Anna Soubry [2] (I swear it is more than that though!)

On an infinity more interesting topic our old pal Anna soubry has become the first Tory to state she will leave the conservatives if May goes for a hard brexit?? There are many great reasons for a relatively hard brexit but that’s an absolute fucking bonus!!
The worst kind of wonky eyed remaniacs are talking about forming a new political party??,
Under the misguided apprehension that they can repeat the MACRON phenomenon!! , I really hope they manage to get cunt of the ages Blair to be their leader!!, imagine all of the most vilified politicians joining forces in a mega swamp of turds and sitting in the middle on top of a steaming pile of festering shite like king turd of poo mountain that colossal cunt BLAIR!!!!

Nominated by Quislings!

David Miliband [2]

David Miliband is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he.

The former Foreign Secretary and all-round failure has called for a second referendum (sigh) on Leaving the odious EU, a mere 14 months after the country democratically voted to say Goodbye to the rot.

Furthermore, this junkie-for-failure, ever greedy to be on the losing side, has called Phillip Hammond (craven, bollockless traitor) “valient” and wants his “vital” support. Come again?

After losing his Government place and subsequently being Macbethly knifed in the back by his equally twatish brother, ‘Miliband The Even Shorter’ went to live in America where he made loads of more money and was continually unaffected by Immigration.

What a noxious, privileged Muppet this chump has turned out to be. Even Steptoe, your leader, when not pretending to be a hybrid of the cash-supplying Tooth Fairy, the Easter bloody Bunny and Father Fucking Christmas has heavily implied we should get the fuck out, quickly.

Everything this berk touches turns to shite. It’s as if he’s got the reverse Midas touch. Remember when he was paid 50 grand to be a non-executive of Sunderland F.C. Well done, Dave, that went well, didn’t it.

Wipe off that ubiquitousshit-eating grin, piss off back to your cushy life in the States, and shut the fuck up about last year’s referendum, you tedious, short-arse cunt-nugget.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Ed Sheeran [3]

Ed Sheeran is a gargantuan cunt…

Now there are so many reasons to detest this tuneless ginger bollocked gargoyle, but now this cry baby gnome has left Twitter…. Because people are sending him nasty tweets and reading them has been ruining his life….

Seriously….The cunt is a millionaire many times over, even though he has the talent and the charisma of a fresh dog turd in a heatwave…Yet nasty comments have been ruining his life?! Is he that much of a fairy princess cunt?!

Some folk have took the piss out of Sheeran’s ‘appearance’ on Game Of Thrones… Quite a few have said what a self important ballbag he is, so diddumspoos has deleted his Twatter account… He really is an oversensitive, emotional dwarf, isn’t he?… The piece of excrement that is ‘Galway Girl’ was panned and he spat his dodie out over that too….

So he wants fame and all its perks and trappings, but can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism or humour at his expense?! Fucking frog faced ginger cunt….

Nominated by Norman

The World Athletics Championships

Emergency cunting.
The World Athletic Championship and the British Team.

The British team have won nothing, all that tax payer funded training, the event being held in their own back yard, well the Islamic republic of Londonistan. Wall to wall coverage on the Beebistan broadcasting corporation and if lucky some beta male with a hipster beard manages to get a ‘pb’

As for the fuckers in the crowd cheering the Somalian who lives in the states last Friday but running under a flag of convenience, eat quorn you cunts.

Nominated by Leonardo di Cunty

Newcastle City Hall

A cunting for the management of Newcastle City Hall.

The new Charity that have taken over the City Hall have decided that Roy “Chubby” Brown should no longer be allowed to perform. Apparently they have decided that his act is “unpleasant,crude and offensive”.

Now whether you like Chubby Brown or not, his act must be legal or he’d have been closed down long ago. The fact that a load of pretentious twats don’t like it shouldn’t mean that he should be banned. I bet if his act consisted of sneering at white,working-class,heterosexual men,he’d be welcomed with open arms. It’s nothing but cultural snobbery.

No doubt when the charity is next whining for funding,they won’t bother mentioning that they barred an act that has been popular for years. Maybe they can put one of those hilarious new comedians on instead to make up the shortfall.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.