Noel Gallagher (2)

Noel Gallagher is (still) a cunt… The Bluenose fanny played his ‘Imagine’ rip-off ‘Don’t Look Crap In Anger’ and then old unibrow said, “It’s become some sort of anthem for defiance… And every time you sing, we win….”

So, that’s how we beat the Dago Armarda, Napoleon, the Krauts (first time), the Nazis (second time), the Japs, the Argies, and the IRA. is it?…. Also, what about the people who died at the hands of some psychotic sandnigga at the Arena and their families? Did they ‘win’?! Fuck off, you cunt!

Nominated by Norman

Don’t look back in anger ? To fucking right I will. Children blown to bits and we are told not to get angry. Fuck right off you coked up wanker!

Nominated by Vermin Cunt Spotter

Good ol’ Noel. Never miss out on a spot of griefjacking to resurrect his ailing career.

Mind you, if my guitar playing was as bad as his then I’d be reduced to tears too. Perhaps we can get him to do a concert in Mosul. That’ll teach ISIS not to mess with the Gallaghers…

Nominated by Keef



Bigger then the beatles?

Ha what a laugh. Everything oasis has done owes itself to the Beatles – copied their music structure and rhythms, copied their look, copied their stupid little fueds and reunion teases (like anybody wants to see them reunite just yobs and wankers do). Btw, how many times has Liam trashed a show ranting and raving like a retard I can’t believe people paid to see those concerts.

Liam and Noel should go to Sir Paul’s door and suck him off already if they love him so much. Comparing themselves to the Beatles is a cunt move seeing how the Beatles helped destroy music talent and invented the ‘rockstar god with huge ego’ bullshite.

Millionaires preaching peace and happiness? How enlightening!

Nominated by: Titslapper

National Treasures


A cunt by any other name…

I hope everyone realises that the rest of the nation plays ‘Is A Cunt’ but has a different name for it. Everyone else calls it “National Treasures”. Think of all the people routinely referred to as “national treasures” – Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Miranda Hart, Alan Titchmarsh, even Morrissey, for fuck’s sake.


Nominated by: Fred West

Cliff Richard, “Sir” Elton John, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Clarkson and now that cunt who plays Sherlock (Jeremy Brett is ‘the’ Sherlock Holmes and Tom Baker is ‘the’ Dr. Who, so the BBC can fuck right off!).

Then of course there is there are the national treasures of the arsewipe tabloid press and the riff-raff who read them: The Beckhams, Katie “any which way you can” Price, Simon Cowell, Noel Gallagher (and his cunt of a brother), Peter Kay, Cheryl Cole, Wayne and Coleen Rooney…

The national treasure cunt quota in Britain is now massively high…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

The biggest cunt of a National Treasure of them all : Helen Mirren – a woman so far up her own arse she meets herself coming back the other way!

Nominated by: Dioclese