Helen Evens & Oxfam

Being an old barstard I remember the Vietnamese boat people, a multitude of disasters, famines and civil wars and Oxfam wading in to right the wrongs, fair play to them someone has to do it.
However as with most of these “Charitable” organisations things have gone badly wrong,

The initial “Scandal” that aid workers used prostitute’s in Haiti, didn’t bother me at all, I myself whilst employed in the defence of the realm used your tax payers money (my wages) to indulge in many a foreign flesh pot, so the fact that they are splashing their wages on much the same thing doesn’t bother me.

The following things do bother me though, in my lifetime alone there have been many repeat disaster on the same theme in the same places, Places where Oxfam has pledged to eliminate hunger, dirty water. Ect.

Yet it continues, as with most things there is no money in a fixed problem, so if they had have established and maintained the water supply they would be without a source of income, no requirements for new appeals.

Now we come to this the latest “revelation” aid for favours, it has been suggested that aid staff exploited their positions offering aid for “favours” and an appeal has been made to “Victims” to come forward.

I can see this going very wrong very fast, lawyers all over the world mobilising to find a suitable victim and massive legal suites against Oxfam to follow ( you will recall the Iraq prisoner abuse fraud) and then a financial crash of the charity on HSBC proportions.

Well just a quick note to you all, Fucked if I am going to stick my hand in my pocket to help them out they can go and ask Bono or some of his libtard friends for a hand out should they wish to continue with this failing roller coaster fuelled by extorted money.

Nominated by lord benny

Oxfam (2)

Oxfam are cunts…. Here is their new appeal….

Remember, just £30 a month will provide clean prostitutes for up to six aid workers…. Even a fiver could help pay for a blow job… So please give what you can, very good, very long time….

Nominated by Norman

Flood aid


Lack of real help for the flood hit North of England is a cunt.

We should not be sending (or seriously reduce) foreign aid to rich countries and help the fucking British people (who have contributed through taxes etc to the foreign aid budget anyways) who are living in flooded homes and keep getting bombarded by more rain. This clearly shows the cuntitude of this Government and Gideon Osbourne keeping his foreign friends happy with aid, probably in return for British trade contracts or a nice holiday home etc.

Seriously this is a pisstake, and that cunt Michael Sheen who said we should not take money from Foreign aid to help flood victims is a clueless moron with money than sense Cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Oxfam are an insensitive bunch of cunts holding out the begging bowl on telly for water aid for Africa at £3 a month while the North East is under water.

Charity begins at home. Bill Nighy needs to fuck off to Yorkshire and Cumbria and hang his head in shame for taking part in this tasteless piece of shite!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Charity Ads on the Telly


I don’t want to save cats, kittens, dogs, donkeys, horses, birds, or fucking snow leopards.

Not to mention if Oxfam can supply a village with water for 3 quid a month I’m fucking changing suppliers…. I pay £140 plus a fucking year to the money grabbing fuckers that supply mine. For those who need a well in their village I would first suggest you start fucking digging….. lazy cunts.

I have to mention that although I do have a heart, charity begins at home … my cunting home! Get me another beer from the fridge you fat arsed cow! Change the fucking channel on the telly while your up, for fuck sake it’s another charity cunting advert!

Nominated by: Cripplecock



OXFAM. They’re cunts too. Parasites wanting you to send them money and your old shit that they can flog to other cunts – who get a sense of smug satisfaction from it, the cunts – so that they spunk the dosh on fucking adverts on tele about cunts starving in third world shit holes while I’m eating my tea.

Try and guilt trip me would you you cunts? How much do the management at Oxfam get paid? Bet it’s a fucking shed load, that’s where the money goes.

Oxfam? Oxcunt more like.

Nominated by : Twathater