Tracey Emin [3]

Tracey Emin is a cunt. Her latest offering of ‘art’ is a pink neon sign at St Pancras which says ‘I want my time with you’ That’s it. Oh, and its near the clock. Did some cunt pay for this?
Her crowning glory was an unmade bed complete with wet patch and used condoms.
How pretentious a cunt do you have to be to produce or appreciate this shit?
Emperor’s new clothes anybody?

Nominated By Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Vagina

I would like to put forward for a cunting, VAGINAS. They have probably caused more strife and upset than anything on the planet, even more so than religion

Personally they have led me down routes a sane man wouldnt entertain costing me financially and mentally and leading me to my present situation. Who would have believed a little pocket of pleasure could have such a pull and its a huge pull it must be when u think of some of the complete fuckwits that own it.

And when you haven’t got your blood up they are not very pleasant if you believe the vagasil adverts : smelly, itchy, leaky in fact another 57 reasons to avoid getting to close. Fuck me it can strip the dye from a gusset think what it can do to a chaps meaty bits.

Yes, the vagina is literally a cunt!

Nominated by Civvydog


Once again, I find myself having to nominate traitorous Remain fanatics for a richly deserved cunting. Led by Soubry and Umunna, NINE different Remain groups have launched a £1 million campaign to force a second referendum on British voters. The arrogant fuckers even have the nerve to call the campaign, “The People’s Vote”. The people have already fucking voted in a referendum on this issue, and the majority voted to leave. Is it going to take a sledgehammer to the head before these cock munching democracy deniers finally understand that WE DON’T WANT A SECOND REFERENDUM?

The latest polls show that 65% of the British people don’t want a second referendum. We’re not interested. We’ve already had our say. Soubry and Umunna must be aware of that, so why the fuck are they trying to force one upon us? What makes them think they have the right to go against the will of the majority? They have no right whatsoever. Especially in Soubry’s case, since a majority of her own constituents voted to leave. She is deliberately going against their wishes. Something I hope they remember when she’s next up for election. Along with fellow Labour MP, Wes Streeting, Umunna wrote that, “As democrats, we must abide by the national vote”. So why the fuck is he not doing that? Because the self styled “Britain’s Obama” is no democrat. He’s a hypocritical, self-serving, two faced twat, that’s why! It’s no coincidence that this is coming at a time when Brexit negotiations are entering a new phase, one that will focus on future trading relationships.

It’s a naked attempt by traitors to the UK to undermine our negotiating position. Theresa the Appeaser doesn’t need any help on that front. Every time she goes into these negotiations, the stupid cow ends up giving away far more than she comes back with. And she usually comes back with fuck all. Then again, May did vote to remain in the EU, so perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that isn’t even bothering to try to negotiate. What really annoys me though, is her apparent belief that the British people are all morons, who completely believe her when she makes out that she’s done her best. “No deal is better than a bad deal”, she said a while back. That disappeared faster than Lord Lucan.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair, Mandelson and Clegg were involved in this somewhere too. You can’t have that much shit without those three having a hand in it. I’m sure that, ultimately, this latest attempt will fail. In the unlikely event that they DO force a second referendum, what will they do if the British people vote to leave again? And by an even greater margin? Will they say; “Oh well, we tried. But the British people have spoken and we have no choice but to respect the result”? Will they fuck. They’ll demand a third vote. And if they lose again, they’ll demand a fourth vote and a fifth, ad infinitum, until they get the result that THEY want.

I am beyond sick and tired of these ignorant, arrogant shites trying to force their will upon the UK. Soubry and Umunna are elected officials for fucks sake, how can they be so ignorant, so contemptuous of democracy now that they’re on the losing side? It’s not just an insult, it’s hypocritical. It shows how grubby British politics has sunk, that two people who have benefitted greatly from, and claim to love and respect, democracy, are willing to treat it with such casual disdain simply because they don’t like how democracy played out in June of 2016.

With these Remainers behaving in such a way, they have no right to expect others to respect the democratic process. Should they retain their seats at the next general election, they will have no right to complain if people demand a second vote. It will be their own fault if that happens. They have set an example that the rest of us have every right to follow. It won’t happen though, because the majority of the British people are decent, honest, honourable people. Unlike our MP’s.

Democracy is not a right. It is a privilege. It is not something that can be brushed aside simply we were on the losing side. It’s no longer democracy when that happens. And it is our duty to fight to keep democracy alive. It says a lot about May that she has done NOTHING to stop the Remainers in the Conservative party. Her inaction is yet more proof that, like Corbyn and squinty eyed Cable, she is not a leader. She is a weak, arrogant, Thatcher-lite turd, with limp wrists, a forked tongue and a bent spine.

Most Remainers now accept, albeit grudgingly, that Brexit IS going to happen. The only question is the scale of the scale of the shit show that May will bring back from Brussels. Soubry, Umunna and all the other Remain fanatics will ultimately fail. I just wish their arrogance would subside enough for them to see it now, so that they can finally shut the fuck up!

Another epic QDM nomination

Social Justice Warriors [2]

SJW Spewing Cunts: Twitter Twats, Tumblr and Trigger Twatacocktuses

What fucking bunghole did these annoying little pieces of feces crawl out of!?
How can we either flush them or make them crawl back-up one another’s asspipes?
Particularly, the putrid puss-in-the-brain feminists and their male members of tyrannical Social Justice Wussbags.

“I agree with you snookums. Women are better than men.”

Fuck you, and advance two wussy spaces to collect your official feminist pussy hat! You dickless mindless little automaton.

SJW syndrome is a mental disorder which effects all ages, races and genders.

White straight male: Hi


White straight male: All I said was-


White straight male: What are you talking abou-


The whole whiny whinority lot of SJW’s are nothing more than extremely narcissistic, naive, sheltered infants who never check any facts before making themselves look stupid, and then get so emotional they throw tirades and cry. It’s pathetic. Society is doomed with this generation. Imagine what their children will be like!

And the older ones are just as bad if not worse especially, all of the professor pieces of shit and faculty fucks that encourage, support and create these little cunts. They should be the ones who have the shit kicked out of em, and then beat-to-shit again for making a mess.

Nominated by BluntCunt

Apple [4]

I know the world has gone to shit in a handcart, but FFS! What kind of cunt pays £1,399 for a fucking electronic watch just because – according to Apple – it “inspires wrist envy”??

Presumably the same sort of cunt who pays £499 for the fucking strap to go on it just because it’s made by Hermes and it wraps around your wrist twice so that everyone can tell you’ve got one. Let’s be honest, the watch strap has been around a long time and there’s never been a reason to make it go around your wrist twice. It’s a classic design so why fuck with it? Well, presumably just to inspire wrist envy!!!

And what does the fucking watch do anyway? Well you can use it to make calls because it links to the iPhone in your pocket. Just get the fucking phone out of your pocket you lazy cunts!

And of course you’ll want to upgrade to the iPhone RED so that everyone can see you’re a virtue signalling cunt who pays extra for your phone to support AIDS charities.

Well, here’s a suggestion for all you tossers who want to inspire wrist envy : just tattoo “I’m a cunt” on your wrist. And if you’re embarrassed by it later in life, you can always cover it up with a double looping £499 Hermes watch strap.

You gotta hand it to Apple. They’ve got exploiting snowflakes off to a ‘T’

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt