4 thoughts on “Morrissey [2] & Robbie Keane [2]

  1. Morrissey is originally from my neck of the woods. But when he started all that West Ham shirt wearing, Kray Twins loving bollocks, he could fuck right off… I mean, if someone is a Hammers fan, then fair enough (like good old Alf!). But someone from fucking Stretford?! That is total cuntery. Marr was the brains behind The Smiths anyway.

    I once heard a rather unpleasant tale about Robbie Keane, when the Irish team went to Poland: When he mocked and taunted a Polish beggar, rubbed his wealth in their face and was a very nasty little cunt… Keane’s coup de grace was offering the beggar some cash, then setting light to it in front of him and then laughing. Scum bastard!

    And don’t get me started on Mozza’s other footballing pet: Joey Barton…

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