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Science is based on observation. When scientific observations are peer reviewed and accepted, they become either scientific facts or theories backed by observation. In this way, modern science was built from the ground up and “on the shoulders of giants” like Newton and Einstein. All that matters is the science.

One would have thought that science, whilst subject to modification and challenge based on rigorous scientific method, was unassailable and impervious to the new Woke politics which has caused such havoc in the humanities. Not so.

The engineering faculty at Sheffield University has taken it upon itself to “challenge long-standing conscious and unconscious biases” among pupils and to confront the supposed “white saviour” and “Eurocentric” view of science and mathematics. A leaked copy of the university’s “draft inclusive curriculum development” strategy written by the university claims that “much important engineering content and curriculum resources is based on maths developed in the 18/19th century”. It says that scientists such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Paul Dirac, Pierre-Simon Laplace, and Newton could all “be considered as benefiting from colonial-era activity” (ie: slavery). Newton did, along with many others at the time, invest £20,000 in the failed south sea slave enterprise. He lost his money and did not, therefore, benefit from it.

We know that slavery took place in the past. We know that it was bad and that values at the time were different to how they are now.

But that’s not enough for the science faculty of Sheffield University. The connection has to be made explicit, presumably so students can be provoked into tearing down statues of Newton and and boycotting the teaching of his theories. The result can only be scientific illiteracy as snowflake students will not tolerate anyone that fails to meet their expectations , even if that person lived 350 years ago.

Perhaps this is the end of science as we know it? Perhaps African science will be taught instead? Students will become unable to comprehend Newton’s exquisite theories and mathematics, so blinded will they be by rage at this dead white man.

On the shoulders of giants indeed? Further scientists will be Pygmies at this rate.

What a massive pile of cunt.

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Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine


…and seconded by: Dark key cunt 

Sheffield University are cunts.

Apparently Isaac Newton is a white supremacist. What’s more odd is that Sheffield University is considered Russell Group. Fuck them, and fuck Sheffield University. When I went to university (I stopped saying yoooni when I realised I sounded like a complete cunt), there was Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial (mine) and UCL that led the leagues.

Because Newton invested in the South Atlantic Co., he’s a racist. Just like Jayne Eyre drinking tea is racist. Don’t forget cheese. Apparently Newton lost a shit load on his investment.

Fuck off. And fuck off again, you cunts.

Cunts, cunts, cunts!

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  1. Woke trumps science and facts every time. Sheffield used to be a good University. Good connections with industry, particularly engineering. Engineering is ready for a change in thinking though. It can join biology in wokedom and fuck all will ever work again.

    • God almighty you are boring

      We don’t cunt other cunters here. So keep your snide remarks to yourself or fuck off. If we make the choice for you, guess what it will be. – NA

      • Is this a Yank website? I only ask because you sign yourself “NA” (which I assume, doubtless snidely as well as correctly) means Night Administration

        Am I wrong, are you on a different time zone… or are you just stupid?

        (There’s Day Admins and Night Admins. That’s all you need to know – DA)

      • It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

        Hey DA, he’s interested us. That’s adorable. I guess we’ll miss him when he’s gone. – NA

    • back to the dark ages, it’s the inquisition all over again

      new mantra is crusades must be fought against woketards, start with the media and then move in which ever direction you desire.

      fortunately the US are allowed to carry and that’s a good thing

  2. A further point I wanted to make in this nom is that science is science and mathematics is mathematics. Once proven they just are. They are facts. Mathematics is the purest science of all. How, therefore, can math or science been outdated or based on unconscious bias? It’s illiterate and tautologous to say that it is. It matters not what the discover of a scientific fact or theory believes. It doesn’t matter a jot if a mathematician was an utter cunt. His discovery can’t be biased by his views. What are we supposed to do? Boycot the theory of gravity because Newton might have invested in the South Sea Bubble? Ridiculous.

    • You are 100% right. But I have come to realise from talking with these people that facts are meaningless in the face of ideology. I have stamped the facts on people to the point where they retreat into cognitive dissonance and start to say things like ‘The Quran has nothing to do with Islam’ in order to continue defending the point.

      Its a group of people that invent terms like ‘moral relativism’ to avoid being labelled hypocritical for turning up to extinction rebellion protests in a pair of primark jeans that were made by an 8 year old child in a drought ridden country wasting 400 gallons of water.

      They invented ‘cultural relativism’ that says we cant judge other cultures based on the value of our own – so if we cant judge sharia law then whats wrong with being homophobic and mysogynistic?

      They paint everything into goodies and baddies but then wont allow a two pronged approach to gender or sexuality.

      You aren’t even allowed to not care anymore – saying ‘dont care who george Floyd is, why he died or anything else, i’m focusing on keeping my job and mortage in this pandemic’ constitutes you being a massive racist.

      I jumped for joy this week when they finally pinned some of this sex crimes stuff on someone who wasnt a white man. If you can, watch that fraudulent woke twat Noel Clarkes sanctimonious bafta acceptance drone, he sums the lot of them up.

      • Well said. Cultural relativism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      • Cracking comment pure bliss for my brain. Arguing with people of the woke is akin to knitting smoke never admit they may possibly be slightly mistaken in their worldview. Cognitive dissonance yeah, your so right the bastards will go to any lengths to protect their implanted dream. Logic and reason have no place in wokeland. Hopefully see some Unicorns in the near future the way this shit is digging in. Is magic permitted under woke law?

      • Yeah as long as its not voodoo magic because if you were white and used it it would be an act of ‘cultural genocide’. I want to know where the cunts who dream this shit up get the time and what they are smoking

  3. Gravity – dat bees raciss n sheet. Dat gravity caused dat Chauvin’s knee to kill muh St George of muh Holy Chiggunwing. N sheet.


    • The new approved theory of gravity.

      De great Afrocunt god, M’Bongobum, wanked on de ground. His baby batter spread all over Dee earth and it’s de glue that stops us floating into dee space, Lordy, Lordy!!

    • the fact here is he didn’t understand the long knee of the law theroem and how it relates to being overdosed on a Minneapolis ‘illegal special’ drug cocktail

  4. Five monkey heads plus three monkey heads equals many monkey heads.

    Congratulations Mtembe, you’ve got a first.

  5. This fucking nonsense, and all the other woke nonsense that we are bombarded with hourly will all end in tears. The silent majority will end up voting for some Hitler type and the inevitable will happen.
    Equality is never enough.

    • I think I might be tempted to vote for/support someone who rounded up all these fuckwits and gassed them.

  6. All well and good, and basically Roger İrrelevance Central. .

    A small “fly in the ointment”, of course, is the fact that Newton was at least as wrong about “gravitational attraction theories” as Aristotle or Plato. His “corpuscular” notions about the nature of light (or as is now better understood to be electromagnetic radiation more generally) were equally random; hardly better than the idea of “particles emitted from the eye” of the Ancients (which was, to be polite, arrant, random and silly bullshit – even 4000 years ago).

    Effectively the guy was full of shit. His notation for the new mathematics of “calculus” (or as the daft, fat Farmer Giles wanker put it: “fluxions”) was utter (abject?) wank also. Leibniz had the match there, and there is a lot of archaeological evidence that Babylonians had already been using differential calculus 4000 years earlier. Although it is, literally speaking, “rocket science” it is also bleeding obvious. And Newton got it largely, wrong. Twat.

    Now Ernst Mach on the other hand…. His thoughts about inertial frames, spinning buckets of water in an empty Universe, & c on the other hand… they are still cutting-edge (philosophically-speaking) in 2021.

    Newton was pretty-much “gay” as a mathmo (to use an old vernacular), and the Greene King boozer up Castle Hill in Cambridge was shite from day-one into the bargain.

    • Now there’s an idea! Just make up some bollocks about these science bods loved a hard cock up the bum and the wokies won’t know if they’re having a wank or winding their watch. Their little brains will just explode. As for history just show them old episodes of the Flintstones. Job done, save a fortune!

    • Newton was the starting point. Einstein modified Newton by understanding that space time is essentially a fabric that can be warped or curved. Einstein used his theory to predict black holes. Correct – they were theoretically proven by their effects for many years but a black hole has now been directly observed in Messier 87. Einstein’s physics breaks down in the singularity of a black hole. Quantum mechanics is also at variance with Relativity and Einstein could not accept it. Relativity and quantum mechanics have still not been reconciled. What happens next? Who knows, but I’m not sure Mach had the answers, as important as he was in his contributions to Relativity.

      The point I’m making is not to belittle Newton. At the time he made a significant advance and is justly credited as the father of modern physics. It’s fine for scientists to prove him wrong or supplement him – as long as it’s based on science. The point I’m making is that it’s a pile of cunt to ignore him because he fails to meet some phone woke standard of personal probity.

      • Phoney not phone in the penultimate line. Fuck predictive text.

      • No, Marvellous, not at all. Newton was, for sure, a total cunt by any yardstick.

        His mathematics was a blag of stuff which had been doing the rounds for decades – and far worse, he didn’t really understand it himself.

        Sorry to come over all “Big Chunky Cunty” (or whatever the Alcan™ milliner’s name might be)… but the myth of Isaac Newton the genius of 🍏 on head fame is largely spurious. Fact is he was superb at self-promotion (we should accord him Brownie points for that – it wasn’t the “stile” 400 years ago – true) and Newton has been over-hyped by the British ever since.
        He really was a bit of a fraud I believe; his differential calculus notation suggests, at least to me (I’ve seen the originals on the UL on West Road) that he hadn’t a clue what he was actually proposing. The inability (not surprising, given the weakness of the gravitational force) to produce effects via torsional forces would even suggest to me that Newton himself didn’t believe his own analysisy.

        All irrelevant anyway, after the idea of (multi) dimensionality. I’m not a string theory believer, but I do think that Penrose’s twistor theory may be “near the knuckle”.

        Much nearer than Newton, for sure, most of whose ideas (substantively) are indeed as arcane and daft as those of the Ancients (to use an elliptical abbreviation in usage)

      • Not sure I entirely agree with your assessment of Newton, Grapple Noose/Ajax. In addition to gravity, he perfected Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, accounted for the trajectories of comets, the tides, the precession of the equinoxes, predicted that the Earth was an oblate spheroid, observed that color was a property of light by measuring it through a prism – theories that came to dominate astronomy, physics, optics and maths for many generations and which have been the stepping to stones to other discoveries.

        But I’m with you to a point because in addition to all this groundbreaking stuff, he also wasted time on a pile of cunt like alchemy and biblical chronology. Like most Early Modern scientists he was a combination of genius and superstitious stupidity.

      • In what way did Isaac Newton “perfect Kepler’s laws” MMCM?

        Newton was substantively uninfluenced by Johannes Kepler’s “work” (which was itself highly dodgy, even by 18th Century standards… Harrison and all that…) so that is a poor defence I’d say.

        Truth is, and was and ever shalt be that Isaac Newton was perhaps one of the first great heroes of the British Empire. The fact that his work was at best rather shoddy was (and evidently still is) not a problem.

        Perfidious Albion wearing differential y calculable boots….

        I’m almost completely certain Sir Limply will have had many such conversations over the Cognac and mouthwash¹ with Rommel in the Kalahari

        ¹ Tawny port wine

    • By the way. Hello Ajax. Nice to see you here again. Why are you using a different name ? 😏

      • He’s had at least 10 different identities since he started posting as CS*.

        * CaughtSpéddîng

    • Of course Newton may not have the groovy, sexy status of the likes of Greene and his Super-strings, penrose and the like. He’s not as exciting. But he’s the granddaddy of them all.

      • That’s right. It’s the same apple that Eve tempted Adam with and which George Washington subsequently confessed to pinching. Funny how apples have loomed large in the intellectual history of the West?

      • I’d suggest that the 16-year-old German lad who “solved” the Newtonian so-called “3 body problem” (around 7 years ago, iirc) says it all about the nature of the issue.

        As most good mathematicians subsequently (and quite a few previously) admitted, this impressive proof simultaneously demonstrates the “problem” being proved was itself fallacious.

        A rather fitting end to Mr Isaac Newton… but like Big Chunky Cunty’s “analysis” of coronaviruses it has been largely suppressed.

        Actually, I’m total seriös. Newton was largely undeniably, wholly demonstrably and frankly embarrassingly (if you’re English) an over-hyped fraud of galactic proportions

      • Of course Newton may not have the groovy, sexy status of the likes of Greene and his Super-strings, penrose and the like. He’s not as exciting. But he’s the granddaddy of them all.

        No, he simply isn’t the granddaddy of anything (other than a large number of illegitimate kids… so fair dinkum).

        Isaac Newton, more accurately his “bigging up” by the British, is a fraud and travesty greater by far than Big Chunky Cunty’s mania about covid, the Internet’s obsession with JFK’s assasination, Area 51, et al.

        Newton was, straightforwardly, over-hyped in pursuance of early Empire. Never mind the maths, he should be burned down for that alone.

        Seems like he will be. The truth will out.

      • Well, I just posted a long refutation of Grapple Nooses denigration of Newton but it’s gone into moderation. Fuck knows why? Where’s Admin when you need him?

        Soz MMCM – I’ve just come in from mowing the lawns. Your rather well written retort to that shit stirring twat is now live on the site. Thanks – NA.

      • Grapple Noose – why the bizarre attack on Newton? Your entertaining arguments do not convince me. Granted Newton was possibly a cunt with an odd interest in alchemy and esoterica, but his genius was not simply a creation of the British Empire. You are drifting into something akin to cultural relativism.

        Newton’s theory of universal gravitation says that every particle in the universe attracts every other particle through the force of gravity. That shows us how objects as large as planets and as small as individual colliding molecules will interact. His equation for universal gravitation, written in 1666 when he was 23, overthrew more than a thousand years of Aristotelian thinking (which said that objects only moved if an external force drove that motion). Gravity seems pretty boring and commonplace now but at the time it was a revolution upon which all subsequent theorising has been built. Einstein expressed his indebtedness to Newton and I can assure you that was not because Einstein had been hoodwinked by the British Empire into thinking Newton was a genius.

        Newton’s three laws of motion, built on Keplers laws of planetary motion, established that every object in a state of motion will remain in that state unless an external force acts on it, that force equals mass times acceleration and that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These laws were the first to explain basic aspects of nature with mathematical formulas that were useful in a vast range of real life scenarios. Newton definitely understood them – he wrote them. Although the laws were later replaced by Albert Einstein’s theories about spacetime and general relativity, they laid the groundwork for this and all other modern thought about astrophysics and cosmology.

        Newton was also the first to understand the rainbow, and to refract white light with a prism into its component colours and back again into white light, establishing proof in the face of intense criticism from his contemporaries. One of the byproducts of his experiments with light was the Newtonian telescope, still widely used today. I used one as my first telescope and it’s still the best general astronomical telescope in use today 350 years after its creation. The Hubble Space Telescope is basically a modified Schmidt-Cassegrain Newtonian.

        Newton also discovered and defined calculus, the mathematical system for understanding change, which he applied to general physics.

        Genius – I have no doubt about it. English – yes, and we should take pride in that. Why does every English genius from Shakespeare to Newton have to be regarded as a product of imperial hype?


      • Thanks Admin. You’re a star. Bet the lawns are looking good at ISAC HQ.

      • “Why does every English genius from Shakespeare to Newton have to be regarded as a product of imperial hype?”

        Some people will stop at nothing to denigrate our great cultural heritage. Superb post MMCM.

      • Thanks Ruff Tuff. Newton was a true renaissance man. Will we see his like again?

    • A lot of people discussing some serious shit on here. As a physics teacher I am being enlighted. I love this fucking site!

      • Check out the Lennard-Jones 6/12 potential Dark key cunt.

        It’ll blow your mind

      • It certainly did blow my physics teacher’s mind 40 years ago. He’d never heard of it.

        Crap teachers, eh?

      • Wine definitely helps in science and all forms of knowledge The grape definitely induces enlightenment.

    • About as funny as learning your children just died in a Pakistan International Airlines crash into the side of a mountain Albert.

      • Ah! I see you’ve resurfaced CS.
        What delights do you hold in store for us today?

      • No joys whatsoever. Very soon to be gone. I’m back in Blighty and have some scumbags who need representing. I expect 3-5 years, and the possibility of 7-10 for the silly cunt who “forgot to say please” when arrested..

        Sorry to disappoint, Alberto

      • I thought it was good. Made me laugh and god almighty, we need a laugh these days. Only way to deal with this woke shit is to laugh at it.

      • I have sat back too long on this one, GN. You have shown your colours.
        You are about to represent defendants in court; that you already concede to be guilty as charged. Cunt.
        I am cunting a cunter. Yes you. Cunt.
        You have also hijacked a perfectly good nomination and attempted to turn it into something else.
        Those dudes due to appear in court need different representation. You have missed the point of a fairly straight forward nomination, so how the feck are you expecting to follow a presumably detailed court case.
        This nomination concerns Sheffield University. Not your fucking ego.

      • Much as I am fain to agree, MMCM, I cannot. I honestly couldn’t give a shit

  7. Gravity is obviously racist. This is the reason Abo Aussies have the lowest iq on earth. Being upside down for 50 000 years is a bad idea.

  8. If it wasn’t for Sir Isaac Newton inventing gravity, we would all be floating about. Do the woke twats realise that?

  9. Even if Newton was a racist I don’t care. It doesn’t make his work any less relevant. Fuck Sheffield college for the advancement of woke knowledge.

  10. Oh yes NO ONE says yooooni unless they’re a cunt. I went to university.
    Uni. Ffs . Lightweight dweebs say that.

    • In school, or college where I currently am, the pastoral staff always talk about ‘Mum’ or, occasionally, ‘Dad’. Not ‘the student’s mum or dad’. ‘I’ve spoken to Mum.’ ‘Yeah but what the fuck has your mother got to do with this student?’ The words are mother and, on those rare occasions, father. And stop referencing your own ‘ Mum’. Cunts.

  11. I discovered gravity when I was in the bath – ask anyone.
    But I’m just modest me.

  12. Sheffield University is fucked. Sheffield United has been relegated. However as things go from bad to worse, the locals will have their cutlery to fall back on. That and their tenuous claim to be northerners.

  13. Let’s just use African science then.
    Two monkeys throwing their shit at each other.

  14. I’m from Sheffield, Sheffield United season ticket holder now this fuckwittery. The people in any semblance of ‘Power’ (in their own minds anyway) in Sheffield are actually half baked looneys. Council elections coming up, Labour will get in again, my point again will be proved. The electorate of Sheffield would vote for Kim Jong Un if he wore a red rosette. Fucking idiots.

    • Is that clown Majid Majid or whatever his name was still knocking around Sheffield ?

      • No, thank fuck. He actually ‘banned’ Donald Trump from Sheffield on ‘our behalf’. Not on my behalf you cunt. Made us look a laughing stock, but once again, never brought to book for abusing his office. The city has been mismanaged for decades, almost bankrupted by Labour in the early to mid nineties yet they are still voted in. It beggars belief.

  15. Apparently, Sir Isaac Newton Newton was a MP. According to Hansard, his only contribution was to ask for the windows to be closed because it was a bit cold. Brilliant Scientist. Shit MP. I say again, brilliant scientist. He didn’t discover shit. You can’t discover something that is right on front of you. What he did was try to explain it. And he did that fucking well.

    I will do some research (drinking whisky while looking at Google) to see if Grapple Noose needs to be the subject of my next cunting. Lot o’ noise but no back up.

    • Save yourself the effort. Isaac Newton, his memory, elegy and mythology is very largely fraudulent.

      On second thoughts, have a look on Google.. You will see both versions, and can make up your own mind.

      I couldn’t give a shit which way you veer though. You, and almost all others, can go and…

      • A programme I watched about Newton I was surprised he was still very much into Alchemy. I thought he was more advanced than that.

        I know he was a Unitarian at a time when it was dangerous to be one.

      • You’ve been mixing drugs and drink again CS, haven’t you?
        I’ve warned you before. It makes you morose and stifles your nice side!

      • Did you know Miles that Newton died a virgin?
        All his life he studied the laws of attraction, without understanding the gravity of his situation.

    • You’ve had two bottles of wine, DKC, and now you’re hitting the whiskey? Grape or grain, but never the twain.

      Look forward to your next cunting… as no doubt is CS. 😉

      • A bit “diverse” for me… sorry I fail to “twig”.

        In all truth, I’ve had the most debauched fortnight of my life. Nobody died which was perhaps a bonus; but I am certain that my autoimmune system has been set back 20 years – temporarily. Vast abuse of cocaïne, amphetamine, opioids, alcohol, and other “boutique” chemicals, like STP, DOM, and of course really unnecessarily liberal ingestion of THC.

        Frankly I’m fucked, but in a good way. I’ve just been entertaining myself by annoying my stupid and twattish neighbours (who have newly taken to practicing the loud singing of arpeggios, as if they were being schooled by that tosspot on telly Gavin Malone¹) by using a 3kW (that’s very powerful indeed) SDS hammer drill and a 16mm tungsten carbide bit, cooled by tap water.

        ¹ I saw the twat AGAIN² in
        WAitrise in Northcott Rd Battersea and trod heavily on his toe. He was, affected ly enough, wearing house slippers like a proper cunt

      • “newly taken to practicing.”
        Tut, tut. Come on CS, we don’t converse in American English. Anyone who’s not smashed knows the verb is “practising.”

      • No Albert we don’t do we? But (apols for starting a sentence with a conjuction) I am more fucked due to mainly chemical self-abuse than you can even dream of.

        Tomorrow I shall be fucked too, but sober enough to pass muster at Chester Crown before Elgan Edwards. The old cunt.
        You can scarcely imagine the degree of my intoxication, albertus. You are very boring

      • CS…a genuine question…are the Courts opening on a Bank Holiday to clear a backlog caused by the virus ?

      • CS must be holding a seance. Elgan Edwards carked it 5 years ago…..

      • Surely you’re not suggesting CS lives in a Walter Mitty world…

      • Heaven forfend RTC.

        No I’m merely suggesting he’s a right c…(the first rule of ISAC forbids the conclusion of this sentence).

      • Elgan Edwards, who was a legend, died five years ago aged 72…and as the eagle-eyed Mr Fiddler observed there are no courts on a Bank Holiday. My reference to that is also called a legend, but of a different type

      • What’s the point in banning this drug bore if he’s allowed to come back the next day with a different name and start his nonsense over again?

  16. Having been absent from IsAC today, as I am nursing the mother of all hangover’s, the first nomination I read is this one.
    Now my fucking headache is back…..

  17. Sheffield is a shithole. Why would any sane cunt want to waste 3 years of their life going to Uni there?

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