The F-Bomb

The F-Bomb…used in classical drama.

After it was ‘dropped’ in “A Christmas Carol”, it is reported that there is cluster bombing of the word in an Agatha Christie drama. I wonder what was said?

‘Fuck me Hastings, you’re a thick cunt that you didn’t see that, you stupid twat?’, or
‘You’re a clever cunt Miss Marple, and no mistake..’

Where will it end?

“Jane Eyre” – ‘Reader, I fucked him’.
“Pride and Prejudice” – ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that some rich cunt must be in want of some slapper to fuck’.
“Hamlet” – ‘To be of not to be: that is the fucking question: whether it is nobler in the mind to top yourself…’

“Rebecca” – ‘Last night I dreamt I fucked off to Manderley again’.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

David Abel

Entitled, bald, boomer cunt who’s been live streaming his ‘ordeal’ of being quarantined in a luxury cruise liner off Japan, yesterday made a pathetic plea to be brought back to Britain, whingeing he’s ‘never felt less loved by his country’. This twat is the epitome of selfishness. Did this rejoiner not see Star Trek II, ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one’?

And today the Government has been proved totally correct, as Davie has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, but now he’s claiming it’s a conspiracy and naturally he’s being persecuted for his activism.

Throw the cunt overboard he won’t be missed.

Admin note: Take a look at this for a ‘conspiracy theory’. The cunt’s a fucking actor!

Nominated by Agent Double-O Shagga

Stephanie Hayden (2)

“Stephanie Hayden” is at it again.

As far as I can tell, they don’t have a job (besides pretend lawyer). If you google them, all you get is them threatening people on twitter with lawsuits and they somehow keep winning. I thought Instagram was a pathetic career, but this takes the cake.

You would have thought they’d spend some time putting effort in if they found being addressed by male pronouns so offensive. And now a mother of two has been charged £1,000 for simply stating facts.

Cunt (noun applies to both genders equally).

Nominated by lazybiscuits

Katie Price (3)

This cavernous arsehole’s disgusting habits have been laid bare by caretaker, Charlie Farthing:

He describes the squalid conditions of her mansion which, despite her huge wealth, seem to be more likely to be experienced by the poorest in society: She slept on a mattress on the floor, sometimes the kids would sleep on it with her, other times kipping on the sofa; the heating didn’t work and Harvey had smashed all the fucking windows making it freezing cold and the other usual pikey shite, like cats piss everywhere, signs of drug use, and piles of rubbish.

People talk about deprivation, but this case shows that living like a tramp is who you are, not how much money you have.

Nominated by Agent Double-O Shagga

Breaking news


Various news agency’s are reporting a car ploughing into a carnival parade in the town of Volkmarsen, a town in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district in northern Hesse Germany.

Injury counts vary and no motive has been announced, (Please remember the Pissed Italian who scored double figures on a bus Que of German tourists last year)

So if you want to go off topic and speculate, this is the place to be.

Carry on cunting