Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly is a cunt.

Can you believe she’s never been cunted?

The cunt is sayin ” let the memory of Jo help us bridge this great divide”
Memory of Jo?

No one knew the cunt until she tried catching bullets.

And the division was their doing not ours.

They are the ones who cannot accept anyone who goes against them or their thoughts.
They were the ones who labelled us all thick racists if we didn’t go along with popstar/actor dictators.

I ain’t the sharpest tool in the picnic basket and I thank all of you for putting up with my nonsense, but nor is Lorraine Kelly, yet she gets paid handsomely for spouting ideas she picks up from other soft soppy cunts.

That non stop gurning smile and squeeling is also the sign of fuckwittery and cuntitude.

I bet she wants every child to ride a unicorn at least once in their lives.

That’s all I’ve got the now, so in the words of many cunters, “someone should cunt Lorraine Kelly”.

Nominated by birdman.  (you have!)

Richard Hammond (2)

I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE the Rodent faced ex Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, for a cunting.

After this latest accident it is a foregone conclusion that the man has the driving prowess of Mr Magoo. The news headline – Hammond crashes again. Yeh, and?

Perhaps he should stick to safer TV pursuits, such as guest slots on Loose Women or advertising anti wrinkle cream and tooth whitening procedures for vain, middle aged men.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback.

Sergeant Pepper

Apparently, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the album that “changed music forever”

What a load of pretentious marketing speak drivel! Like fuck it did. The Sex Pistols did more to change the face of music than the Beatles ever did. The Fab Four were a pop band that got lucky because Epstein was a brilliant marketing man.

If you want to hear a half decent Beatles album you won’t find it in Sergeant Pepper. After Revolver it was all downhill as McCuntney & Co climbed further and further up their own backsides.

Want proof it’s all bollocks? Look no further than Amazon who are selling an anniversary copy of the album for £109 with previously unreleased material. Basically five or six preproduction or remixed versions of the same songs. There’s a reason they’ve never been released before. It’s because they weren’t fit for purpose. Beef that up with a book and a couple of DVDs with old documentaries on them. Bingo! Loadsa money…!

No, if you want to hear Beatles music then listen to The Rutles who took their stuff and improved it.

“Changed music forever”? Don’t be a cunt…!

Nominated by Dioclese.

Sean O’Grady

Sean O’Grady is an absolute cunt.

Now, we all know that Theresa May did not have the most……successful run as Home Secretary. To be fair, I do believe it’s been a very long time since we’ve been able to say about any Home Sec.

But to say that he’d rather have the incompetent, racist, clueless, incoherent, British hating, hypocritical and vile Diane ”Jabbott the Fatt” Abbott as Home Secretary is thoroughly unforgivable.

This is the woman, and I use that term VERY lightly, who has for years been an enabler for terrorist scum of all kinds along with her Dear Leader Comrade Corbyn. Anyone who says that ”every defeat of the British state is a victory for us all” is not someone who should be allowed anywhere near politics let alone the high office of Home Secretary.

Yet, wankers like this O’Grady creature happily overlook all of this and decry any of her critics/anyone with a shred of sanity as a racist, misogynist/sexist.

No you fucking imbecile, we all rip into Abbott because, simply put, she isn’t worth a shit in any useful way and she’s downright offensive.

We know o’ Boris is less than stellar, that isn’t rocket science, but suggest he’s worse than Jabbott? No, not in a million years.

To try and suggest this is all down to people being racist and mysoginist is the hallmarks of a useless, apologist appeasing cunt. Which I guess sums you up Sean O’Grady. Anyone who throws out the ”racist” card so casually does a major disservice to true victims of racism. So I suppose that sums up O’Grady, Abbott, the peacefuls and every other cunt who uses the racist card to try and deflect attention from what worthless piles of excrement they all are!!

P.S, the Independent is also a cunt for making this cretin one of their writers and for turning out what I suspect are all these rogue polls that were bigging up Labour. Pricks.

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister.

Islam [3]

has Islam ever actually been cunted on here ? it really is the biggest pile of shite you’ll ever come across. anybody read the Quran?, fuck me, theres a few good bits in it but if not exhorting violence its talking total bollocks about scientific matters. a big percentage of it is total gibberish. far from the being ‘divine’, ‘ the Word of God ‘, it’s displays precisely the knowledge you’d expect a 7thC goatherder to know, strange that. and as to fuckin MO,, he was simply a war mongering, child raping fuckin bonkers lunatic, i actually think most Muslims haven’t got a clue about whats in the so called ‘ glorious ‘ Quran or what an odious cunt Mo was. they can’t have can they?

Nominated by Richard1