Elton John (7)

Elton is due a cunting. Apparently, the bewigged little egomaniac has given a interview in which he expressed his anti-Brexit views. All the typical, cliched bullshit was there, we were lied to, people didn’t know what we voted for, etcetera etcetera, blah, blah, blah. I know that ‘celebrities’ like to think that more intelligent than the rest of us, and that their opinion is worth more than ours, but they’re wrong.

To suggest that we didn’t know what we were voting is, frankly, an insult. I knew EXACTLY what I was voting for. I was voting to leave an organisation that not one single British man or woman EVER voted to join, is undemocratic and corrupt and led by unelected, unaccountable, incompetent, arrogant pricks, who have shown the UK nothing but contempt since the day the EU came into being.

Reg has always been a bad tempered, arrogant little shit, but I think his head has finally grown too big for his hair piece. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to insult 17.4 million democracy lovers, by insinuating that we are too stupid to understand a question such as; “Do you want the UK to remain in the EU, or do you want the UK to leave the EU”? What’s so difficult to understand about a question like that? Stick to singing Reg, it’s what you’re mediocre at.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Elton John is in need of a serious cunting after his latest hysterical breakdown on the subject of Brexit.
“People weren’t told the TRUTH!” he lisped between sobs, his faithful wife holding his hand as he bravely soldiered on through his distress. Well Reg, if the truth is so important I expect you’ll be repaying the libel damages you received from the tabloid which wrongly accused you of being gay, and issue a public apology to your first wife for involving her in your pretend to be straight lies. Then you can stop wearing those ridiculous rugs, you’re only lying to yourself. I have a lovely full head of hair (The only thing of value I inherited from my father) but when baldness eventually claims me I will take it like a man.
Almost forgot, you can also stop any legal injunctions you have in place to prevent reporting on you and your family’s disgusting conduct. I wouldn’t let my dog stay a night at your place, never mind young children.
Sir Elton, who was knighted for services to the anal prolapse repair industry,


Nominated by Themagiccunt

Elton John (6)

The fat glutinous baroque cunt has just received “an award for raising awareness of human rights issues at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.”


“John urged delegates at Davos to work on improving the state of the world. He said: “The world needs to be changed – the inequality in the world is, to be honest, disgraceful.”

The musician, who is believed to be worth almost £300m, said he became a philanthropist because he had “lost who he had become” and “wanted to be a decent person”.”

Well good for you, Elton. Philanthropy, now. You gave £26.8M to charity last year: your annual income being not too distant from $200M US. Most of your donation went to your own HIV/AIDS charity, which, worthy as its objectives are, is nothing to do with general economic inequality. Economic inequality consists of a few people having £300M in the bank and a cheque to bearer every time they open their mouths, while large numbers of people have fuck-all, mitigated if they are lucky by their tiny share of your donation, less exes.

Davos doesn’t change this. Being at Davos doesn’t change this. Davos is 100% about making sure that the position remains unchanged, in fact. Nobody poor is allowed in. Predatory capitalism is the unchallenged ethic, and its perpetuation the only reason for the attendance of the world’s corrupt leaders, overpaid CEOs and crooked moneymen. Fuck off, Elton. You’ve just validated the system you’re bleating about.

And even if you hadn’t, you’d still be a cunt. Fucking stupid glasses, earrings, and – what the fuck is this? An RAF tie? You weren’t in the mob, Elton. What would your dad, Stanley, ex-RAF flight-lieutenant, have to say about that? He didn’t like your music, either. Walt (er Mitty) cunt, or cunt with daddy issues?

More would be superfluous (see previous cuntings). I rest my case. For now. Cunt.

Nominates by Komodo

Elton John [5]


Elton John is due another cunting.

This little fat megacunt has just said that his two boys will not inherit his millions when he croaks as he wants them to grow up normally. Ha !! So having a pair of fucking shirtlifters as your mum and dad is normal is it Elton ? If I was one of those poor kids I would consider those millions as a small amount of compensation for having no choice in the matter.

This cunt and his bum chum (and any other same sex couple for that matter) should never have been allowed to have kids. Can you imagine the daily embarrassment these kids will suffer when they start school?

Normality Elton ? you don’t know the meaning of the word.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

Elton John [4]

Elton John Performs At The Kent Event Centre

Can we cunt that fucking old shit stabber Elton John (again) please?

If for no other reason than his latest crap song that’s doing the rounds at the moment namely ‘Blue Wonderful’. It must have taken the old cunt all of 2 minutes to write this shit but it took me considerably less to dislike it.

Hasn’t this cunt made enough money from singing shite not to be able to buy his own private island somewhere and take his bum chum with him? May I suggest the Sea Of Japan where that other massive cunt Dim Mong Ug can use it for target practice for his new toys.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

Cunts miscellaneous


1. Apparently Putin invited Elton John for tea and biscuits. If we’re lucky he’ll have some polonium on hand for EJ the cunt. Just read this and it’s not clear who I’m cunting. Fuck it, they both merit it.

2. Cunts who don’t indicate – when I’m walking home with a fucked-up bladder I don’t really want to play chicken – my “Just can’t wait” card versus a ton of metal driven by a potential cunt who doesn’t indicate because he can’t see any fucking cars that would benefit from it. Cunts – I hope you fucking die.

3. Smoking (NOT in a complimentary way) cunts who drop their dog-ends on the pavements when there’s a perfectly good road 2 fucking yards away – you lazy ignorant, inconsiderate, mother-fucking CUNTS.

4. Barry Scott again – I can’t fuckin believe it, RT are doubling up his fuckin adverts. Mind you I watched one of them for a new? clit bang (freudian slit) product which cleans out Ubend blockages which reminds me of a previous poster who complained about the size of his/her/its turds – this product may help them.

5. John Penrose – fuckin lyin CUNT – says AV is PR and he’s Minister for Constitutional Reform, more accurately Minister for Constitutional status quo (not the band, i don’t want you cunts going off on a tangent). Fucking lying bastard – I hope he gets invited to tea with EJ and Putin.

Fuck it – so many cunts, so little short-term memory; I’m cunted out for now..

Nominated by: Frottom