The Liberal erosion of Western values and Democracy.

Not sure when this started. University students no-platforming anyone who strays from their ridiculous orthodoxy perhaps? Hounding out academics with main stream views?

Certainly the reaction to a democratically elected president in America and here, with the pathetic childish London protests. The EU referendum being disregarded. Trannies demanding ever more ridiculous rights. White males demonised. Britain’s proud heritage being trashed. History rewritten to fit the liberal agenda.

The unedifying spectacle of a Scandinavian halfwit making ridiculous demands and being acclaimed as the new Messiah. And now marches in London protesting an overwhelming vote for conservative values, encouraged by a moron crying that we voted to ‘kill children’.

I can only hope that common sense and morality returns and we can look back and laugh at these shrill, twitter addicted cunts and their adherents.

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40 thoughts on “The Liberal erosion of Western values and Democracy.

  1. If only all white middle aged working men were banned from voting as they obviously don’t know what they’re voting for, then we could all live in woke socialist paradise with free stuff for all.
    I mean what the hell is not to like?

    • The world’s going to hell in a hand-basket before my very eyes.

      Seriously, it won’t be long before the far left lunatics take over the Asylum. Britain will then be more concerned with hurting somebodys feelings, or apologising for things that happened 300 years ago, to worry about silly things like Security & National Defence.
      In 10 years we’ll all be speaking Ruski or Arabic, & on our knees…..

  2. Given the kicking they got in the election i’m hoping the next time some mental trannie whines about the absence of gender neutral toilets some large retail corporation tells it to go and fuck itself. It’s our money they want so they need to cater for us not these screaming brats. Get woke you cunts!

    • They make a lot of noise, for sure. They’re fucking dangerous though, working through the media, academia and ‘entryism’ into political parties to try to gain control of the agenda and shout and bully opposition voices. I think most people see them as an irritating irrelevance, which could be a big mistake. We ignore these devious, nasty cunts at our peril, I think.

      • The previous election saw a single mother aged 25 of colour standing for Labour in Newark ( an anagram of wanker for those who might be devotees of the hobby). It did not appear that she was gainfully employed. Happily, she did not win the seat. It would appear that this time around Labour were intent on repeating the choice of ‘interesting’ candidates and genuinely surprised when the strategy failed to pay dividends. The fiasco in Bassetlaw was the icing on the turd.

  3. Its really hard not to be an English supremacist. After all a single college in Cambridge has more Nobel prizes than France. We are just better than anyone else and invented everything. Personally I could not give two fucks for any other “culture” . Its all very simple.

    • As an attendee of a top notch university half a century ago I must admit that my focus has shifted from academic excellence in terms of prizes etc for the institution to sporting prowess especially on the cricket and rugby field.

  4. The problem is that we have the wrong kind of democracy, it’s the one where people can vote for whoever they like, even the monster raving looney party or a fucking chicken if one decided to stand somewhere.
    What we need is a democracy where the liberal socialist elite tell us who to vote for and we should obey because we are too stupid to think for ourselves.

    It was a wonderful sight seeing all those protesters, crying ‘not my prime minister and facist’ , better luck next time.

  5. There is only so much people can take before the push back. Regardless of what cunts like Paul Mason, Owen Jones and that Sarkah broad says, we a tolerant, non racist society, and have been for years. We have put up with the shite the liberal elite have been cramming into the media, schools and even the fucking church, but now it’s detrimental effect is so obvious, normal, non racist, non sexist people are fed up with the lies. JRs 2020 joke above might be closer to the truth. Let’s hope so.

  6. My company was targeted by ER activists when they broke into the building and poured fermented apple juice over all the servers and computers.
    Cider attack apparently….

  7. These cunts hate their country, but most of them choose to remain leaving here for all its fucking faults!

    They are typically the kind of cunts who love to talk the talk, but when it comes to push comes to shove, they really don’t give a shit.

    They’re the antipathy of your spoilt brattish cunt

    • They are young, highly intelligent and motivated. What other country would not be grateful to have them in their midst?

  8. I see that talentless idiot June Sarpong has received an award in the new year honours list for being black.

    • The annoying thing is though, is that they will accept the honour but will continue to slag off the Establishment and/or Boris.

    • I’m glad to see Clive Lloyd get a knighthood though long overdue, arise Sir Supercat ! June Fucking Sarpong though what for services to grinning, laughing and eatin jerk chicken. Fuck .

    • Isn’t she the one that BBCunts appointed as a ‘Director of Cultural Diversity’? Another reason to kick those cunts down the road.

  9. I would like to think that the 2019 endorsement of Bozza (along with the overwhelming rejection of Liebore) marks the high-water point of Leftie/Liberal/ Winky Wanky Wokeism in this country.

    First Brexit, then the election of Trump now the Tory GE landslide all point to the same thing: that hopefully the tide is slowly and inexorably turning….

    Bozza now needs to grab the bull by the bollocks and crack on with a whole programme of actions and reforms that will make sweeping, noticeable changes. He could do a lot worse than start by kicking the living fuck out of a few long established head-up-their-arse institutions like Al-Beeb….

    This, combined with economic growth and increased prosperity for ordinary cunts should keep things going nicely and ensure that the woke Liberal Left (who will never disappear entirely) are held in check as a tiny minority “all wind n piss” protest movement while small ‘c’ conservatism holds sway in one form or another for the next few decades at least.

    The corrupt EU is already starting to wobble and will be on the bones of its already scrawny arse within 5 years too.

    Naïve, overoptimistic cunt aren’t I?

    • Fate allows few to make a real impact. History will judge Boris harshly if he fails to use the opportunity he has been given.

      • Yep, he has the opportunity to go down in history as the greatest PM in history.

        Let’s hope he doesn’t fuck it up.

    • 5 years is about right. Our £39 billion (equivalent of 4 years net membership payments) should keep the profligate cunts rolling along nicely till then.

  10. The education system rather than being a process of learning and discovery has become more a process of the education and indoctrination of a leftist/liberal group think emphasising diversity cultural values !!!!! and the degenerating of history which these cunts find offensive ( strangely coinciding with the periods of the greatest invention and industrialisation created by white European men).
    These cunts from primary school teachers upto university professors are so deeply embedded in the system that this problem is going to be salient for a long time, the only counter to it is if the parents impart their own counter values or the student is bright and with an inquiring mind to formulate their own opinions rather than adopt the easy option of just joining in with the activist mob, the berating mob being the shock troops when it comes to pushing the message up the political agenda.
    As for democratic values they only accept them on their own terms, failing to see the irony of their own behaviour

    • It’s a fact though, that as people grow older, become richer and acquire more “stuff” they gradually realise they have something to lose and abandon the idealism of youth and adopt a more pragmatic, right-wing (or at least, centrist) world-view.

      A young person who votes Tory doesn’t have a heart, an older person who votes for Labour doesn’t have a brain.

      • I used to work in the education system until about 5 years ago, when I finally lost the fucking will to live and got the hell out. I can confirm that is in urgent need of top to bottom reform and “cleansing”. It is absolutely rammed to the gunwales with liberals, lefties, eco-retards and utter, utter cunts.

      • That is the rational argument but seems to have operated back to front when you consider the likes of Major, Hesseltine and K Clarke, though it may be a case of wanting their voice to be heard on the national stage again in those cases, but there exists a supplicant media more than willing to promulgate those views which is the other half of the problem.

      • Agreed Eveningstar. There needs to be a wholesale societal change, including the meeja, in order for this country’s education to improve and compete with the world’s best.

        Believe me, the system is broken and corrupt. Utterly fucked. At this point I could go into an interminable deranged rant in which I could address the issues (with my own first-hand observations, anecdotes and opinions) but in order to preserve what remains of my sanity and save you and other counters the misery and boredom, I shall desist.

        Except to say that education has been used as a political football for far too long. Each new Education Secretary feels that he/she has to make their mark and change stuff regardless of whether or not these changes actually IMPROVE anything. Consequently, there is no long-term strategy, planning or long term thinking and we have progressively arrived at the clusterfuckery that currently pertains.

        I honestly think that there are certain things that should be removed entirely from political discourse and control and should be run by politically independent expert bodies. Education is one such.

      • As a long retired teacher Ghee, I would be interested in your anecdotes. Please slip them in for the future and give us all a laugh!

      • Hi Bertie. Well I spent 10 years as a lecturer, rising to Advanced Practitioner then Curriculum Manager in an FE college.

        At some point, depending on the availability of time and my level of arsedness, I may let rip with an epic cunting on the subject….

  11. For fork sake!

    Right that’s it. I want off this planet.

    *presses communicator* “Spoonington to Enterprise, beam me up! Then set course for that pleasure planet Risa. Maximum warp!!!”

    • Come on Spoony!!! For fucks sake, where’s your spine man? Get out of that fucking foxhole, shoulder your weapon and fight!

      Seriously, the fightback has begun….

  12. A clean slate and a good hard lesson in the unpleasant realities of being a rotten cunt.
    Therefore concentration camps and holidays in Iraq.
    Is that better or worse?
    Fuck off.

  13. Libtard Update……..

    On line petition to strip Duncan Smith of the knighthood he hasn’t got yet. Snowflakes bubbling over with anger and stamping their little feet. I’m still waiting for the Cleggy petition.

    Not gonna happen is it?

      • Fat Reg awarded a Companion of Honour. That’s a free, taxpayer funded bumboy to you and me.

      • Awarded to the fat, be-syruped cunt for brown-nosing services to the royals and the EU, I suspect Ruff. Christ but I loathe that ludicrous tart. What a shithouse.

  14. This ‘started’ in the 60s among the East Europeans who loved it at the time. Then they started making their freaky films, like Dusan Makavejev and his WR Mysteries Of The Organism and Sweet Movie nonsense. No-one took any notice of them of course until SATAN Blair won the UK in 1997, with his ‘Education, Education, Education’ mantra, which translated into reality was ‘Indoctrination, Indoctrination, Indoctrination’. Before then we hadn’t had much trouble from the Evil Union beyond bent bananas and the like. It was him, the genuine second coming of the Antichrist on Earth, that kick-started the Marxist Progressive Left movement, so that his SOROS-FUNDED cabal can enact their world domination plan. Seeing him ripped to literal shreds of un-identifiable meat and gristle, by the most savage, primitive, bloodthirsty creatures with the sharpest talons, will not assuage my desire to see this true SON OF SATAN get his just desserts.

  15. I think we’d all be much better off if we were left to our own devices, I’m sick of lefties and righties for that matter telling me that they know what’s best for us.

    If I was meant to be led I’d have been with a fucking collar.

  16. We don’t have democracy anymore- although doubted we had much anyway but it is now obvious that we, the nation, are run not by our own but by a clusterfuck of mixed bag elites from across the planet who get politicos to do their bidding cos they pay more than we do – it is a government of occupation and queenie seems quite happy with it all – we have been right royally fucked by them and are now on our own – with pointless celebs telling us what to do – FUCK THE LOT OF ‘EM, CUNTS – about time we got our own back, they’ve had it too good for too long – serious uprising going on here, bastards – thank you dear, nice cuppa tea ……….

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