John Major [3]

And in yet another unwanted Brexit intervention from grey man and undoubtedly one of Britain’s worst prime ministers in living memory John ( sell out at Maastricht) Major telling anybody stupid enough to listen that Parliament should stop Brexit, or at least the people should have another vote on it..

Listen up you unpopular old cunt! You are no longer relevant! You sold us down the fuckin’ river in 92 so why don’t you shut the fuck up and crawl back under the rock from where you came….

Old John has a major lack of self awareness. Almost Blairesque…

Nominated by Quislings

John Major


Four eyed cunt sticking his oar in probably egged on by that other cunt Camoron.

Can’t understand why though. A lot of the folk the ‘IN’ campaign are trying to appeal to are the younger generation, most if not all of who will not remember this fucking clown. Those of us that do remember the cunt will also remember him for signing us up to that Maastricht treaty shite without allowing us to have a vote on it first.

Many will also remember him for shagging the most stupid woman this planet has ever spawned, namely Edwina Currie. This act alone surely strips him of any shred of respect due, no matter how small.

But I’m sure that everyone who does remember you John will remember what a first class fucking cunt you were, and still are. FUCK YOU Major, fuck off preferably to another country where nobody knows you and we won’t be reminded of you ever again.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

The National Debt

Deficits by chancellor

We are so fucked. Bond interest is about 0.4% per annum (and about 1.5% for 5 year bonds). If interest rates go up to the level of inflation -about 3%, interest payments will go up 7.5 times, and Britain will default (or start printing money like Zimbabwe).

Meanwhile the Tory cunts want to build some £250 million railway that nobody wants, and that will serve no sensible purpose, for £35 billion (so they can thieve £millions each from taxpayers and put future generations of ordinary people in even more cunt debt).

MPs are cunts – they have sold off all our assets to foreign shylocks (so we pay 3 times more for fuel, water, etc. than countries with mixed economies who have collective ownership of essential utilities), they have borrowed to buy elections (and to thieve for themselves), and they have destroyed and defiled everything that made Britain pleasant and wholesome.

Nominated by: Debtor