8 thoughts on “J K Rowling [2]

  1. Tits don’t look too bad though ..

    I suppose it would save spoiling a good ‘un ..

    WV = Mones … 😉

  2. Regarding the above J.K. rowling
    I personally have saved a lot of money & time not reading her books
    or watching the films, as I have already read the brilliant offerings from the late Roald Dahl,
    such as the worst witch, only if memory serves me correctly it was a girl witch at an all girls witchy type academy learning how to be witches. Just sayin……..

  3. She thinks she’s hard with her flowerpower knuckleduster, come get some Rowling ya cunt makin kids fly round on sticks chasing a ball with wings in the pissing down rain is a cunts trick.

  4. All I can say is, thank fuck we only have one more installment of this bollocks to go. I’m sick of having to traipse to the local cinema, kids in tow, and having to shell out the equivalent of a mortgage to watch this bullshit. My two eldest girls are now over it, but my youngest is eight and loves it. The boggart is right, Roald Dahl was, is and always will be so far ahead of Rowling it would make her tits explode. That by the way, is something I would happily pay to see. For the last movie, I’m going to download the Lord of the Rings onto my MP3 player and watch that instead of what’s on screen. I may have to take my girl to the cinema, but I don’t have to watch Potter and his crew melting the brains of Britain’s youth.

  5. she’s got a good enough memory to rip off all the Ursula Leguin Earthsea books and make a fucking fortune off it. Cunt.

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