David Cameron [12]


I nominate David Cameron for promising the Dowlers, the McCanns, the Watsons, Christopher Jeffries, etc that he would implement the Leveson recommendations to prevent future Press criminality. But as soon as Leveson was published, Cameron rejected it out of hand (thereby wasting the MILLIONS of public money he spent on the Inquiry) and has not met with ANY of the victims of Press Abuses since then, while he has frequently held secret meetings with senior Press Industry executives.

Cameron is not just a cunt, he is a LYING CUNT. In fact he is not merely a LYING CUNT, but he is an ODIOUS, HYPOCRITICAL, POSH, LYING CUNT. This man needs dragging out into remote field, along with Jeremy Kyle and Piers Morgan, where all three of these cunting cunts can be beaten to a cuntly pulp, thereby erasing their repugnant cuntitude from the face of the planet.

Nominated by : Dan

8 thoughts on “David Cameron [12]

  1. This guy is a cunting politician liar who needs a good boot up the backside. But then on the other hand, a good forceful kick in the cunt would do him right.

  2. He is more tgan juat a cunt. He and his war are the cuntiest cunts in the solar s

  3. He is just a fucking cunt of the first order, him and that bastard Osborne, they are too busy fucking each other and the British people to give a fuck about anything, if ever a man needed to be strung up by the fucking balls, then its him. Id love to see him and the rest of this cunting government hacked to death by blunt TV arials, with the prongs stuck up there cunting arses sideways. OK you cunts, who voted for this cunting prick????

  4. I nominate the cunts who run the banking system and the property developer cunts, these two groups of cunts, particularly the former have made life fucked for all of us cunts. They are the epitome of cuntitude. Fucking cunts are all mates with Osbourne and ‘call me fucking Dave’ the cunt Cameron.

  5. Good man, Dan. That Jeremy Kyle is a right cunt. Telling us how to live and shit. Just a poor mans Jerry Springer. Saw him at Aldis once. He was buying cheap beans, you know the ones that come from Estonia and are cheaper than the carrier bags. At times like this I ask: What would Cato the younger have done? Probably open a vein and have a hot bath. Good man that Cato the younger.

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