Morrissey [3]


Morrissey is a clueless dumb cunt who worships PETA whose track record is pretty fucking shady to say the least.

To begin with the fact that they endorse celebrities who wear shit loads of fur all the while telling people don’t kill animals or eat them. You know just eat salad and nuts for the rest of your bloody fucking life and that Ingrid Newkirk is a real fucking cunt I’d like to slap the shit out that ugly slag cunt she’s responsible for this whole mess.

Also PETA has killed 78% of the animals they rescued in 2013 btw there is no money rescuing animals zip zero none hence why they kill so many. Morrissey just die you has been cunt or at least realize your a dumb stuck up douchebag who can’t write a decent song anymore.

I’m off to eat some hailal bacon

Nominated by: Titslapper

Morrissey [2]


Morrissey. Apart from the shitty…fucking…songs of misery, he’s a complete twat. Morrissey is a vegan, which means he considers it his God given right to tell everyone else on the planet what they should.

For example, he recently cancelled a gig in Iceland, (the country, not the shop), because the venue he had chosen in Reykjavik refused his demand to only sell vegetarian food. The venue promptly told Morrissey to fuck off. Not those exact words, obviously, but it was made clear that the venue’s management reserved the right to sell whatever fucking food they wanted, including food containing meat.

Naturally, Morrissey went full drama queen. In his little rant, he even used the word “cannibalism”. Last time I checked, and that was immediately after reading the story, cannibalism involves one human eating the flesh and/or organs of another human. Hot dogs are made from pigs. Which are not human.

So, fuck you Morrissey. You are an eternal twat. Your music is miserable AND shite. You have an unjustified sense of moral superiority, and don’t even know what a fucking cannibal eats. Thick fucker.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Morrissey is indeed an irritating twat of epic proportions. This from an interview with him:

“While we were playing the song “Meat Is Murder,” somebody in the audience threw a heap of sausages onto the stage, and oddly, they hit me in the face and part of them got in my mouth…”

Yes Morrissey, I’m sure you have had this experience many times backstage as well….

Nominated by: Lez

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse….

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 09.45.18

National Treasures


A cunt by any other name…

I hope everyone realises that the rest of the nation plays ‘Is A Cunt’ but has a different name for it. Everyone else calls it “National Treasures”. Think of all the people routinely referred to as “national treasures” – Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Miranda Hart, Alan Titchmarsh, even Morrissey, for fuck’s sake.


Nominated by: Fred West

Cliff Richard, “Sir” Elton John, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Clarkson and now that cunt who plays Sherlock (Jeremy Brett is ‘the’ Sherlock Holmes and Tom Baker is ‘the’ Dr. Who, so the BBC can fuck right off!).

Then of course there is there are the national treasures of the arsewipe tabloid press and the riff-raff who read them: The Beckhams, Katie “any which way you can” Price, Simon Cowell, Noel Gallagher (and his cunt of a brother), Peter Kay, Cheryl Cole, Wayne and Coleen Rooney…

The national treasure cunt quota in Britain is now massively high…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

The biggest cunt of a National Treasure of them all : Helen Mirren – a woman so far up her own arse she meets herself coming back the other way!

Nominated by: Dioclese


Morrissey is a musical joke of a cunt and his fans are thick cunts who dont see what a totally talentless piss poor vegetarian, without any sense of proportion cunt he is.

Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble