Harry Hewitt-Windsor and Megan Markle

A grace and favour, Land of Hope and Glory cunting please for these two up-their-own-arses, very minor Royals, who are so desperate to be seen as ‘ordinary’ that their arse-licking flunkies have given their new neighbours advice on how to behave in the presence of their Royal Wankers:


Who do this pair of nonentities think they are?. He tries to look like King George V with his beard and imperial manner, and she is just a two bit actress, who, if she still had to work for a living, would be lucky to get a recurring role in ‘Emmerdale Farm’ as a dairy maid, and would forever live in fear of the day a new producer got rid of her and she was reduced to appearing on ‘Loose Wimmin’.

The hypocrisy of this pair of talentless cunts is staggering. They contribute little and take far too much. He is David Beckham without the talent and she is Kerry Katonia without the charm.

I think Harry’s dad, the Major, ought to take him in hand and remind him what a lucky little bastard he is – literally.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Stupid Cunts Who Don’t Listen!

So we have had a bit of a heatwave and all of a sudden there’s mass hysteria in the streets about being too hot, and what should we do to keep cool?

Well the experts will tell you a number of preventative: don’t sit out in the sun too long; don’t drink booze in the sun before driving; wear sunscreen, take it easy; and don’t go swimming in pools, rivers and lakes to cool off!

And then you have the stupid cunts on social media, who tell you the complete opposite by saying “What the fuck do the experts know? You might get killed tomorrow, so do what the fuck you want today!”

A couple of days later, we see news item after news item, concerning some stupid cunt who wanted to cool off in a river “and got into difficulties and drowned”, or some cunt ends up in A&E with heat stroke, heat exhaustion or excessive sunburn, or a few months later, skin moles turn malignant and cancerous due to too much sun exposure!

And its not just hot weather that dumb cunts don’t heed advice on, but warnings to expectant mothers not to drink. smoke or do drugs while preggers, or not to use a hair dryer plugged into the mains while taking a bath, or to wear goggles when chopping wood or cutting through stone, or to use an electric cable finder when drilling through walls, or don’t go rambling up hills without the proper gear etc….. the list of warnings goes on and on, and yet people still do the fucking opposite, only to find themselves in shit street when it all goes tits up, and then they demand immediate attention from the local GP or A&E!

It’s as if some people think they’re immortal – totally immune from danger to want to be so reckless with their actions…and yet what really bugs me is the less than gracious attitude after the event when they complain about not being told about the warnings, or the hospital wasn’t good enough, or this that and the fucking other.

But they never point the finger at themselves – their stupidity is always someone else’s fault!

Nominated by Technocunt

Richard Gere

Last week, Richard Gere, who was holidaying in Tuscany, travelled to Sicily and joined the charity to deliver food and supplies to the migrants.

Gere who is currently on the island of Lampedusa, Sicily, after a visit onboard a Spanish NGO ship, Proactiva Open Arms, where he met some of the 160 migrants the vessel rescued in the strait of Sicily. The ship has been stuck for 10 days off Lampedusa due to Italy’s ban on landing migrants.

A row has developed after the US actor urged the Italian government to ‘stop demonising asylum seekers’. Italy’s far-right deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, has clashed with Richard Gere over the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, suggesting the Hollywood star should house himself those stranded on rescue ships after the US actor urged the Italian government to “stop demonising asylum seekers”.

The 69-year-old actor appeared in a video message urging people to support the charity and the people on board. “All hands on board would have been lost,” Gere said in the video.

“So, the people you see here on this boat, they’re only here because of the donations to Open Arms for the work they do.”

“I already came to Lampedusa two or three years ago,” Gere said, “to visit the migrants hotspot so I knew the situation first-hand: they are people who have lived horrible stories, they have suffered a lot, they call them migrants but they are refugees who need help.”

Gere also compared the crisis in the Mediterranean and the prohibition of landing migrants with the Trump administration’s policies on the border with Mexico: “We have our problems with refugees coming from Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico … It’s very similar to what you are going through here,” he said.

“This has to stop everywhere on this planet now. And it will stop if we say so,” Gere said, adding that he doesn’t want to get into a political fight.

On Saturday, Salvini, who last year declared Italy’s ports closed to migrant rescue ships, replied to the actor: “Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him.”
“He can take all the people aboard back to Hollywood, on his private plane,’’ Salvini said, “and support them in his villas. Thank you, Richard!”’

“All hands on board would have been lost,” Gere said in the video. All Illegal immigrants (sorry, asylum seekers) Richard? Who’s fault is it that they were off the coast of Italy exactly?

“This has to stop everywhere on this planet now. And it will stop if we say so,”. Sorry Richard, didn’t realise that third rate has been actors were now in charge of other countries borders..

Lastly, if you don’t want to get into a political fight stop sticking your huge hooter into matters that don’t concern you and are NONE of your fucking business.

Nominated by willie stroker

Demonization of the Straight White Male

Nominate anyone with zero exception who uses the words ‘straight white male’ as an insult, attempt to shame or otherwise demonise a significant proportion of the Western world’s population.

Such groups include feminists, second-generation goatfuckers/goatfucked towelheads, bitter blacks who still yak on about ‘muh slavery’, self-loathing soyboy white knights, and any other SJW with a fucking dildo to grind.

‘Straight white males’ made the West the forefront of technology, culture, civilisation, the arts and economic prosperity. And indeed they ended black slavery, while Africans still to this day enjoy a booming trade in enslaving dere bredren.

Straight white males created a world which the Middle-Eastern goatfuckers pack eighty to a raft to sail over and sample.

And straight white males – largely – are responsible for the technology upon which screeching millennials use their soy-infused digits to type out the latest virtue-signalling hashtags.

As Jim Morrison said, “the West is the best”. And that is all thanks to the straight, white male. So any scumcunt attempting to shame us for misfortune of everyone else in the world can fuck right off, and preferably die.

Nominated by The UMPIRE Cunts Back

Ill-informed Scaremongering

A cunting for ill-informed scaremongering. How much more of this twaddle can these so called experts come up with?

A news bulletin today stated that we need to stop eating red meat as the livestock is causing global warming. In the next article, less than a minute later, we should show sympathy for Britain’s dairy farmers who may be forced to cull half their herds because of Brexit.

Well if that’s the case, Brexit will stop global warming, so let’s get on with it.

Clueless cunts.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire