selling the books and giving license away to manufacture Harry Potter movies, video games, toys, board games, clothes, accessories, CDs, food, beverages, footwear, and other cunty products. Well done you cashcow bitch

  3. There is a Harry Potter Hogwarts spinoff film on the way and, surprise fucking surprise, it’s set in America by the look of the trailer. Old JK loves the Dollar as much as the Pound…

  4. “Fair enough. I won’t be going to see it – but can anyone explain to me why the fuck the new Hermione has to be black”?

    Possibly because Rowling knew it would raise eyebrows, and she could then get more publicity for her show by accusing everyone who expressed surprise of racism. Everything that irritating twat does is for publicity.

    • Yes exactly QDM, 1)cause controversy 2)get people angry 3)call fans racist and 4)collect your fat champagne socialist check in the mail and pat yourself on the back 5)repeat til filthy rich. Oh wait she already is dumb cashcow bint!

      They made captain america black they made spiderman black for a few comics, they made a bunch of super heroes and heroines black hell screw it! make all superheroes black who needs white superheroes in this PC age lol

      • Sometimes I think she’s a genius. Then I sober up and realise that’s she’s actually extremely lucky. The vast majority of her wealth has come from the Happy Rotter universe. It’s the cash cow that keeps on giving, and it ain’t slowing down.

        I have no problem with her getting filthy rich off the back of it. The problem is, since the first book was printed, she’s disappeared right up her own arsehole. It’s the superiority complex, the PC bullshit and the pronunciations about characters. This character is gay, big deal. That really popular character is a secret ally of Voldemort, so what?

        She’s become decidedly Messianic over the years, and she needs to brought back down to Earth.

      • I agree. QDM… Rowling milks the Potter name and brand like those Scouse cunts do with Hillsborough… It never fucking ends and never will… It’d be like, say, Macca, still going on about Sgt Pepper all these years later: saying in 2016 that Billy Shears was this person, the backward bit says this, and that Lucy or Rita were lesbians… A bit like what looneys and fancunts actually do with Beatles records… Harry Potter has become a fangeek knobhead’s paradise… Similar to the ‘Paul Is Dead’ stuff, only that cunt Rowling feeds it and invents it herself to get more publicity and money…

  5. Dead right, Fleaboy, making up the numbers (billions) in Rowlinginit’s bank account…
    No other excuse…
    Of course, to be revealed soon (for another load of pub, and more dosh), Hairy Prostate is actually Henrietta, but has undergone genital mutilation. Btw, as a product of a purpose-built comprehensive school, Hogweed’s Academy looks decidedly fee-paying to me, VERY socially inclusive I don’t think…

    If there are any RAF guys and gals out there who think like Auntie Belinda, how about a squadron or four to drop bunker-busters on that shite-hole of cuntitude in Brussels?
    Here’s hoping that the Irish lob some plastic at Bliar’s and Major’s choppers on the way home.

  6. Looking at that picture, the first thing I thought was ‘Fuck me! Hermione has let herself go!’

    And then I realised that J
    K Rowling is a massive socialist gobshite cunt.

  7. Twats. If you are an adult, and you think this crap is in the slightest bit interesting, you should relinquish your right to vote at the earliest opportunity. Then, try holding your breath. About a year will do….

  8. If a well known black character (like Shaft or Luther) was made white, we would not hear the end of it… There would be gnashing of teeth and squeals of ‘racism’ for fucking infinity… Oh yes… Yet make some white character (James Bond or some paedo bait from Harry Potter) black and it’s called ‘diversity…’ What a load of double standards bollocks…

    Oh, and I agree with Gutstick …. Any adult Harry Potter fans should be fucking gassed….

    • Not only would we not hear the end of it, there would be riots within the black community. And Lenny Henry and Idris Elbow would get very angry.

      • Elba has been reported as saying that he wouldn’t want to be thought of as “the first black Bond” anyway. However although Idris seems like a decent enough bloke principles etc tend to evaporate at the sniff of a huge paycheck. Barbara Broccoli has become good chums with Alan Yentob recently and is a renowned “progressive” (that fucking word!) so who knows what the cunts are cooking up between them for the next instalment. Our local Morrisons had Spectre on disc for a fiver and I just couldn’t be arsed…
        Our whole world is being dismantled out from under us, I am now fully convinced of that.

  9. I got confused with Harry the Hatchet, that 12 inch rubber cock wasn’t a magic wand after all. 50 Shade of Hermione anyone?

  10. Just the mention of Lenny Henry makes me want to hit my head with a brick…Katanga that you cunt!

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