Sky TV is a cunt, utterly ridiculous monthly packages for only £49.99 or £63.99 or £74.99, tailored packages to suit your choices, apparently.

Get to fucking fuck. What a comprehensive pile of cunt these cunts are.

Excited, deep voiced over trailers showing some cunt called Pablo the overpaid cunt scoring some ridiculous one off 30 yard goal then running to the crowd making a love heart shape with its hands as if this is what happens every time you tune in.

Really, try watching West Ham v Everton, but hey, the Premier League is the ‘best league in the world’, apparently. Well that’s what Linekunt and his shameless cabal would have you believe, I wonder if that’s got anything to do with being paid £1.75m a year to promote it when Al-BBCeer gets the Saturday night scraps?

Anyway I digress.

Sky have a new ‘buddy cop’ show out called Bulletproof.

The stars of the show are 2 Black plain clothed cunts called Starskey and Hutch, oh hang on no there not I think they may be called ‘despite prejudice’ and ‘institutionally racist’ but I could be wrong there.

Anyway these all action cunts pound the beat in London’s East End fighting crime and doing a bit of man love as an aside.

Positive black Male role models are the only reason ‘Bulletproof’ was commissioned.

It’s a pile of cunt, if it were a fly on the wall documentary there’d be fuck all time for man love scenes as Starskey (played by Noel Clark) would be too busy chasing Huggy Bear (played by just about any cunt you care to think of) and Hutch would be too busy filling out a Stop and Search receipt to justify stopping a machete waving mad man that’s just torched a Primary School.

If you happen to come across this shite you can be forgiven for Thinking you’ve climbed into a wardrobe and alighted in Narnia.

Nominated by, CuntyMcCuntface.



Speaking of remainers. A number of them, who are clearly unemployed, are staging a 36 hour protest outside Parliament. Just when you thought you weren’t sick enough of these democracy hating pricks, they go and plummet to an even lower, more pathetic level of tediousness. Happily though, it was briefly enlivened by Tory MP and Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns marching through their unwashed ranks, meeting their chants of “Stop Brexit” with her own chant of “GO BREXIT”! I would loved to have seen their faces.

Seriously though, I’m now past feeling anger and hatred towards remainers, and am now at the stage where I’m thoroughly fucking bored by their antics. I’m not even surprised by them anymore. There is literally nothing these inbred fuckwits won’t do to show us how terrified they are of the UK once again being a sovereign nation. And they are terrified. We’ve had two years of this shit, and there’s still no sign of the dumb fuckers calling it quits. If they put as much energy and enthusiasm into fighting more important things, such as war, poverty, hunger, crime and corruption as they do into fighting the democratically expressed will of the majority, the world would be a much better place.

I’m so bored with this retards, that I’m now officially calling for a National No Remain Protesting/Whingeing/Fuckery Day. That’s all I want. One, single, solitary day, where NOBODY from the remain camp complains about, or tries to sabotage Brexit. Is that too much to ask from these cunts?

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Brexit rebels

Soubry and Grieve. Ken Clarke, Lord fucking Hailsham who have faces like a baboons arse, Lady Mandy, and his bum chums, The EU *officials* and Blair who think they are *important*, and who seem to think their arseholes are perfume factories.

But today, especially the Conservative motherfuckers – who are quite prepared to force an election to ensure Catweazle gets into No 10, simply because they are still truculent at losing ministerial status, Pompous demented old Heseltine (who the EU help underwrite his fucking arboreum, thanks to the grants) Dommie duckie and that frustrated old cow Soubry in particular are more interested in revenge than obeying the country’s wishes. Heseltine lost any *power* he had decades ago.

These treacherous bastards would rather have a Steptoe government because they feel they are not being given *a say*. The cunts have had far too much of a say, not just about the EU but everything else they know fuck all about . When the brainless EU officials try their blackmail (about defence for example, though they need us more than we need them), if pansy Labour MPs in particular, really are frightend by their stupid threats, then they shouldn’t be MPs, they should be womens hairdressers or henpecked house husbands.

I can only say again, had the remainers got a 52% share of the vote, the self important little cunts wouldn’t have been demanding a second referendum. Hopefully the motherfucking Labour cunts will split three ways like they did last week. Silly cunts don’t know if they are coming or going, and few really know what they want. I suppose the remaining Blairite arselickers are hoping their hero finally becomes EU head honcho, so they can all rejoin the gravy train, and at the same time piss off Corbyn. They are pathetic. It’s the fucking Tories who want to rush to buy tickets for the Titanic. They know what the result will be but they will still have their fucking sense of entitlement that they expect they will be re-elected. Lets hope UKIP give them a good fucking at the election.

As somebody on here said the other day, this country is finished.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Patrick Melrose

I would like to nominate the Sky TV programme “Patrick Melrose” for a cunting.

I have no idea who or what Patrick Melrose is but by the fact that Benylin Cuntberdink stars in it, and that Sky are pushing it harder than a couple of rocks in Fresno (California), tells me it must be an utter cuntfest of puerile shite!

Cummerbund appears to be playing himself again (as per every role he plays): an aloof intellectual, preceded by successful parentage, who goes on a guilt-trip because of his privilege.


I’ve had more entertainment shoving a couple of bleeding piles back up into my anal sphincter after a night on the Guinness!

In this world of Remoaning against Brexit, Tony B. Liar, Appeaser May, etc., it’s not like we’re bereft of cunting targets but “Patrick Melrose” must surely be on the radar??

Nominated by, Rebel without a Cunt!

Andy Watson

Andy Watson of Horton, Gloucestershire is a cunt.

A cunt who wants celebrity by getting his name on net so lets give it to the cunt.

Andy Watson, who owns the property, was shocked to discover the footage captured on his CCTV camera.

‘I live in a rural area where there are lots of hedges she could have hidden behind,’ he said.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behaviour from our people while out on deliveries and collections. Any such behaviour is completely unacceptable and we apologise to our customer in Gloucestershire. We are investigating this incident.’

Also, Royal Mail is a cunt but they’re pro’s and the list is too long.

This is a cunting for all cunts who take offence at people who need a piss.

Andy Watson of Horton, Gloucestershire is such a cunt.

Did he need to go full-media?! did he need to get the worker into trouble?…no! could he have just left a sarky note on his door like most other cunts?…yes

He went public in his cuntishness, his choice… his cuntitude.

Nominated by Ad_B