Adele? What a fucking fat, overrated, ‘managed to hoodwink the entire population into thinking it’s cool to buy her (shit) albums’, fingernails down a blackboard, seal voiced (the marine creature, not the artist whose face looks like it’s been run over by a tractor), most smacked arse faced cunt in living memory.

Thank Christ for throat nodules, they’ve silenced her (at least momentarily – any reprieve from the blanket coverage of this cash rich, talent poor bitch is welcome). What a cunt.

Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

16 thoughts on “Adele

  1. She is a total cunt!! Apparently her ex was a cunt as she endlessly tells us in every fucking bland song she sings! Fuck off adele and have a pie ya fat munter!!

  2. Maybe she wouldn’t have so many heartbreak songs if she lost some weight. Ugly fat cunt.

  3. I hope that blob of a cunt who cant even get off the chair in her music video dies or is killed, fat big face sorry for herself cunt twat pig. looks like little miss piggy from muppets

  4. I have to keep muting the telly because this surly faced dugong is shouting and screeching on it every fucking five minutes.

  5. Totally agree with all the above!!! Is it not bad enough that most of the planet is in a recession, now we have to listen to this fat overrated wailing scuffer warbling on about some bloke that probably only shagged her for a bet… Cheer up you fat ginger cunt!!!

  6. She is indeed a cunt, however it’s all the cunts who keep buying her shit albums who are lining her fat pockets, thus enabling her to incessantly feature prominently on our tellies and encouraging her to bellow out more shit “music”. Cunts.

  7. Harry Styles – A complete and utter cunt.
    Sings like a cunt, Has the hair of a cunt, Looks like a cunt from a band full of cunts,
    Fucks two bit E grade Celb slut cunts, who cant get a fuck anywhere else
    This cunt alone is reason someone needs to seriously off that king of cunts Simon Cowell, who let him out on all of us.

    Cunt he is

  8. Adele is a cunt aright but is she as big a cunt as that kensington born silverspoon middlle class cunt Dildo or Fucking Dido and one direction should go in one direction to the seafront and just keep going south from Brighton beach.

  9. ‘Hello’. What a total cunt! She drops into Vancouver and ‘happens’ to visit a cat cafĂ© which is very popular in JAPAN! Everyone else in Vancouver has to make a reservation to visit this shitty-business-plan-government-subsidized commercial for the SPCA, but not Adele. Why would she? This cunt doesn’t even live there, so no reservation required! Just rocks up to the double security door (lest any kitties escape) with her kid and her fat, fat ass and mention that she’s Adele (her publicist smoothed it by saying an employee noticed the resemblance) and voilĂ , open table. A table which has a minimum charge AND cover charge for everyone else in town. What an entitled cunt!

  10. Beauty of it is – the lefty cunt has been truly fucked over in 2016 – roll on 2017 you fat over-rated Cunt

  11. Why is this fucking cunt still relevant? Did you guys see her fucking bullshit at the Grammys (or as the rest of us call it ‘The Celebrity Mutual Masturbation and Fart Huffing Gala’) Why didn’t the loony left jump on her ass for the “I KNOW BLACK PPL!! I DO AND WE ARE FRIENDS I HAVE BLACK FRIENDS! I LIKE BLACK PEOPLE! I LIKE THEM! I KNOW THEM! AND THEY LIKE MEEEEE” She and the rest of her fucking ilk, are parasitic cunts. They do EVERYTHING for their career, every move is to further their career. We are all fucking sick of their moralising and politicking. Accept your award and fucking fuck the fuck off. Fat, annoying, talentless, grating, sub-par, overpaid, talentless twat. Keep your shit rhetoric to yourself. Beyonce is a fucking joke too, she is another overpaid talentless Hollywood cuntbag. “So positive blah blah” yeah, until you actually read her fucking lyrics, they are meaningless tripe! “I don’t need no man! sisters doin it for themselves” oh, er,.. but “put a ring on it” But I guess not liking her shit excuse for music, or her abrasive personality or the fact that she tries to ban photos that are unflattering, makes me a racist. Plus lets not forget she was hungrily sucking Hillary’s cock, if that is not a reason to hate her, I do not know what is.

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