Elton John [4]

Elton John Performs At The Kent Event Centre

Can we cunt that fucking old shit stabber Elton John (again) please?

If for no other reason than his latest crap song that’s doing the rounds at the moment namely ‘Blue Wonderful’. It must have taken the old cunt all of 2 minutes to write this shit but it took me considerably less to dislike it.

Hasn’t this cunt made enough money from singing shite not to be able to buy his own private island somewhere and take his bum chum with him? May I suggest the Sea Of Japan where that other massive cunt Dim Mong Ug can use it for target practice for his new toys.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

25 thoughts on “Elton John [4]

  1. I think he is more of a recepient than a stabber, botom of the pile so to speak.
    Do like the picture though thats his “what a massive cock face”

    • looks like he’s taking something of intergalactic proportions up his milky way…

  2. This ass eating queer used to take hard drugs,had thousands of “partners”,is violent and yet they allowed him to adopt kids? That’s gay privilege

    Ain’t it funny how when a queer comes out the media say he’s so brave ?
    Bullshit coming out as gay today is an instant career boost

    • A question for the social services dept who sanctioned the placement of children with these arse munchers.
      Would you leave your kids with them?
      Didn’t think so.

      • Pretty sure their arseholes will eventually end up resembling a badly peeled blood orange.

      • “Do you think the kids will grow up gay?” I hope not but I’m sure they will be coerced into accepting the gay lifestyle with the whole it gets better pisstake

  3. When I was a lad, homosexuality was illegal. They locked you up for it. These days it’s almost compulsory. There are gay pubs, gay clubs, gay villages. There was an hour-long advert for a gay sauna on tv last night. And if two homosexuals want to adopt a young boy, who would risk being accused of discrimination by saying no? Amazing how times change. Everything’s been turned around 180 degrees. For me, something’s either right or it isn’t, whatever century we’re living in.

  4. Andrew Windsor (aka duke of york) is a right fuckin’ CUNT, wasting a shedload of our dosh on flying round on school visits in a helicopter. Total knobhead paedofiling cunt.

  5. Fucking dirty shirt-lifting, arse-reaming, shit-eating cunt who has bought his kids, he is about as fit to be a father as Jimmy Savile, Gary Numan, Stuart Hall or Dave Lee Travis.
    As my old Granddad used to refer to him “fucking queen of the old sausage jockeys”
    He has ingested more meat up his arse than McDonalds have processed in the last 30 years.
    Only a matter of time till he gets AIDS, then he will be modeling Prada because for the first time since 1968 he will be under 8 stone!

    Dirty, dirty, dirty fucking arse bandit, he has more shit under his foreskin than is floating in the North Sea.

    • I may be wrong here Bo but I don’t think you like the wizened old puff do you?

    • I remember when Man United played Watford in a cup tie in the 70s… Tommy Doc was asked about Elton John… The Doc responded to the press, ‘I did hear something about Elton John taking over a football club near London… I heard he was going to call it Queen Of The South…’

  6. I heard the old ponce on the radio lately, and he promised that he was close to retirement. For the love of music the cunt better hurry up. His current single is so bad, if I didn’t have the ability to switch the radio off I would have swallowed my tongue rather than listen to it all. Cumburp cunt!

  7. Much like all the shit bands these days, Elton Hom will retire, then 2 years later he will release his ‘greatest hits album’, which will be available on a single sided 7″ vinyl.

  8. I didn’t even know the daft old poof had been married before, to a woman of all people. When a friend at work mentioned it, I thought that he was taking the piss. I wonder I he has ever experienced that vulgar delight that is called pussy?

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