General Medical Council

It’s those cunts the General Medical Council once more!

These evil bastards are so fucking dangerous I feel we could cunt these cunts every cunting day. They seems determined to make sure that the British GP’s are as as representative of all manner of sick degeneracy and fucked upness as possible. Today it’s Dr Hafeez Awan from Pakistan who has kept his NHS job practicing as a family doctor, despite being an obvious nascent predatory paedophile contacting 13-year-olds online and getting fresh with them ‘swapped hug emojis, online kisses and a string of inappropriate messages with the youngster – not realising she was really an undercover detective investigating online paedophile gangs’.

This predator should be in prison, he should be out the country, but thanks to the GMC and our weak as piss border control he’s one of our trusted GP’s spending alone time with possibly your friends and family, in a private consulting room, on a plinth with your clothes off behind a curtain.

What’s to be done with the GMC?

Nominated by ShaggawotZ

Kathy Readon

This is the snivelling, whiny little cow that fell out with Greggs and lambasted them on Twatbook because one of the staff members had the audacity to talk to her! The horrible cunt suggested to her that she had become a regular – what a disgusting and inappropriate thing to say! Naturally, such abuse triggered her anxiety into overdrive to the point where she may never be able to go to Greggs again.

Apparently, she fears ‘public interaction’ – the poor soul! Yet another product of modern Britain and one of the growing number of pathetic snowflakes who demand support for their mental issues. Of course, she doesn’t seem to mind her selfies being splashed all over a national newspaper, the cunt! Let’s hope that if she plucks up the courage to buy another pasty, another equally horrible member of staff garnishes it with a little something extra.

If limp-dick, dummy suckling wankers like this are Britain’s future, then God help us all.

Nominated by Captain Cuntman

Christmas Jumper Day

A yuletide cunting for….


Not bad enough that it’s Friday 13th, a day when I resist the urge to stay in bed all day just in case (not that I’m superstitious you understand) or even that it’s Mrs D’s birthday, they have to round it off by making it Christmas jumper day.

So today my grandchildren are forced to wear hideous puke inducing knitwear to school – paid for by their parents of course – and will be forced to cough up more money for charity.

Not only that, but the nice birthday lunch I am taking her to will no doubt be spoilt with idiots trying their best to outcunt each other in the enforced jollity stakes.

Not that this in any way just another ploy to make us spend more money so the fat cats can fuck off to the Caribbean for a yuletide break, whilst admiring the empty shelves in their shops. Of course not.

And it’s all for Save the Children. Well, fuck ’em ‘cos nobody ever gave my kids anything for fuck all – accept me.

Nominated by Dioclese

2019 Election results


Good morning Cunter’s.

Your chances to make your point on this Democratic shit fest, admittedly labour started off on the wrong foot (or two miss matched left ones) Conservatives were being butchered by the Media.

The Lib dems, well lets not go there and the Brexit party broke down into in fighting.

As far as the Press is concerned this has been hailed the largest labour loss since 1935 (incidentally the date of the rise of fascism in Europe, so expect Lilly Allen to start banging that drum)

On the brighter side I note that Dianna Abbot has received over 39,000 votes, I like to think that I am a little more intelligent than her so, statistically that makes me cleverer than at least 39,001 inhabitants of this island.

Carry on Cunting!…What a cunt. He is overdue a cunting of epic proportions, the talentless four eyed spook.

The fucker has claimed a Qantas stewardess was racist when all she did was tell him to take his fucking headphones off, so he could hear the flight safety announcement. Who does he think he is? If I was the stewardess I would have kicked the prick in the balls and claimed my foot had slipped.

What a cunt of epic magnitude.

Nominated by Sidthesexistsforeskin