Vladimir Putin

Espionage is a right cunt. Dodgy business, especially when Johnny Dago is involved…

Was Salisbury REALLY the work of Putin ? Thinking of Occam’s Razor, I’d say 67 percent yes, but… Could be cunts out there (EU interference, anyone ??) trying to muddy the waters and make us lurv that comfort-blanket of global security that is the EU. I always thought the Russkies were a little bit tidier with their housekeeping. Maybe some cunt is just trying to pin one on Vlad. Would he want us to stay in the EU ? I rather think he’d like to see it weaken and fall apart…but I may well be mistaken.

In any case, what would the Most Useless Political Personage Ever To (pass through the door of No. 10) do about it… Escalate into WW III ??

But it is entirely possible, I guess, that VP has looked at GB, over which a cloud of snowflakes and pussies has descended, and decided that we make a nice little backyard for Ivan to do his dirty work in…

So The Bear arrives, “does its business”, frightens the pussies, and departs.

Shall follow this one with interest…

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

Cunts miscellaneous


1. Apparently Putin invited Elton John for tea and biscuits. If we’re lucky he’ll have some polonium on hand for EJ the cunt. Just read this and it’s not clear who I’m cunting. Fuck it, they both merit it.

2. Cunts who don’t indicate – when I’m walking home with a fucked-up bladder I don’t really want to play chicken – my “Just can’t wait” card versus a ton of metal driven by a potential cunt who doesn’t indicate because he can’t see any fucking cars that would benefit from it. Cunts – I hope you fucking die.

3. Smoking (NOT in a complimentary way) cunts who drop their dog-ends on the pavements when there’s a perfectly good road 2 fucking yards away – you lazy ignorant, inconsiderate, mother-fucking CUNTS.

4. Barry Scott again – I can’t fuckin believe it, RT are doubling up his fuckin adverts. Mind you I watched one of them for a new? clit bang (freudian slit) product which cleans out Ubend blockages which reminds me of a previous poster who complained about the size of his/her/its turds – this product may help them.

5. John Penrose – fuckin lyin CUNT – says AV is PR and he’s Minister for Constitutional Reform, more accurately Minister for Constitutional status quo (not the band, i don’t want you cunts going off on a tangent). Fucking lying bastard – I hope he gets invited to tea with EJ and Putin.

Fuck it – so many cunts, so little short-term memory; I’m cunted out for now..

Nominated by: Frottom