Where can you even start with these little arseholes.

By ‘millennials’ I mean anyone that was educated after Blair got in, in 97.

The ‘men’ – and I use the term very loosely – all have stubble or shitty beards that make them look like a fucking Victorian engine driver. All covered in tattoos. Skinny jeans, shit shoes and ironic T shirts of bands the spastics have never even heard of.

‘What does your tattoo mean?’
‘I just want to be an individual like all my mates’

They cannot string a sentence together without punctuating every other word with the words ‘like’, or ‘basically’.

And that is just the men. No wonder they’re such zeta male pussies when you scrutinise millennial women a bit more closely.

They are invariably 3rd wave feminists. I.e, cunts. Many of them have blue hair. They can often be seen screeching on social media and being ‘woke’ but become uncharacteristically quiet when you point out inconvenient truths like FGM or how appallingly their beloved ‘refugees’ treat their fellow sisters.

They are also *always* current or former students.This rot set in when Blair came in in 97. He encouraged these halfwits to go to ‘uni’. Back in the day, only the very smartest kids went to university to do worthwhile subjects like maths and physics. Now, something like 50% of school leavers do, to study bolleaux like sports science and gender studies. We should be charging these lazy cunts a quarter of a million pounds a year to fuck about with such nonsense after they leave school.

Then, we have our friends the transgenders. A word that didn’t even exist five years ago. But god help you if you offend them. I still have no idea what a transgender actually is and I care not a jot. If you’ve had your knob chopped off, you’re not a woman. You’re an moron that thought he was a bit more interesting than your common garden bender, and will soon realise you were just a common garden bender all along. Whilst you await this road to Damascus revelation, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you ‘identify’ as Millennials.

Nominated by Mecha-Rigsby.


60 thoughts on “Millennials

  1. Top cunting Rigsby and I’m amazed ‘Millenials’ haven’t had a de facto nomination before now.

    The only bit I would add is the overpowering stench of self-entitlement – these cunts have bought into the notion that they are so special to fucking society, and every fucking political decision should be based around them. Fuck off and get back to your smartphone you omnicunt.

    ‘I deserve a house! I deserve a top job with my please-take-one bogroll dispenser degree in Journalistic Science! I don’t want to put the work in to get all this! I want society to accomodate my indecipherable bent gender! I want the option to travel and work in Europe even though I almost certainly never fucking will! Muh future! Muh importance! Want want fucking want!’

    The fact that so many of these cunts are workshy social media attention seekers, who often festoon their fucking parents homes aged 30 and beyond (working and renting not for them, natch) only makes the prospect of their cuntitude stock likely to rise exponentially.

    I fucking hate most of society anyway, but these cunts especially can collectively burn for all I fucking care. If I had my way it would be the pizza oven head-first for most of these cunts.

    • Fucking tight, ECB. They are delightfully easy to enrage though, the only reason they’re still worth engaging in conversation. As they’re oblivious to reason, I like to offend them at every opportunity. Take the ones where I work. As we (thankfully) have no personnel department, I pepper my right-wing statements with anti-liberal words like ‘flid,” “mong” and the Swiss Army knife of offensive words, “darkie” with no danger of recrimination. And if one of them challenges me on being an’appalling human being’ they simply get told to “fuck off and die” and the pussies wimp out of any actual confrontation with someone 20 years older than them. By the way, ECB, I have it it my head that you actually look like your avatar. Can you confirm your level of Ronnie O’ Sullivan-iness?

      • I don’t resemble mine at all: an angry, sneering, putrid, green-faced, fury-mouthed twat with a shitty bob haircut.

        My hair’s much shorter.

      • Fuckin priceless!!
        There’s no better sport than baiting these thin skinned Cunts!
        And it’s so incredibly easy and oh so satisfying….
        carry on your good work TTCE

      • If you lowered the intensity of the eyebrows, got rid of the daft sideburns and the small matter of me being utterly shit at snooker, then my Ronnie-ness (in lookalike terms) is about 8/10. I choose the avatar for that very reason!

      • Ho ho…and do you constantly say “I’m thinking of retiring” about 5 times a year when you get beaten at something?!

      • I can’t get my bloody gravatar up…
        Or, at least, not as often as I’d like.
        Loud-mouthiness a la Bacall character (in the decent film of Murder on the Orient Express) was my inspiration…
        If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I mean !

    • Great cunting. My nephew is a millennial. ‘Why’ I asked him, ‘do you use the word “like” twice in every sentence?’ ‘Cos it s, like, a simile’ he replied; ‘but not when you use it’ I failed to reply.

      Sports Science: is that a euphemism for the Physio who brings on the Oranges at half-time?

      • I’d always wondered if it was for vacant blondes who fancy dindu footie players, to teach them how to do massage (blowies and hand-jobs)…

  2. Was anyone actually “educated” after the Bliar scum took office, or were they just indoctrinated?

      • Definitely indoctrinated. Saw it first hand, driven from the top down by head teachers (who almost overnight) saw their pay double and their pensions balloon. I believe a ‘do this or lose the money’ hint was dropped a few times. Most chose to collaborate rather than shop at Lidl with the maths teachers. Student teachers coming in and being rapidly promoted, far beyond their ability. Your promotion and pay prospects ultimately tied to how many ‘safeguarding, sensitivity,awareness,leadership’ courses you’d been on, irrespective of the fact you’re head of English and half your class of 14 year olds can’t read. And here we have the result, between 2010 and 2015 (in the local authority I have knowledge of) only 2 places were offered to pupils at an oxbridge establishment… 2. Wind that back 20 years and it would have been 102, a year. We are being wiped out somewhere along the line, the millennial is simply a by-product.

    • My two were 11 and 9 when Blair came in, and despite both getting degrees, no, they are not educated. They do, of course, know everything about the world though, especially the entire content of the list of things “you can’t say”.

      • Here in the states the little cunts know all about the joys of diversity and how to grow a green garden, but don’t dare ask them the capital of Utah…or worse yet what’s 8 X 8. They all think because they went to Watsamatta U and took Ethnic studies courses, or Queer Theory that they should be working at fucking NASA.

        And they all reach new heights of cuntitutide with what they listen to. My father used to refer to it as “African War Chant.”. And to add insult to injury not one of the pampered snowflake cunts has even heard of Yes…the Byrd’s…the Moody Blues…or any one of a number of bands with real musicians. But they can tell you all about Jay Z and Beyonce.

        And if you want a real laugh take away their smart phone and watch them start foaming at the mouth.

        And don’t dare criticize one to their face!

    • They learned how to use the word “So” at the start of each and every one of their meaningless utterances. Irritating cunts.

      • You forgot ‘I was like’ for ‘I said’ and ‘#’ scattered randomly across their thumb-typed ‘written’ output.


      • So like @ Shitcake:

        So, like Dude…why are you like…so judgemental? So, that’s like sooooo wrong Dude. So, like you need, like sensitivity training or something. Really, Dude you can like so totally take it on line.

    • Spot on, Mr B, I think indoctrination and brainwashing is indeed the right take.

      Education might be misunderstood as something to do with useful knowledge…and that, of course, would be dangerous to the sorearses and Fourth-Reichers today.

    • With Catweazle in waiting with the promise of free tuition, free loans, free money…you name it kids its all free, Tony might have some fierce competition!

      Figures suggest getting the voting age down to sixteen before the next election should be enough to clinch it, just hoping the figures were done on the Flabacus for light years away accuracy.

      • Old mates I know who are still in the teaching game loathe Steptoe Corbyn and are not fooled one bit by his bullshit… Shame that can’t be said of a lot of snowflake fanny student cunts these days…

  3. I know that there are a few on this site who have served in the forces. Has anyone accessed the recruiting site for the forces, and read the accommodation, rights of the individuals, and eligibility.?

    Fuck me! Fluids, Queens and the like can now occupy married quarters, and have relationships. Postings are now “sensitive” to the orientation and sexual relationship involved, and Fluidity is not necessarily a problem.

    For those who find those nasty tanks upsetting, a selection of pastel shades, including pink will be made available.

    Christ! We are fucked! The enemy ( whoever they may be ) must piss themselves laughing at the thought of a head on clash with our tranniy and queen army!

    millenials. Cunts.

      • He wouldn’t dare laugh at our armed farce’s. He must quake in his boots as we send out the Olympic rowing team to shadow their flotilla’s through past our waters.

        A group of islands with a navy dismantled by the government, piece by piece. Maybe they could sub contract the naval defence out to P&O & Stena.

        I hope the Argies don’t get any silly ideas about the Falklands again as all we will have an abundance of to send down to Port Stanley is Parking Stanley’s.

    • If it’s any comfort, the MQ’s have long been outsourced to scams like Crapita, and there is every likelihood the rents will go on rising for the properties (in terminal decay as bull nights are probably in breach of human rights now.)

  4. Top drawer cunting. Never understood the entitlement part of it myself… to what do they think they are entitled to? One long running theme ive noticed with the tattoos and tight trousers brigade is that they are utterly shit at what they do (professionally speaking) in whatever the profession (excluding charidee work, chugging or demonstrating)… so much so, that for a job I’ve just had to fill I’ve gone and employed some 50 year old fella with no experience, simply because my only real requirements are for them to turn up on time, every day and do as I ask in a reasonable efficient manner. I’ve gone so far as to even start warming to the Eastern European hires (one Latvian on his first day shouted faggot across the office several times.. loved it). He also turns up every day and does what I ask… Perhaps this is one of the reasons for governments love affair with gimmi’s etc a deep down realisation that if we don’t get some fresh blood into the country, they may be forced to take a bite of the shitcake that got baked at all those former poly’s 1997 onwards.. just a thought

    • It’s cheaper for Government and better for business to hire conscientious, motivated East Europeans than spend money training up indigenous work shy Brits who’d prefer to rot on benefits in front of Jeremy Kyle or clog up the NHS due to their unhealthy lifestyle choices.

  5. Good cunting, Rigsby. These bell-ends just seem to have no sense of responsibility or a yearning of merit. The Great Referendum victory of 2016 exemplified this perfectly. The ones just old English ugh to vote stayed away in their droves, yet subsequently complained about the result like screaming toddlers.

    “They’ve stolen my future!” they cried, as if the future was a beautifully-wrapped certainty that they needn’t achieve through endeavour or hard work.

    To palliate my anger I’m going to repeat my breakfast. Freshly-cut mango on toasted, buttered, English muffins with gallons of sweet tea. That’ll mitigate the wine hangover.

  6. Watched last Sunday’s Endeavour on the iplayer last night.

    Racist attacks (unrelated to plot)

    Egyptian culture insulted by western films

    Murderer was the chap who said “you can’t trust arabs”

    The week before it was an “all men are bastards” female serial killer”

    Fuck off ITV. Colin Dexter is barely cold in the ground and his creation is being perverted into more “wasn”t pre-EU England a horrible place” propaganda…

  7. I had fucked off to South Africa when the Tony Blair Lying Circus got in. My daughter got a grammar school education there and has a good career which may not have been the case had she gone to a comprehensive.

  8. I see Centre Parcs has pulled Daily Mail ads because a columnist dared to say something critical about Tom Daly and his husband and their child. How dare some fucker have an opinion which is in the majority.
    Centre Parcs can get it’s business from the shrill twatterati from now on.

    • Centre Parks says it was responding to a complaint from a person who tweeted: “My son so wants me to book at your parks, but how can I do that if you support homophobia?”

      What will they do now when I tell them that my son wants me to book at your parks, but how can I do that if you place minority values as the norm?

      Never been to Centre Parcs, guess I never will.

      Suspect many people will be “offended” by their PC stance and that Centre Parcs will lose business as a result. Good, useless pathetic PC cunts.

      Fuck em.

      • I’ve just emailed them to tell them they’ve lost mine. Can I appeal to other cunters to do the same (politely, of course). Might make the bastards think…

      • Centre Parcs are nothing but poncy holiday camps to accommodate middle class Greens pooftahs and of course Milleniells .
        When I was a kid we would go to Warner’s sunshine camp Hayling Island. Loved it there. Not a Transbender in sight, but some of the entertainers were a bit suspect.

      • Centre Parcs is an abomination… A crappy inauthentic holiday resort… Sort of like the ‘Club Tropicana’ George Michael sent up in the song of the same name… If Hell exists it is probably as vacuous and fake as Centre Parcs… What a load of fucking shit….

  9. It’s a place for cunts anyway, fucking horrendous faux outdoorsy types on fucking mountain bikes in the ‘ruggrd outdoors’ on the safety of the flat (no cars allowed) tarmacked roads wearing all their expensive outdoor gear to look cool, when they actually look like cunts.

    Identikit families, mum dad in their 30’s two kids, Audi or Volvo with roof rack matching regatta clothing (or blue for him, red for her), all looking like cunts when they are the most boring people on earth, Insurance underwriters, accountants and managers of nondescript businesses trying to make their ‘3 bed detached state house’ lives look less boring and mundane all in the safety of Centre fucking Parcs.

    Centre Parcs, please save me, built by cunts to cater for cunts.

    • Sorry I forgot, it also attracts the scum of the earth types that think Centre Parcs is posh only to sit in the bar every night getting pissed and ten pin bowling their brats running around screaming.

      This gives those described above a reason to whinge about them (their type is not welcome here), ignore and look down on their behaviour. Not that they would be seen dead in the bar of course, drinking with the scum.

      Fun for all the family. Cunts

  10. These cunts are very vocal at stifling anyone else’s opinion.

    This is driven/fuelled by the fact that most of these cunts are never more than one finger away from their Facebook or Twitter status where if they see an opinion they don’t agree with then they can simply hide/remove/unfriend it and then that opinion no longer exists.

    Unfortunately when it comes to reality and they are unable to physically hide/remove/unfriend an opinion they basically shout and scream over the top of anyone who may have a salient or pertinent point of view, thus suppressing it, which makes them feel goooooood.

    Anyone with an opinion differing to theirs is a fascist, even though the irony of suppressing a differing opinion is fascism personified clearly escapes them.

    They state that any person not of colour and not of their fascist clan are racists. They then go on to state that white speakers at related debates should be banned and not allowed to speak, which again – by definition of segregating/suppressing people of a specific colour – is the personification of racism.

    They campaign for LGBTQXYZ rights in the same breath as their love-in for all things “peaceful”, even though the co-existence of LGBTQXYZ types and “peaceful” cunts is impossible.

    Most millenials truly believe that the £40 grand debt bill for their Beyonce Studies was imposed on them by the “Nasty Tory Party”. Similarly they believe that it was the “Nasty Tory Party” that started to privatise parts of the NHS. When you put them right and tell them it was their saviour St. Tony of B.Liar they put there hands over their ears, start screaming “LA! LA! LA! I’M NOT LISTENING!” as they run off to their safe spaces (safe from reality at least).

    Now here is the most worrying thing about millenials: eventually these cunts will be running our country! And they’ll all be for the re-branding of the UK from “United Kingdom” to “Ununited Kalifate”.

    Fucking limp-wristed appeasing cunts!

  11. An alternative for the Cunt Me picture.

    “Oh for fucks sake…..

    Iv just been No Platformed by a group of cunts studying 20th Century Lesbian Feminism”.

  12. I work with millenials, and most of them are fucking useless. Forever tethered to the comfort blanket that is their mobile phones, it’s impossible to get any meaningful work out of them. And thick as shit, regardless of what their CV says about qualifications. That’s what happens when you phase out aspiration as a virtue from society.

    • All is not lost though, GJ. I work with 20 people, 15 of whom are under 25 and only 6 or 7 are leftie spastics. The others are pretty decent lads. I believe it’s something to do with 2 factors: the cunty ones have degrees and the rest don’t, only GCSE’s and vocational training. Second: our business is right out in the countryside which seems to sort the wheat from the chaff. Biggest suprise of all is an ultra fit as fuck 23 year old who looks like she should be on a catwalk call another bird a “stupid, fat cunt” over said minger’s attitude towards trans attention-seekers. I’d imagine her dad has his head screwed on right. Maybe he posts on here?!

  13. I would say from 1999/2000 it went tits up on the education front… When I was teaching at that time (art and sometimes English) most college students were decent and smart people… You got the odd narcissist and knobhead but you get that everywhere… After Blair got in the once great college I worked at fell apart… Every scenario had to be about ‘ethnic minorities’, students were told what was ‘PC’ and what wasn’t (not by me though), and mollycoddling and indulging all those blagslag thick as pigshit Nigerian, Eritrean, and Somalian cunts while pushing good and decent students to the back made me question my position… I recall one lad (good lad and a decent student called Dave Shaw) once asked politely ‘Why does everything have to be about ethnic minorities?’ A fellow teacher sneered at him ‘So what do you want? White Anglo Saxon Protestant?’ I properly kicked off at the daft bitch and I resigned not long after that… The ‘diversity’ disease was a small black (pun intended) blob back then… It went largely ignored and now it has riddled the anatomy of Great Britain and the place is now slowly and painfully dying…

  14. In those 99/00 days I was shacked up with another teacher: a great girl from Edinburgh (she looked like a dark haired Shirley Maclaine in her prime)…. She saw the iceberg when Blair got in and she left to go to teach in Japan… She’s never regretted it, although I sometimes regret not going with her… Ah bollocks anyway….

  15. One less little cherub to be detained at tax payers costs…

    Gotta love his brother got 4 years for sending him £4000 last year. Probably enjoying his stay at our expense in cushy comfort. When really terrorist funding scum should be held in a no frills / low expense prison similar to Guantanamo. Bread, water and a multi vitamin a day for nutritional obligations.

    What does George get for funding Open Britain? Three cheers and a pat on the back by the remoaners!

  16. I have to admit that I am begining to get a little fed up with our refugee.
    Our refugee has come back from uni, his course is paid for but he ran out of money for food and lodgings, stopped his course to get a job and sat on his arse for 3 months before confessing that he was about to be evicted.
    So it was agreed that he could come back to mummys nest if he got a job, (which he has done)
    Well the novelty has worn off, sitting in his room shouting at his computer as he plays on line games with his “uni” friends, the coffee famine was a bit of a suprise, being the only fucker in the house who drinks it I was quite suprised to find myself doing a jar a week, The milk drought was to be expected so we upped the dossage from 4 pints a week to 8 and we still run out of milk!
    I did expect the savage attacks on the fridge, so no complaint there.
    A major fuck me off is the concept of washing up, food and accomodation is offered in exchange for washing up, not leaving piles of shit in the kitchen and hiding cutlery and crockery in his bedroom.
    Doors, now thats another one, closing them, not just the internal ones, going out the house and leaving the front door open, taking his bike out the garage and leaving the door open with all tools and belongings on display.

    Now dont get me wrong, I belived that to get to UNI you had to be inteligent, I now know that inteligence is not linked to “basic life skills” (the dog drank my tea! dont put it on the floor then!!!!) the little bastard is driving me up the wall.

    This is the exact reason as to why I never had children myself!!

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