OXFAM. They’re cunts too. Parasites wanting you to send them money and your old shit that they can flog to other cunts – who get a sense of smug satisfaction from it, the cunts – so that they spunk the dosh on fucking adverts on tele about cunts starving in third world shit holes while I’m eating my tea.

Try and guilt trip me would you you cunts? How much do the management at Oxfam get paid? Bet it’s a fucking shed load, that’s where the money goes.

Oxfam? Oxcunt more like.

Nominated by : Twathater

3 thoughts on “Oxfam

  1. How about this Oxfam joke….

    I admitted that I only joined up so I could get to Afghanistan and kill Muslims.

    My bosses at Oxfam were furious.

    Funny I thought

  2. Michael Owen, overpaid, over rated smug arsehole of a Cunt. Professional fucking bench warmer now a substitute at fucking Stoke, sad useless wanker.
    Now seemingly worth £40M, well done you cunting parasite.
    Go fuck off to your racehorses you shite excuse for a footballer. What a CUNT

  3. All these so called ‘charity’ orgs are cunts. They pile on the bullshit of benevolence and guilt, claiming not-for-profit status, whilst paying they heads exorbitant amounts. Guilt tripping thieves these cunts are, end of.

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