Donald Fagen


Eagles – the LA equivalent of Steely Dan. Anybody who names their band after a strapon dildo is a bloody poof & a bellend. Steely Dan have a few good tracks but I just can’t get over that dildo reference.

Donald Fagen is a weird cunt. Ge’s also a wife beater! “On January 4, 2016 Fagen was arrested in his New York City home after allegedly pushing his wife into a marble window frame and injuring her arm. Fagen was charged with a misdemeanour assault charge, and released the next day without bail. He was additionally issued a restraining order to stay away from his wife, who confirmed her plans to divorce the musician after 23 years of marriage”

Look at the cunts face in photos he doesn’t look like a happy man. If the cunt does himself in don’t be surprised.

Nominated by: Titslapper

9 thoughts on “Donald Fagen

  1. Elton John is due another cunting. This little fat megacunt has just said that his two boys will not inherit his millions when he croaks as he wants them to grow up normally. Ha !! so having a pair of fucking shirtlifters as your mum and dad is normal is it Elton ? If i was one of those poor kids i would consider those millions as a small amount of compensation for having no choice in the matter. This cunt and his bum chum (and any other same sex couple for that matter) should never have been allowed to have kids. Can you imagine the daily embarrassment these kids will suffer when they start school? Normality Elton ? you don’t know the meaning of the word.

    • Well said. Fat bent cunt makes my skin crawl, as does Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

    • Can’t he just give the money to his kids or set up a bank account ? or you mean royalties or some estate shite? Either way they got it better then most kids aside from having poof parents. They can probably sit home all day and do fuck all a golden spoon up there arse indeed

  2. Well now him and his wife reconciled so I guess he bought her back? $$ maybe.., his facebook says misleading reports by MSM so I don’t know. It seems like the assault really happened but it was blown out of proportion by the media. Still a weird cunt tho and on most days he looks the saddest man in the world , probably the best song the band wrote in my opinion aside from maybe reeling in the queers(I mean Years lol)

  3. I would like to cunt the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. It is so far left it is almost off the fucking page. Its idea of a balanced debate is some left wing cunt arguing with an extremely left wing cunt, whilst whiny cunts phone in to agree. Occasionally they have someone with a different opinion on the show but they make them look like Hitler would have found them a bit of a cunt. Also, when the cunt himself is off on one of his many holidays, they shove on that repugnant old tranny Vanessa Felch on, who smiles and laughs itself through the feelgood topics of children with leukaemia and toe cancers. Oh, and he broke down on air the day Bowie died, the ponce. Cunt him just for that, surely?

  4. Been looking at the visitor counter on the homepage and there are fucking cunts visiting here from all over the globe. It got me thinking what the word cunt is in other languages.

  5. Top Gear…shurely overdue for another cunting. Warp factor x turd-fest overdrive. Just get rid of the frightful little tits and be done with it. Bag over the head, pull the lever, down through the trapdoors, never to return.

    • After Clarkson left it turned to shite IMHO but I didn’t think he was a god like some people claim. He stands against political correctness which is another reason people like him but he is also a huge egotist.

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