Yankeedoole riots

I have no idea of the rights and wrongs of the case of George Floyd but from the early pictures I have seen the instigators of the riots appear to be white. I have no doubt some oppressed black people will have joined in. Probably for a bit of late night shopping but why are young white fuckers kicking things off? Could it be an excuse for organised, anti Trump bullshit? If so these cunts are far more insidious and destructive than any ghetto inhabitants.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Minneapolis Police Department are CUNTS.

Now, I will be the first to admit, that I don’t know all the ins & outs of the George Floyd incident.

I don’t know if he did buy cigarettes with a fake $20 at 20.01

I don’t know if he ‘resisted arrest’ at 20.14

I don’t know why a police officer felt in necessary to draw his handgun, while accompanied by 3 other police officers, whilst detaining one un-armed man suspected of a relatively minor, un-violent crime. – (I know that I would find it strange in the UK, if a team of armed response police officers were needed to arrest someone of passing one note of counterfeit money in a newsagents).

I don’t know why 4 armed police officers felt that one unarmed man, handcuffed, lying face down in the street, represented such a threat to them.

I do know, that people nearby, filmed the police officers conduct, and drew attention to the fact that Mr Floyd was having difficulty breathing.

I do know that officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for 6 minutes, and after being told Mr Floyd was not moving, and another police officer checked Floyd for a pulse & failed to find one, that officer Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for a further and a half minutes. Officer Chauvin removed his knee at 20.27

I do know that George Floyd, a 46 yr old man, who had buying cigarettes at 8pm, was pronounced Dead, just 90 mintues later.

I do know that The Minneapolis Police Department released a statement regarding Mr Floyds arest, that detailed him being detained, expressing his difficulty breathing, officers calling for medical assistance and Mr Floyd later dying in hospital – no mention of a 20 stone police officer kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes.

I do know that the legitamate peacefull protests, subsequent looting and eventual violent riots, have cost substantially more than $20.

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

Hugh Grant (5)

Luvvies please stand in front of your makeup mirrors – the ones with the lights all round them – to cheer that hoity-toity-upper-class-twit-of-the-year- pansy , your fellow thespian, Hugh Mavis Grant

Hughie-duckie obviously has designs to follow fellow nancy Eddie Izzard into the oh-so-super world of politics, by sharing his thoughts, such as they are, on the Coronavirus epidemic. I agree not every action the government has taken would have been what I would have suggested, but they are there to govern. Grant is merely there to prove what an arsehole he is.

He might be a minimally talented actor laddie, but I am sure his fellow nob-polishers will assure him “darling, you were wonderful” (years ago perhaps). Now he just looks like Kweer Charmer’s slightly raddled sister.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

apologies to our esteemed contributors for the technical error which was temporarily missed due to a fine Sunday dinner with five bottles of red. Thanks must go to the rightly esteemed honourable member, SIR D.Fiddler, for pointing out this atrocious lapse in administerial duty. The sixth bottle shall be toasted to your wonderful hounds good sir.

Please carry on Cunting, good sirs.

BBC Newsnight and Emily Maitlis

BBC Newsnight and Emily “cuntstick” Maitlis. Again. The BBC and Maitlis have taken a lot of flak today for their “news” show, and rightly so. Under Paxman’s helm, it wasn’t too bad, but with Maitlis in charge, it’s regressed into nothing more than far left propaganda, ably demonstrated by the latest edition of the show, in which fucktard Maitlis delivered a stinging monologue on Cummingsgate and Boris Johnson, and repeating the now debunked claims initially made by the Sunday Mirror, The Mirror and the Guardian (real bastions of truth and integrity there), including the claim that he made a second trip to Durham based on an allegation made by ONE supposed witness. And he turns out to be something of a cunt too, he claims he googled the registration of the car he thought belonged to Cummings. I mean, what normal person does that? No normal person, but someone with an axe to grind would. Incidentally, an opening monologue seems to be standard now on News Shite, which has led to some to compare it to a left wing version of Fox News.

To much surprise, the BBC has issued a half hearted apology, in which they admit that they did not meet their impartiality standards, which weren’t that high to begin with. They also deleted the clip they posted on Twatter. Maitlis however, ever ready to show us what an utter cunt she is, retweeted the clip, which some other prick had posted. Given that Maitlis has a track record of proving she is entirely biased toward the left, I would say that the BBC have grounds to now issue her with a formal warning, and a copy of their impartiality guidelines. Ideally, they should fucking sack the twat. They won’t do either though, because she’s one of the BBC’s sacred cow’s (pun very much intended), a woman. If she were, she’d be out on her far left arse.

Considering the BBC is so keen on keeping the TV tax, they really aren’t doing a good job of convincing taxpayers that they provide value for money. In fact, they’re now just proving what cunts they are on a daily basis.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Glow Up

A nomination for some BBC Three piece of degeneracy called Glow Up.

More like throw-up..

It’s sad that old people are paying for this shite, and not even aware it exists (apart from the trailer on the main channels).

More flapping, mincing, and shrieking from our national broadcaster.

If BBC Three isn’t putting Stacey Dooley on a plane, or asking rhetorical questions about the ‘urban yoot’, it’s making scream-athons featuring the alphabet soup, and promoting non-binary demi-kin weirdness to kids who will end up convinced they need blue hair, a nose stud and a pseudopenis, or to tuck the old chap between their legs, shriek and flounce with a yellow-and-green feather headdress and peacock pattern facepaint, botox in their lips and a theatrical agent’s cock in their arse while ‘Goodbye Horses’ plays in the background.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

Flaunting your wealth

A show and tell ‘look what I’ve got’ cunting for the obscenely rich who flaunt their wealth on cuntstagram and then seem astonished and bewildered when some cunts rob them at knifepoint.

Recent example Dele Alli.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to buy nice things if you have worked for it and have the money. But you must be a bit of a mug these days if you advertise the fact you have a £150,000 watch on social media for all to see.

Would you walk around the seedier parts of town with a wad of £50 notes hanging out of your back pocket?

I believe that Kuntye and and Kim Kuntdashian have suffered a similar fate in the past from flaunting their possessions on social media.

As an aside I seem to remember a few years ago that thieves planned to rob Dolph Lundgren’s house in Spain and then realised it was Ivan Drago’s house and got the fuck out of there faster than B&WC’s tongue would go up Sophie Turner’s bumhole. 😂

Nominated by Harold Steptoe