Parallel (Race) Universes

A Hull man died after being restrained at Victoria station Manchester. He repeatedly said ‘I cant breath’ during the restraint. He subsequently died.

He was allegedly off his tits on spice (an illegal drug of some kind – NA) at the time.

A few observations:

Neither Hull nor Manchester were burnt down and looted.
No footballers took the knee. Not even the Tigers (Hull FC)
There was no world wide reaction.
Boris Johnson hasn’t said how guilty the perpetrators are.
There is no square in Hull or even Manchester named after this unfortunate man.
Doreen Lawrence isn’t investigating on behalf of Sir Kweer.
His mother is naturally heartbroken but hasn’t had even a £million or so in compensation.
Lammy’s expertise hasn’t been called upon.

I wonder why?

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

32 thoughts on “Parallel (Race) Universes

  1. Fuck him.
    He can join Chiggun George in the who can hold their breath the longest club.

    • I can’t think why hollywood hasn’t rallied round him yet, or sixhouses from build large mansions, the world truly is full of woketard cunts

  2. Do drugs make your head go all pointy? I have seen plenty of evidence round our way that that they can steal your arse.

  3. #honkylivesareworthjackshit

    This man didn’t have dinghy lips, fuzzy hair and was not RAL shade 8003. His life was therefore worth considerably less than that of the late Chiggun Snaffler of Minneapolis.

    I wonder how the founder of BLM is settling into her $1.3m mansion?

    Fuck off.

    • As I know you will surely be aware (whether or not you enjoy the same profession as the late, great Herr Schicklgruber), the „Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen“ (RAL) system is not, strictly speaking, demarcated or delineated in “shades” – as you would have it. Analogous to the „Deutsches Institut für Normung“ (DIN) standards, it is ganz und gar au contraire „stufenweise¹“ measured in discrete (NB not: “discreet”) gradations.

      ¹ „stufenweise“ was originally the concept Max Planck (the spiritual father of quantum mechanics) wished to promulgate. Due largely to the so-called <a href=""Ultraviolet Catastrophe²“ this continuum view was quickly abandoned in favour of the notion of quantised energy, which quite literally is indivisible beyond individual packets. Planck’s mathematical acrobatics, which he himself believed to be a mere sleight of hand device to fix the problem, has of course subsequently turned out to be the actual and authentic reality of things.

      ² not catastrophy, please note. That would be errant indeed

  4. Yeah he may have been a wrong un but so fucking what.
    If huge protests and woke sports stars kneeling across the US and UK are good enough for a sub Saharan criminal deviant then it should be good enough for all others.
    Typically piss boiling levels of double standards.
    For every St Stephen or St George, there’s a gentleman of a similar hue to the one in the nom.
    Media couldn’t give a fuck because it doesn’t fit their narrative and honkies don’t show the slightest collectivism in these instances anyway, so expect this to be naturally swept away under the carpet.

  5. I seem to recall he was persued from a tram stop by private security then choked to death.
    While the deceased may well have been a waster it’s a funny fucking justice system that let’s this type of shit go on.
    An all round shit show,even more remarkable that no Chiggun Chasers were involved.

  6. Yes it is remarkably similar….er, except for the obvious. So what happened to the 4 heroes who got rid of this druggy piece of shit? I don’t suppose they got what Mr Chauvin is going to get and, personally , I would give them a seat in the Lords alongside Dame Doreen but does anybody know?

  7. If only he’d brought his white privilege card with him. They’d be burning down cities in his honour. Raheem Sterling would be taking the knee for him. Lineker and the Sky cunts would put their serious faces on when lecturing us all about these awful killer cops.

  8. He wasnt a aspiring architect was he?
    Seems Chiggun George has started a new fad, like the rubics cube and the hula hoop.
    Seems 9minutes is the magic number?
    If any antisocial drugusers can beat this record contact
    Mr Norris mcWhirter
    Guinness book of records

    • There are mad cunts trying the ‘Chiggun Challenge’.

      Basically, you get some cunt to kneel on your neck/shoulder and see if you can survive 9 and a half minutes. Sounds like a great game for the pub.

      Nobody has died yet.

      • And Chauvin’s lawyer should’ve demonstrated this in court. It would been met with cries of indignation (especially if they got Dezza to try it on a dark key…imagine if it went wrong lol?) and disgust, but the fucker was going down anyway.

        A bit like the ‘If the glove don’t fit’ shite.

        Might as well have proved the point to the watching world. I’d have done that and asked the jury/people watching on TV to try it on each other.

        Let’s see how many dead cunts you end up with. My guess is zero, unless the cunt has 5 kilos of fentanyl in their system and serious heart disease. Or if Rick Waller kneels on some cunt’s neck.

  9. Why are the players kneeling for BLM? It started for Chiggun George if you recall?

    The connotation being that it was a racially motivated attack. That was what the media pushed big time too (and still is).

    The truth (which always gets missed it seems) was that Chauvin was married to an Asian woman (top totty too – a beauty queen I believe). Chiggun’s lawyers said Chiggun’s ‘murder’ was not racially motivated.

    So why all this fucking bullshit?

    Really pisses me off! Not one fucking cunt has pointed these points out to these thick twats.

  10. It’s like when the aspiring archtect/footballer/brain surgeon/politician* stab each other to death in Londinistan on a daily basis. Not word from the permanently offended types.

    Black on black killing don’t matter to these hypocritical cunts. It’s only normal behaviour where they or their ancestors originated** from and now they are here enriching the hood.

    *delete as applicable.
    ** Up to 400 of the funds on rubber boats this week alone.

  11. Its quite straightforward. No one built a bullshit factually baseless rhetoric against spice merchants for a decade that this incident ‘proved’, allowing mass criminality and hysteria in support of rhetoric.

    Everyone needs to look up the Mentality of the mob experiment on monkeys, its what someone somewhere has used to spread the end of western civilisation on social media. Is it coincidence that I literally have a single facebook account I never use and no other media and i am one of the free thinkers? I try to form factually based opinions on matters as and when they arise.

    Meanwhile the left wing freedom fighters:

    Hold the same opinions as almost every major tv news channel, newspaper, and social media giant.

    Hold the same opinions as every major corporation.

    Hold the same opinions as the UN, EU, and almost every state and local government in the world.

    Then believe they are rebellious freethinking renegades who are impervious to propoganda, and need to crush and cancel the bigots like me.

  12. Another parallel universe was when Lee Rigby died. Marches? Cancelling? Riots? None.
    Yet when that Labour MP was offed a week before Brexit it was wailed about for years. Now George Junkie Floyd will similarly be mentioned for years.

  13. Thankfully the world has a bit more oxygen without this druggy cunt pilfering it but I agree, the hypocrisy is outstanding. The media closes all its shutters if anything bad happens to The White Devil as opposed to the saintly dindu-nuffin spear chuckers.

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