Mandatory ‘Blacking Up’

A ‘Swanee, how I love ya’ cunting for the National Education Union, with regard to its display of loony leftism towards one of its members.

In 2019, teacher Jason Wardill was surprised to find himself asked to attend a meeting of black teachers, given that he is not black, but of Mediterranean and Jewish heritage. Since then, Mr Wardill has been attempting to stop the union from classifying his ethnicity incorrectly, but without success.

For its part, the wacko union states that ‘it treats black as a political term rather than as an identifier of African heritage’. As you do. So Mr Wardill has been swept up into the union’s game of identity politics and given a blackface makeover, whether he actually wants it or not.

A frustrated Mr Wardill stated ‘I think the union are more obsessed with political arguments than they are about their members’.

Welcome to box-ticking Britain in 2020. Of course it’s all done by the NEU in the name of ‘inclusivity’, which is why they hold meetings just for black teachers in the first place. Er, hang on…
All together now; ‘I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles…’.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Hermes [3]

Could I have a “where’s the fuck my parcel” cunting for Hermes please?
So why am I cunting this shower of dogs vomit excuse of a parcel company?

Is it because when I recently sent my very very rare motorcycle tank off to be panted I watched with dismay as the collection driver followed me out of the drop off point only to hurl the aptly labeled FRAGILE package into the back of his wank pit of a van?
No, although when I confronted him he very nearly followed my parcel head first.

Or possibly when they wrote to tell me a package was out of tariff, by this they meant that during one of there recent audits their EU calibrated scales found my item to be overweight. Apparently my 1500g package weighed 3.5 kilos?
No, although they did drop the case when I politely told them to fuck right off and that my non EU calibrated scales were not 130% inaccurate. They’ve actually tried this trick 3 times over the last 12 months.

Surely it must be when I posted my latest package and their website has shown it in transit for the past month, trying to get help is impossible, you firstly get some automated assistant, “Holly” apparently, after spending 5 mins putting your details in she tells you exactly the same as your tracking details, but then you can move on through the help service, you’re now able to speak the tracking number to a machine, again getting absolutely nowhere other than waiting to at last to speak to an actual person. This turns out to be a cruel ploy to get your hopes up as no fucker ever actually answers. It turns out you cannot contact any one or do fuck all about your missing fucking parcel.

But even all that didn’t boil my piss as much as when trawling through the website I spied on the help page (
A quaint little picture of the United Kingdom in all its glory, this little sketch shows 6 people standing on the the outline of the U.K. Stood on Ireland there’s a conventional
White male, stood on England are 4 ethnic races, non of them white, but in order to readdress the balance there’s white guy on Scotland, only hang on, the cunts have got him down on one fucking knee! You absolute shower of incompetent disrespectful wankers.

If you ever need a laugh,read the Hermes review page, some comments on there worthy of ISAC.

Nominated by: Doo Man Ted

Home Alone 2 Censorship

Home Alone ‘fans’ who want Trump removed. I’ve fucking heard everything now.

Apparently, Big Don made a small cameo in cheesy ‘family picture’ Home Alone 2 many years ago. You know, those daft films starring ex-Wacko favourite, Macualay Cuntkin.

And although this piece of disposable cinematic twaddle has nothing to do with events of today and certainly nothing to do with the recent Capitol Hill ‘attack on democracy’ (their words, not mine), there are ‘offended’ (what, again?) and ‘outraged’ ‘fans’ who are demanding – not requesting, demanding – the removal of Trump’s small appearance in an until now long forgotten film.

There are actual adults, grown men on Twatter squealing things like ‘I won’t rest until Trump is removed from Home Alone 2!’ and another tantruming ‘Remove Trump from Home Alone 2 next!’

The Blue Mink Bat Flu is far from vanquished, BLM fascists are running amok, the President of the United States has been censored on his own country, yet these pieces of kek wetting blanket sucking safe space liberal turd see the removal of a few seconds of ancient film footage as a number one priority?! It’s that important?! Fuck me ragged, as the great Roger Mellie would say. I know the left are lunatics and ‘my way or nothing’ spoilt bastards, but I’ve never seen anything as absurd as this one. This latest ‘demand’ tops the fucking lot.

Also, it begs the question… What the fuck are grown men doing as ‘fans’ of a kids film like Home Alone anyway, eh?

Nominated by: Norman

..and seconded by:

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

Macaulay Culkin is a cunt, isn’t he.

Macaulay Culkin, special friend of Michael Jackson, has added his name to a list calling for the removal of a Donald Trump cameo in a film from the last century.

Culkin, special friend of Michael Jackson, shot to fame as a child star when he starred in a few films with the same story line. In one, Culkin asks the future president directions. The clip only lasts two seconds but some people still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome have demanded he be cut from whichever Home Alone shit it was.

Perhaps they could digitally remove Trump from his many film and TV cameos as well as Zoolander, The Nanny, and the turgid Fresh Prince of Will Smith cunt.

Culkin, special friend of Michael Jackson, was a junkie for many years after his brief fame playing a psychopath who hysterically laughed as he committed wanton violence. Either he’s back on the ‘H’ or he’s been reading How To Remove People From History by Joe Stalin.

Unoriginal Achievements

The First (insert gender/race/disability here) to (insert achievement here)

Short one.

I am fed up of reading articles or seeing programmes about the first woman/BAME/disabled to do something a white male achieved years before.

Fuck off. It’s been done. Move on.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Dribble

China (8)


First a link form The Guardian ( I know, I know, but I’d urge you to read it…

This describes one small aspect of the treatment of The Uighurs…concentration camps, forced sterilisation, mass murder etc also being reported. It’s no better than the Nazi treatment of the Jews… a holocaust.

As for anyone who says “Just Muzzas, Fuck them” should consider that there’ll have been a few people in occupied Countries in the War who thought “Just Jews,Fuck them” until the Nazis started coming for them too… China in the future may or may not “occupy” Countries but they will certainly make the most of the economic and social meltdown caused by the very virus that they (accidentally, my arse) unleashed on the World to spread their malign influence.

The Chinese, much like the Nazis, consider themselves superior beings and have no qualms about how they advance their aim of World domination. It is time that every Country set aside their differences and put a stop to China and its puppet, North Korea, before they unleash God knows what on the rest of the World.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler


…and this from Technocunt


What a bunch of duplicitous cunts they really are!

There was an article in today’s Telegraph (see below, but paywalled unfortunately), suggesting how lightly the Chinese have got off with the Dink Virus causing so much death, misery and financial hardship across the world.

The article also made special mention to the World Health Organisation, and its softly softly approach to ciritcising the Chinese for the 90+ million infections and 2+ million deaths.

This is made even more galling when the article suggests: –

Quote – “The WHO’s head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, got his job through China’s backing and appears reluctant to criticise. When he visited Beijing at the end of January last year, his organisation’s statement praised the regime for “the transparency they have demonstrated”.

Moreover, the article goes onto say that the CCP has tightened down on social media along with any form of protest and/or negativity towards the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Quote – “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has strengthened its interior control. Infectious disease, like war, always seems to justify totalitarianism. Covid has given the CCP an excuse to lock up its critics, shut down independent human activity and extend its surveillance so widely that the word “privacy” becomes obsolete. The recent Covid death of one person in China was news, which implies China’s methods worked, compared with those of the muddly old West.

Strangely, although not surprisingly, the libtards in the West, along with the Extinction Rebellion twats, and Saint Greta of Cuntbergs, have all been rather quiet taking potshots at China and its appalling history on human rights abuses, slavery, totalitarianism, child abuse, animal abuse, pollution and a shitload of other things that these two-faced libtards are quick to jump on here in the West, but seem to be shit-scared of ruffling any feathers in China, probably because they don’t want to be seen as racist!

The article ends on a rather ironic note:-

Quote – “No discussion of totalitarianism is complete without mention of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. People forget the end. Freedom is defeated. The hero, Winston Smith, stares up, “gin-sodden”, at the huge poster of the great leader, and gives in. The last line is “He loved Big Brother”. It could happen here, and now.”

Moreover, it is now a “Time to Heal” claim the Democrats now that Sleepy Joe is going to be the new president. So I guess that means China gets a free pass too, and the global disaster that was Covid 2019/20/21… can now be conveniently swept under the fucking carpet!