Elton John [5]


Elton John is due another cunting.

This little fat megacunt has just said that his two boys will not inherit his millions when he croaks as he wants them to grow up normally. Ha !! So having a pair of fucking shirtlifters as your mum and dad is normal is it Elton ? If I was one of those poor kids I would consider those millions as a small amount of compensation for having no choice in the matter.

This cunt and his bum chum (and any other same sex couple for that matter) should never have been allowed to have kids. Can you imagine the daily embarrassment these kids will suffer when they start school?

Normality Elton ? you don’t know the meaning of the word.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

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  1. So, the brown dirt cowboy adopts two kids, rims them senseless and then fucks them off to live, probably at our expense, in some lgbt commune. Bet they are wishing they had a new dad now. Hope the cunt gets full blow AIDS and suffers a miserable demise soon. Twat.

  2. Plenty of fucking useless ‘normal’ parents out there…

    I imagine that kids with same sex parents are more likely to be a popular novelty at school these days; culture has moved on.

    Besides which, despite Elton John saying he wants his kids to grow up normally, somehow I doubt they’ll be going to the local comprehensive… I’d be more bothered by the fact he’s nearly 70!

      • I’m a little bewildered here. If it was surrogacy who was the donor sperm bank?

      • I guess that they played some gay version of the biscuit game and the ‘loser’ got to be Dad…though I have no idea who the Mum is on that basis; actually I dread to think….eeeerrrrrrrhhhhhhhhggggggg!

  3. It’s an absolute fucking tragedy that shit eating bastards like him, his cock swallowing parasite of a mate and their equivalents in the tongue and groove brigade are allowed to adopt, or even worse, ‘create’ their own children…it’s state sponsored child abuse FFS.

    What were they thinking of when it was legalised – it’s not cunting normal on any fucking level.

    • Whilst it’s not natural, I dare say that their kids will get a better start in life than the thousands of poor little fuckers out there born to any old pair of shagging retards who have no resonsibility.

      • On that basis your definition of ‘a better start in life’ differs from mine; whilst I understand the overall point you’re trying to make, I’d far rather grow up in the gutter, than have a couple of fucking arse bandits as my Mum and Dad – I don’t care how rich they are, it simply isn’t normal, or right.

      • Ok different opinions, but it’s not the money thing I’m getting at, just the general attitude of becoming parents. Gay or not – at least they’ve thought about it!

      • Probably the same way they thought about buying Rolexes and having a wedding ceremony; because of the way it looks to others.

        Fucking celebrity cunts…the sooner they both drop dead the better…though apparently not for their ‘kids’, as they’re not even getting the financial compensation in return for having to endure the whole distasteful saga in the first place.

        Isn’t that where this all started? 😀

  4. Elsan Bog !!
    Oh, happy memories of The Two Ronnies (RIP – or is the shortarse still alive?)…

      • My comment was tragically prophetic… Better get my alibi sorted out! I wonder if Richard Baker, former newsreader and Face the Music panellist will be the next to shuffle orf?

      • Seized a perfect opportunity to self promote a flagging career no doubt…now that rings a bell, I must do a search for Bob Geldof…

      • I don’t want to go off kilter here, but the very mention of those royal parasitic cunts gets my dander up.
        Even after that poor cow was dead those royal cunts still had to have the last word.
        Diana, anti mine spokesperson and peace advocate, so they stuck her coffin on a gun carriage, just to let everyone know their still in charge.
        They used the poor sod as a brood mare knowing all the time jug eared cunt Charles would end up marrying that bloke Camilla.
        Forget the conspiracy shit, they didn’t have her killed.
        They just got lucky.
        Vive la republique.

      • “how this fucking queer was the centre of attention at dianas funereal” Some chavs and ignorant cunts actually thought he wrote it for diana. Wrong! of course it was on goodbye yellow brick road album written about hollywood whore marilyn monroe…. bloody Irony. Marc Bolan is also partly responsible with elton johns fame https://youtu.be/evEbAbQ2sQk

  5. Windows 10 needs to fuck off. Completely ruined practically every piece of software I have, including a game on Football Manager 2011 which saw me dominating Europe in the year 2197. (Yes, I really have played the game that much…….I am a sad cunt.)

      • Left field?


      • Windows 10 is FUCKING SHITE, I sandboxed that on a win7 VM machine and it was the biggest load of shite I have ever seen.
        If you disable all the tracking and spyware it automatically turns itself back on, so much for any type of privacy,
        it has fucking adverts targeted at you on the homescreen, sells all your info to advertisers (every thing you type on the pc is tracked, file searches, text documents, web searches etc, so they can target you with these ads,
        It tries to make you buy any software you need via the app store and adds fucking in app purchasing games you cannot disable.
        It caches every file on your system and syncs with Microsoft.

        It even tried to inject a System BIOS tracking facility which means even if you format your computer it is still there tracking you, the ultimate trojan backdoor.
        Windows 10, bought to you by Microsoft & the CIA


        Linux for the win with win7 as a virtual machine with all tracking disabled..


    • You can fuck it off and wind it back to where you were if you go to your restore point. Its a cunt they dont tell you but it should go back to your 2197 OK, It fucked me over the weekend and I got back ok. And am as shit in IT as I am at typing.

  6. Celebs eh? Why they think they can do or say what they want and they think we care. Young lass gets kicked off the voice for snorting uncle backstage but they have uber cunt George on the panel.

    Some mentor he must be. Elton who?

  7. I would like to propose the following cunt for a massive cunting and hopefully a fucking good kicking in the very near future. The name of this cunt is Andrew Frankish, 22, from Redcar, North Yorkshire. Now I am not squeamish or a bunny hugger (too fast for me now) but what this cunt done to their English bulldog just stopped me dead. Not only did he throw the dog down the stairs he jumped on the poor bloody dog whist the dog was on the floor; whilst this shit stain was doing this his cuntoid brother was filming the action. ( Dog lost use of its back legs and was put to sleep 3 months after the attack Dog had been placed in kennels by RSPCA). This story with pictures Daily Mail online 30th March 2016. I cannot abide at any cost this kind of wanky violence to any creature. I am very pissed off that even after a petition of over 60,000 sigs the cuntard got a basic slap on the wrist.

    • Fucking cunt. Fucking evil cunt. When I’m in charge of the planet the punishment will reflect the fucking crime. So this cunt will be thrown down some stairs and have his legs broken. Then he’ll be put down after he’s suffered for three months. And his cunt brother won’t need to film it because he’d be getting the same. Cunts. I hope the pair of them get AIDS.

      Everyone sign the petition on change.org!

      • Now then Mr Nickleby, this is something we can agree on 100%.

        Well said!

        Oh and when you’re in charge of the planet, can you also take a closer look at the little issue we covered earlier please… 🙂

    • He is going to get so battered every time the scumbag cocksucker leaves the house. Cunt would be safer in jail.

  8. I recall going with my dad to Old Trafford in the late 70s to see a cup tie against Watford…. United were crap back then (Dave Sexton was a cunt) and Watford got a deserved win (managed by that other cunt, Graham Taylor)… However, we spotted that fat doughnut puncher, Elton John, jumping around and screaming in the directors box: like he really did have something up his arse… And I have hated the cunt ever since…

  9. Whats amazing is elton john didn’t get aids like freddie mercury did, mercury had something like 400 sexual partners in his lifetime! thats just baffling.

    • Seconded – I caught the twat in a decorating break. The slitty eyed fucking nonce seems to think he’s a fucking chef now, passing hopeless judgements where they’re not needed and claiming to know you can eat a courgette without stuffing it up his own jacksie first.
      I thought we’d got rid of this talentless moron. No wonder his eyes narrow when he spots a nice aubergine to felch with later – culinary impotent cunt

      • Ah, I thought it was some fashion shite, but you’re right, apparently Gok is a chef or presenter or something now according to the TV guide.
        Fuck ITV commission some fucking shite, get any cunt who has more than 8 followers on twitter or had a tv show 10 years ago and give them a tv show = ratings winner (NOT)

  10. Ben Innes is a cunt….
    Having a selfie done with a potential hijacker on a plane? This is the sort of look at me cover themself in shit to get noticed attention whore of a cunt that Britain is now (in)famous for… Of course we will get thick cunts who will think Innes is great and who will say, ‘Only a Brit would do that! Good old British humour!’

    Well I say what a fucking spunkbubble… If he was any sort of a man (or Brit) he’d have chinned the stupid ‘hijacker’ cunt and knocked him out cold… Instead, this is the sort of knobhead who would do anything to get noticed… This Innes cunt would probably have a selfie done with someone like Hitler or Peter Sutcliffe, just to get his narcissistic mug plastered all over social media and the papers… This wankstain makes me ashamed to be British… Fucking cunt…

    • A complete cunt – hope you didn’t see him on Sunday’s news on the BBC. He was a complete parody, a fucking non entity. He claimed he’d do it again, hope so and next time it’ll be a real one.

  11. Another good reason to cunt Elton John is the way he uses his wealth to bully the press (the same press which rejected the Leveson reforms that would have prevented this kind of bullying).

    Anyone who wants further clarification should Google ‘Elton John + National Enquirer’ – since foreign newspapers are not covered by superinjunctions taken out in British courts…

    • Sorry, I said “newspaper” but that obviously doesn’t apply to the National Enquirer which is merely a “publication”.

  12. the only reason Elton John is a cunt is becuase he’s the only recording artist who did a concert event at the Fairmont Hotel for the Nickelodeon Channel and it makes me want to throw all the tapes i have of him in the trash.

  13. Poor old Elton’s in his sick bed just now. Here’s a wee tip, muppet head! STAY THERE, u cunt. Get your ‘HUSBAND’ to suck u off til u shoot ya load. Then hopefully both of you will spontaneously combust and burn in hell where u fucking both belong. CUNT’S.

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