Olly Smith [2]

Olly Smith, the presenter of Iron Chef UK

The fucker even has his own website for fucks sake! It won’t be long before the upper class knob end is fucking everywhere on the telly.

Here’s a few gems from his ego ‘tastic website –

Olly cooks.
Olly loves animals.
Olly can name all four Ghostbusters. Can you?
Olly speaks French, Spanish, a nibble of German, and a tiddle of Indonesian.
Olly’s favourite films are Time Bandits, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Condorman, Jaws, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Court Jester and The Empire Strikes Back.
Olly is constantly learning to play golf.
Olly is a devotee of several TV series which he watches while travelling in between gigs – Deadwood, Curb your Enthusiasm, Dexter, The Shield, The Wire, The Sopranos, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, The West Wing and Neighbours (between 1987 and 2004).
Olly is a massive fan of cricket, rugby union and tennis.
Olly sang as a chorister at King’s College Cambridge and won several music scholarships on the French Horn, as a singer, playing the piano and even the organ. Now he rocks out on guitar and roars his bellowing soft rock to the delight of all his neighbours.
Olly is addicted to crack cocaine.
Olly’s favourite composer is Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Olly is the world’s biggest James Bond fan and can liberally quote all the movies and recognise most Bond soundtracks within five seconds.
Olly has consistently called his friend Nick ‘Jack’ for over four years.
Olly’s favourite place for breakfast is Bill’s in Lewes.
Olly goes running. Sometimes as far as 10 inches.
Olly goes fishing.
Olly is a motherfucker who likes to play with his genitals in public and
looks a bit like an albino labia.

* the last one is true and all the others are complete bollocks taken from his cunting self flagellating website.

What a fucking prize cunt pasty!

Nominated by Hurling Dervish

3 thoughts on “Olly Smith [2]

  1. Never heard of the fucking twat, but purely based on that photo he is a “mega cunt” I’m guessing all those wine bottles have been up his arse??

  2. This cunt hasn’t changed his knobbish ways in the last 18 fucking months. Still has a fucking laundry list of “Olly Facts” on his self obsessed wanking cunt web site… see here http://www.ollysmith.com/about-olly/olly-facts/ for the lowdown on this talentless wanking cunt.

    Wish the cunt would drown in his own filthy cunt enema egress bath water.

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