Liam Neeson

A quick mini cunting for Liam Neeson.
Following on from saying the following about the aftermath of a friend allegedly getting struggle-snuggled by a person of sooty persuasion, Neeson said: “I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could … kill him.”

The cunting is because he’s now apologised and done all the usual part denial, part contrition, rather than coming out and admitting that yes, he’s a bit racist, same as most of us, especially blacks, Muslims and snooty Indians.

Fucking chicken shit.


Nominated by Thomas The Cunt Engine


Liam Neeson is a cunt…
I think the old bugger has gone mad… Everyone knows what he said and the ‘racist’ shitstorm (yeah, another one) it has kicked up… But fancy putting such a huge target on your own back for snowflakes and chippy uppity never done no wrong, no sir blambos to fire at….Neeson is a cunt for giving these cunts something (else) to moan about and for putting white western men in a bad light (and don’t we get enough of that?)….

On the other hand, these black rap cunts are ‘allowed’ to put out crap like ‘Cop Killer’ and ‘Fuck Tha Police’ and no fucker bats an eyelid… While shitfaces like Azelia Banks and Buggerdorf Munro are ‘allowed’ to be as racist to white people as they like.. Fucking bollocks…


Nominated by Norman

Stabby Gangsta Cunts

I nominate stabby little london gangsta wannabe cunts. Or any other little gangsta cunts are welcome to this cunting.

Who the fuck do they think they are?
These cunts are more worthless to society than a queef emitted from their mothers cunt. Amazingly the best bit of them ran down the crack of their mums arse.

I think we should start packing them off to the west country for a little holiday.

Here in the west country we could teach them a thing or two about the error of their ways.

Fuck stabbing things, knives are used for skinning things round ere.
I reckon we have got more guns than these gangsta cunts too, and we are used to shooting little things like rabbits so there is no way we could miss a gangsta scroat running across the fields.

Good sport on a Sunday I reckon. Send these gobby little cunts down. What use are they?

Fuck fox hunting, it’s cunt hunting from now on. Give em both barrels.


Nominated by Cuntswhallop

Mark Carney [6]

Mark ‘doom and gloom’ Carney. How he ever became the governor of the Bank of England being this negative is beyond me.

I fucking hate this cunt, maybe as much as he clearly hates Brexit. He must have a lot of EU/UK stocks in his portfolio to be this against leaving the EU and most of his gibbering at first glance seems legitimate, until you think about it for 5 seconds and realise it’s bullshit.

For the past 12 months this cunt has ramped up his scaremongering about the slow rate of growth, the possibility of increased cost on living and the great escape of businesses from the UK. His most recent is pointing out that the economy growth will be down to 1.2% from a predicted 1.7% this year. And this is obviously down to Brexit, now this I do agree with, but only because we’ve fucked about with this shite deal for so long. Instead of being such a Remoaner bore, why don’t you say, actually growth would be better if we’d just decided on no deal and given UK businesses the heads up and time to adapt. The economy only ever shrinks during instability and uncertainty, if we’d been straight down the line with no deal, we’d have had none of this because businesses would have had some certainty on what was happening.

He also likes to quote things like “there’s a one in four chance the country will slip in to recession”, which initially sounds pretty bad, but apply a little junior school maths and you realise that’s only 25%, anything less than 50% means it’s less likely to happen than happen. So why even bring it up. On the weather segment of the news, they don’t state all the conditions that might not happen today, what the fuck use is that to anyone.

I think I hate him more than most because he speaks to the great unwashed like we’re all a bunch of fucking retards. As if he’s doing us a favour by spelling things out to us. Well guess what Mark, I can do fractions just as good as the best 9 year old mathematician.

He rather reluctantly conceded in a story on the BBC that unemployment was at a record low of 4% and wages were rising because of the competition for businesses to employ talent, he didn’t however link that to the slow growth of the economy, even though that would clearly hamper businesses being able to grow in such a competitive market. Also, if so many businesses were leaving the UK, wouldn’t unemployment have shot up?

I don’t care if this actually makes it to the actual cunting front page, but it makes me feel better I got this off my chest. Fuck you Mark, you Droopy look a like cunt.


Nominated by Elboobio


Need I say more? A festival of cunts that are supposed to protect energy users interests, but have today shown they are on the side of energy suppliers by lifting the cap on energy costs.

“Prices are rising because Ofgem is allowing suppliers to charge more to cover the higher wholesale costs they face owing to the higher global price of oil. Wholesale costs account for more than a third of a typical energy bill.”OIL???? Now I don’t know about you, but how many coal/gas/nuclear/solar or wind generation stations run on bloody oil? How do they extract the natural gas my boiler is using from oil?

Utter bollocks. My tariff is supposed to be 100% renewables but it’s going to rise in April regardless isn’t it. Fuck them.

Nominated by The Eternally Grumpy Cunt

Channel 4

Just been watching a pile of wank in which Jamie Oliver (bloated tongue dribbling cunt) has been making an apple pie with that mincing queen Stephen Fry at the end of Southend pier, courtesy of the above mentioned broadcaster. Well I wasn’t watching it exactly but Mrs Ghee was and I couldn’t really avoid it. Anyway, a section of this show involved the fat-tongued arsehole driving to see some weird hippy type fella out in the woods in order to discuss environmentally friendly charcoal (sustainable, non-polluting sort of bollocks), the obvious message being to encourage us to buy said barbecue fuel rather than the cheapo ‘Happy Shopper’ stuff that anyone with less money than sense would procure.

But what was Oliver’s chosen mode of transport out into the arse-end of nowhere to visit this bloke? A fucking 1960’s Ford Mustang….. A car with a 5 litre V8 engine which drinks more juice and chucks out more pollution than 8 of the vans that I drive that are soon going to be subjected to Khunt Khan’s ULEZ tax in central London.

Stupid, hypocritical cunts.

Nominated by Ghee The Witches