Oxfam (2)

Oxfam are cunts…. Here is their new appeal….

Remember, just £30 a month will provide clean prostitutes for up to six aid workers…. Even a fiver could help pay for a blow job… So please give what you can, very good, very long time….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is an isolated incident… the do gooders have been travelling the world ‘doing‘ this sort of thing for a very long time. In no way different to the clergy, youth football coaches etc the situation is quite simple – if your the type of fella that likes fucking kids, you’re not gonna see many working as a barman, steelworker, lorry driver. These establishments attract the wrong uns like nando’s attracts a chav – and they are brimming with them. Take that fella from the papers – the UNICEF guy. Wrote the “Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child”, did everything he could to work with kids over for over 50 years… surprise surprise he likes to fuck em too and I’d bet my last rolo it wasn’t just the one. I wouldn’t trust that Mr Tumble either as far as I can throw that Batmangaylord woman (again, another one I wouldn’t trust around small children and animals).

    • And Save The Children – suckling at the haemorrhoids hanging out Blair’s bunghole, with a ceremony to award our Cunt Of The Century a ‘Global Legacy Award’, FFS!

      Completely out of touch with reality and all fucking in it together. No wonder they kept so stumm when it came to everyone’s favourite charity super cunt Savile.

      • Well it’s no shock to learn that all this 3rd sector shite got put on steroids by the most disgusting, deceitful and down right insidious pile of neon yellow rotting discharge ever to slide out a 50 year old post op trannies love wound – Blair. He’s almost become part of life’s ‘common sense’ lessons. Don’t wipe your arse with a broken bottle, don’t eat the yellow snow and “if that cunt had a hand in it”, then we know it’s not good and we should spend every ounce of energy we have to get rid of it. Fuck oxfam, fuck all the charities. Pay some tax, stop getting tax payer handouts and stop mugging silly old ladies.

      • A side cunting for Blair’s two former charities, the Africa Governance Initiative and the Tony Egotist Faith Foundation, here. I don’t think they did (or in their restructured new guise, do) kids, but they were/are very good at rimming dictators.

    • Why does Oxfam hate Israel?

      Just interested.

      Is it because their country isn’t a basket case like most in the region so no need for Oxfam’s wares?

      • Oxcunt have been working in Israel for years, supporting the poor diddy Palestinian Arabs who are denied even basic ( their take ) human rights. This of course is a crock of shit, but even if it were true, is said to cause further trouble. Israel feels obliged to let Oxcunt operate in Israel, not because they want them, but international pressure makes them. Oxcunt take great pleasure in flying the flag for the Palestinians and take every opportunity to stab Israel.

  2. What had me by the nuts. Is that I had no idea that the Government gave cash to charities, over and above what is gifted. In the case of Oxcunt, it was £30 million!

    This has been going on for years.

    The cash given to the charities by the Government does NOT come from overseas aid budgets!!!!

    All charities are the same, collecting would you believe some £11.4-£13 BILLION each year . This in itself is equal to the cash given in Overseas Economic Aid.

    The total take therefore IS £ 27 BILLION each and every fucking year, with the greatest recipients being Afucka!

    Therefore , in the last 10 years, £270 BILLION has been taken from the public, simply to give away.

    Any one seeing last nights QT will now realize that ALL on the panel want OEA to continue because we are ” nice people ”

    Well I fucking aint! Gimme the fucking cash back you thieving twats!

    Oxcunt can go fuck themselves dry. The only donations I shall make in future will be an enormous dump in their fucking bucket!

  3. Fuck me Oxfam send billions to Africa yet the cunts still get in rickety boats to try and get to Europe.

    • Apparently, they think that the Queen shits tenners down the bog, thousands at a time, and by sitting on the embankment you can become incredibly rich.

      I would love to see these thick cunts netting turds at each high tide.

  4. I can’t see the problem,as long as they aren’t kids. We all need to get the end away occasionally and if the charity staff are willing to pay a few slappers to come to a party…well,fair enough. The slappers are earning a few quid so won’t feel demeaned by having to accept charity. Let’s be honest,a lot of these women would have been for hire no matter if aid workers were there or not.
    I wouldn’t give Oxfam the skin off my shite anyhow,so I couldn’t really care what they get up to….unless they fancy inviting me to a party where the entertainment is already paid for,of course.

  5. I heard on the radio that an aid worker sacked for sexual misconduct was re-hired. How deep does this go? I will bet there’s a shit load of corruption regarding how the money gets distributed. Backhanders all the fucking time

    • Apparently, International Rescue ( Millicunt ) are also implicated. Not sure how, but the story in the press the other day has been pulled. ( ? )

      • Milli is parked by the owners, waiting for the moment of resurrection post Jezza. You try getting an all exes paid million dollar salary for doing naff all in New York if you don’t believe it. Got the unions to thank for that and for selecting a bloke that can’t eat a bacon butty. Both Trotskyite. They tried using the global warming global tax badge for a while.

  6. Oxfam…pandering to feckless,neither-work-nor-want spongers since 1942

    Fuck them,I hope they get closed down,at least it’ll be one less bunch of do-gooding wankers. Hopefully their shops’ll close down too, put a few gossipy old geriatrics and their window-licking assistants out of business

  7. It’s the hypocrisy that is under the spotlight. These cunts are pretending they are saving poor people when they are actually exploiting their poverty and desperation. The last prozzie I considered wanted £100 for an hour. I offered 30 and got told to fuck off. I suspect you can buy an awful lot of fanny for a ton where Oxfam are operating.
    It’s like all these remoaner cunts on the telly crying about the danger to the economy and how it will effect poor people when we all know all they can think about is the expanding bank accounts of themselves and their pals.
    It’s the same kind of hypocrisy. Charity has become an industry, a business, and like most businesses it’s riddled with corruption and exploitation.
    As my old Dad always told me:
    “Whenever there is money about there is always some cunt trying to get his fingers in the till”.

  8. I used to rent a unit next to an Oxfam shop. Their Luton van was in and out all day collecting donations.
    They’d return with some good stuff, often real quality furniture, branded golf clubs and top electronics. Straight out the backdoor, unlike the shity second hand clothes and chipped teapots….

  9. Am I losing my marbles? What happened to the Jeremy Corbyn cunting?
    Have Momentum got at ISAC?

    • Why would you think that? You must be a homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic, brexit voting Tory…….

      I know I am…

      Carry on comrade.

      • The fucker’s been no-platformed by the snowflake admins.
        And how did you know my CV details?

      • Which Jeremy Corbyn cunting? The most recent one (Jan 29) is still up.

        If you mean Quick Draw McGraw’s brilliant post today, it’s near the bottom of the Scarlett Johansson cunting.

      • Cheers. I have lost my marbles. I thought it was a headline cunting. Silly fucker.

  10. I notice the celebricunts (Bono, Chris Martin et al) that are always moralising about Oxfam and mud people and snackbars have suddenly gone very fucking uncharacteristically quiet.

    Do any of you ever get the feeling that the wheels are really starting to fall off the wagon for these cunts? U2 can’t get arrested in terms of album sales and when was the last time you heard about the Cumbercunt? I’m a news junkie. I read the Sun, The Mirror, The Mail, the Graun, The Tele, The Spectator, RT, Breitbart, etc and if you look at the BTL comments beneath every story, the comments are more in line with the views we have here than the accepted party line that the BBC vomits out at us every night. .

    • Of course they are (even on the Graun). ISAC isn’t an echo chamber, it’s the smoking room just off the main bar. In my uneducated, cynical and largely conspiratorial opinion I’d bet a nut that the only reason the brexit vote was 52/48 was the fact the ‘stablishment couldn’t stuff the ballot box any further – lest they want to claim there’s about 80 million people living on this island or that they let the deadpool vote twice… liberals (the ‘neo’ ones) are an extreme minority not just in this country, but the fucking planet. Trouble is, by apathy, a little long marching and a common purpose the cunts have really gotten themselves into countries knicker drawer. They need to be purged with extreme prejudice.

      • “Get your facts first, then distort them as you please” ~ Mark Twain

        It doesn’t take much to rally entitled and increasingly radical die-hards who think they are owed something.

      • It all comes down to vocal minorities. And they are the small minority who set up the twatter storms and all that shite against anyone who has a mainstream opinion.
        So people have to apologise for being normal. Just today there was a ‘storm’ over the Campaign for Real Ale crossword. The crime was using the word ‘negro’ in a clue. The language is being taken over by these shrill cunts.

  11. Lots of cunts are whining continuously in the media about this cunt banging some toms. By the very nature of their job title, money obviously changed hands, and they probably put the rates up for the westerners, so more cash for the local economy. Also, unless this guy is some kind of stranglefuck weirdo, they probably had an easy ride, and we’re more likely to be giving aids than getting aids.
    However, none of the whining media Cunts are wound up about the real scandal in my opinion, and that is, how the fuck can they justify spending all that cash housing those aid workers in what looks like a fucking Sandals resort. No sleeping in tents for the NGO cunts, just hand out a couple of blankets and a few bottles of water, then back the the party pad for some five star fun. So all those cunts on question time who said they would still donate to Oxfam are happy to overlook that waste of aid cash. Fuck them, never given them cash, never will.

    • Lets hope there is a drought in Rio, yellow fever outbreak in Las Vegas or polio jabs in Surfers Paradise….more like ebola in Sierra Leone, again.

  12. A certain Mr. B. Liar has tonight suggested Oxfam change their name to New Oxfam. No news yet as to how many £billions the struggling charity has been charged for this inspired piece of rebranding.

  13. So the story of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan “ice skating” incident is big Hollywood news (according to Norton’s show).

    I mean it was trash TV at the time and was as unbelievable in reality as any Hollycunt slant and yet it’s nominated for BAFTAS and Oscars galore! Really!?!

    Then on Norton it was the enforced gushing of the recently cunted Black Panther movie as though it was some in depth documentary on the nobility of the Dark Continent.

    Snowflakes please note that Wakanda is fictional country whose values, etc., are based 100% on the USA. You know that baaaaaaaad, wacist country!

    Is this a cunting nomination for the Graham Norton (on message) Show? Probably.

    • @Rebel

      I.don’t know anyone in the real world who cared about the Nancy/Tonya cuntfest.

      With regard to The Black Panther…you have no idea. It is beyond out of control. You cannot escape it. It’s eveywhere. Like Hollywood smog it’s in the very air we breathe.


    • I’m thinking of emigrating there.

      More tech than Silicone Valley (all developed in-country as Wakanda is a walled off nation, which is fine so long as you’re not the USA).

      More affluent than downtown Manhattan.

      A sense of justice greater than the Jedi Council.

      More scientists and academics than a meeting between OxBridge dons.

      And all citizens working and striving to better themselves and their country.

      You know, exactly what it’s like in all African countries. The fact that most actual African countries are basket-cases requiring £100’s of billions a year in aid to arm and flood the coffers of despot dictators is quite clearly an ongoing fake news propaganda story driven by the West.

      Cough, ahem, cough…

  14. There was a cunting last year on Charidees.

    My wife worked for Age Concern or whatever it fucking calls itself now for 10 years and I properly had my eyes opened as to what ‘Big Charity’ is really about.

    I should be shocked by the Oxfam affair but I’m not.

    On that previous cunting I told the true story of someone we knew well who worked for a Charity and when he was diagnosed with Cancer they tried to constructively dismiss him.

    He took them to court and won £30k but it was actually settled out of court.

    Sadly he died a year or so later and had signed a NDA.

    At the time I didn’t name them, I’m not sure why, maybe i was a bit new on here and needed to Be more familiar with the environment but fuck them.

    This guy worked for Cancer Research UK and he was treated like a fart in a fucking space suit.

    There’s fuck all charitable about these cunts other than their tax status. Stuffed to gunnels with former ‘public servants’ that took early retirement at 55 and who see charity’s as a great way to boost their already Gold plated final salary pensions.

    Jobs for the fucking boys and they still get to wear the ID badge, go on countless away days and be bossy bastards who know best.

    Big charity is a fucking racket. End of

    • Mrs Bastard works for a charity (which shall remain nameless for the time being) as a carer for the disabled. Whilst the care staff are generally absolute troupers who give their all for the unfortunate residents of the care homes, the senior admin and management brigade are self serving, self important, holier than thou, stuff ya pockets and sod the troops, Malcom-and-Cressida type middle class cunts of the highest order. Very much a “them and us” working environment with our old mate Political Correctness used to keep the boat from being rocked by those who actually get their hands dirty, instead of polishing an office chair with their arse.

      • Not in the least bit surprised there Mr B.

        Self serving just about nails these cunts.

        I grew tired of hearing stories of profligate spending to the detriment of those they were supposed to be championing.

        There’s no checks and balances in these organisations and the cunts that run them know it.

        I’m glad the biggest offenders of them all have been found out. Oxfam absolutely epitomise the cunts you describe and now they are fighting for their very existence.

        And here’s the deal, if they go down the only cunts that will suffer are those that work for them as so little money actually reaches those it was really intended for.

      • That’s it! I’ve had my doubts about CRUK for a while now. DD will be cancelled today.

        That just leaves Worldanimalprotect. They got my support precisely because they were NOT threatening to send me a cuddly toy or letters from some sad elephant who’s piss had been extracted by Mtembe.

  15. If anyone thinks either a) Oxfam are cunts or b) they are the only ones doing it should have a google at Liberia. That Is probably the most fucked up, fucked about, fucked with country on Gods green earth. The brothels of West Point (one of the most dangerous pieces of land on earth) are frequented and used primarily by UN workers (they are the ones with the blue caps on who do soooooo much good). Fat smelly horrible cunts earning a fucking fortune in comparison to locals (which isn’t difficult) queue outside the West point brothels to use the local girls, some as young as 6 – that’s six years old for fucks sake. The local police station is manned by local militia but bossed by UN staff. You can procure, release, buy, sell anything as long as the palms of the UN overseers are greased. Corruption on an industrial scale is widespread, accepted and encouraged from the top down. A huge sign declares the police station was built and funded by non other than that other benevolent crooked as fuck organisation the EU – that’s right the European Union. the life expectancy of children blighted by AIDS, cheap drugs, Ebola and extreme violence is lucky to make their teens. The three previous civil wars were headed by different gangs who’s leaders were named “General Bin Laden”, General mosquito and General mosquito repellent with the aptly named General naked as a head honcho – this cunt would smack himself and his followers up on cheap but potent hash and booze, kill and eat a child before they went to fight and fought naked believing that the blood of the youth added to the drugs / drink plus being naked made them invincible to their enemies. That is only half the story. Please, if anyone thinks Oxfam is guilty of anything more than being in Africunt and acting / living like pigs could really spend 5 minutes on Liberia and in particular the capital Monrovia – it truly is a hell on earth – subsided, aided and abetted by our taxes and our 1st World failure to understand that these shitholes will never be anything more than just that no matter how much money pours in.
    Make sure you have eaten.

  16. I did pen (what I thought) a suitable Cunting for oxfam myself, but obviously I did not make the grade.
    So I will pen a parental oxfam cunting.
    My Brother is 5 years older than me and was clothed directly from the Oxfam shop, unfortunatly he is allso a good foot taller than me.
    Because of the combination of the above I spent my early years looking like an extra from saturday night fever with flares, batwing colars, and kipper ties,
    I had a very unhappy childhood as you can imagine, so Oxfam you are right cunt, dito my parents who have created the bitter and twisted person who I now am.
    (as a sub note I would like to say my underwear was new and woolworths finest)

  17. Don’t know what all the fuss is about. Prostitution (note to creatives, we really need to rebrand that) creates employment, grows the local economy and empowers entrepreneurial wimmin. What’s not to like? OK, it could do with being Global ™ as well, but until the hedge funds come on board it may as well be down to Oxfam.

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