Katie Price [14] Magic Money Tree?

Well here she is again, our own little national ray of sunshine. It’s Katie ‘Cut’ Price; back from her latest botox and facelift, and looking more than ever like one of those plastic sex dolls.


It’s very strange. We’re told that this ludicrous tart is bankrupt, and that she owes her creditors a shed load of cash. Yet she buys and wrecks expensive cars, narrowly avoiding going to prison in the process, indulges in very expensive ‘cosmetic’ procedures, and generally jets about the world having a good time.

How does she do it? I can only conclude that she’s got a magic money tree in the garden of her very expensive yet filthy house.

She is, in more ways than one, a real piece of work. Kim Kardashian minus the class. We’re so lucky to have her.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Katie Price [10]

Katie Price spends some quality time with…

Check out these pics.

this truly evil photo of her looking fat and bloated. Love the description of her bland outfit!
Time to buy some nice comfy joggers from Primark, love. Go on, you know you want to.
As a matter of interest, there are currently at least four media items about Katie and/or Harvey. Your PR machine deserve medals, you cunt!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

And this from Fuglyucker

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The law is a cunt as well as the spunk trumpet that is Katey Price.

Katey Price isn’t going to jail for being off her comedy tits on drink and drugs, so now she’s going to buy a house in LA, wasn’t this fuckwit bankrupt.

She is such a cunt, how can this fucker not ever seem to get any karma, the world has been flushed down the toilet in my opinion, cunts like KP get away with fucking murder, others get sent to jail for a tv licence, there is no justice in the world,

i hope her tits explode on the plane or her snatch gets sucked out of the plane when she flushes the loo….

There has to be some justice in the world for this trollop….

National Treasures


A cunt by any other name…

I hope everyone realises that the rest of the nation plays ‘Is A Cunt’ but has a different name for it. Everyone else calls it “National Treasures”. Think of all the people routinely referred to as “national treasures” – Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Miranda Hart, Alan Titchmarsh, even Morrissey, for fuck’s sake.


Nominated by: Fred West

Cliff Richard, “Sir” Elton John, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Clarkson and now that cunt who plays Sherlock (Jeremy Brett is ‘the’ Sherlock Holmes and Tom Baker is ‘the’ Dr. Who, so the BBC can fuck right off!).

Then of course there is there are the national treasures of the arsewipe tabloid press and the riff-raff who read them: The Beckhams, Katie “any which way you can” Price, Simon Cowell, Noel Gallagher (and his cunt of a brother), Peter Kay, Cheryl Cole, Wayne and Coleen Rooney…

The national treasure cunt quota in Britain is now massively high…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

The biggest cunt of a National Treasure of them all : Helen Mirren – a woman so far up her own arse she meets herself coming back the other way!

Nominated by: Dioclese