James Nesbitt


James Nesbitt is a cunt…

Not only is he a crap actor (he’s the same in every fucking thing!) the lazy cunt always has his Paddy accent, no matter what the part is… I recall this expensive TV series about the last days of Jesus, and there’s Nesbitt, as Pontius Pilate, and he opens his gob (‘So… Ye tink ye’re der king o’ der jews, so ye do?’)… It’s like Michael Caine or Ray Winstone being a cockney in every film that they do… Can’t these overrated, lazy cunts even attempt to adapt? I’ve seen more range from a peashooter….

And Nesbitt is also the modern celebrity nu-footie fan cunt personified (lifelong Man United fan, my arse!)… And that ‘Irish Jig’ he wore at the Ballon d’Or cuntfest… What a prize knobhead…

Nominated by : Norman

13 thoughts on “James Nesbitt

  1. I did like watching Murphy’s Law at one time. Then all of a sudden, the cunt was in almost every fucking advert that came on, no matter if you flicked channels, the cunts voice was there. He’s in some old bollocks on Sky now, and I would not fucking watch it if they paid me. He’s one of the reasons I stopped watching TV. The cunt.

    • Thomas Cook commercials and scrounging for Syrian charities. Great work James.

  2. Even if I didn’t already find Nesbitt massively annoying I would now after such a fine cunting.

  3. Weave, transplant or wig? He never had that much hair when he was in Cold Feet fifteen years ago.

    Good cunting – I despise the paddy fucker.

  4. Well cunted. He has the same range of expressions as that cunt that does Inspector Banks.
    Makes Stallone look like Olivier.

  5. (‘So… Ye tink ye’re der king o’ der jews, so ye do?’) lol exactly it is tasteless pisstaking like british-irish nazi’s or british,irish, american romans can’t we get italians or greeks to play romans not some cockney or irish bastard. This is another reason I’ve had it with alot of films or shows, forget blacks not getting awards thats insignificant. they should get character development down its like getting a white bloke to play a black guy or black guy to play a white bloke just keep it as is don’t fuck with the formula . good cunting norman

  6. He is a fucking cunt, a true monotone actor, he is up there with Keith Allen, pair of fucking gobshites who will no doubt get a call from operation Yewtree at some point….allegedly 😀

  7. Oh come on anybody recall the cinematic classic “There’s only one Jimmy Grimble,”
    Ray Winstone , by fuck was his accent bad, Dick Van Dyke would have won the academy award for Mary Poppins compared to Ray as a manc. Also just ben to the worst music festival of my life in Calais fuck load of tents but no stages, just a load of left wing cunts getting high on tear gas and dune coons threatening truckers.

  8. Leave Jimmy alone.
    He looked well, pissed out of his head, wearing his Northern Ireland shirt, as Frampton busted Quigg’s face last weekend.
    Good man.

  9. Yes, why dont these Brit fucking actors learn from their Murcan counterparts. Tom Cruise etc,fucking nail the accent every fucking time. Note ( like fuck they do, and who can forget Waynes murcan drawl ‘ truly this man was the son of Gawd’.

    • apparently the director told the duke to say the line with awe, so wayne said ‘aw truly this man was the son of Gawd’

  10. I know I sound like a broken record but, another one trick pony from the media mash-up stables. I just can’t be arsed with them any more; talentless tossers with very few exceptions. They make no effort to put some character into their characters, the clue is in the name, it’s a little like modern cars: all similar just minor differences; jelly mould production. I give you Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets for consideration as an example of old school character acting.

    Is it just me or is that face up there the epitome of smugness?

    He is a CUNT!

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