Justin Bieber fans


Grown adults who are buying Justin Bieber’s latest album; seemingly in their fucking droves.

The kind of retards who buy one album a year, and in their infinite wisdom decide upon the mewling of this dead-eyed, entitled, uppity little cunt.

These people can vote: utterly chilling (and probably explains a lot).

If you are older than 12, and not a girl, what the fuck are you doing buying this god-awful shite? Fucking grow up. Then kill yourself. Please. Cunt.

Nominated by: Artisan Beard

31 thoughts on “Justin Bieber fans

  1. I was a Justin fan, till I realised I was fucking mental, was an alcoholic, and was snorting 12 grams of coke a day.
    Now I wank over bestiality porn and fell much better for it

    • Well done that man; see what a little application can do.
      Have you seen the one with the elephant and the dwarf?
      Top viewing. Non voluntary exploration of a Komodo dragons arsehole is much much nicer than Justin who is and was and will be a mega cunt forever.

    • Whatever makes you happy Bo, though you may need to seek counselling or some crap like that.

    • once upon a time it was just “artistic temperament”, covered everything from throwing a hissy fit and stamping of feet up to the full-on Harvey Proctor activities… and it cost the NHS less!

      Now orf for my regular three o’clock afternoon wank!

      • I disagree Titslapper.

        The kind of sick fuck who wants to get it on with animals should be forced to own a Honey Badger.

      • the honey badger is badass he would rip your bloody cock off and feed it to you. the honey badger is the most defensive animal out there we should lock up paedos,jihadists, liberals, feminists and animal fuckers in a den of honey badgers see how well they do. They(who I mentioned) attack the defenceless vulnerable and weak lets see how they do against the defensive honey badger

      • Aw TS You didn’t click one of SIR L’s links did you? My therapist gave me some aversion therapy for them:

        Place todger on meat block and pummel with a tenderiser until temptation subsides.

        Works every time.

      • So now you’re not attracted to animals? happy for you “Place todger on meat block and pummel with a tenderiser” No thanks I love my cat I won’t ejaculate on her like some sick heartless cunt and I have real pussy anyway but thanks for the offer. Sir limpys medieval self Flagellation device is intriguing thats for sure

      • @ frottom You can always count on the mash actually they have been doing some shite articles lately but this one renewed my faith in them.

  2. Canada has alot of cunts bieber, bryan adams,seth rogen,ellen page, mike myers

    The bieber homo should have a massive overdose
    there is a video of a British photographer threatening to beat the shit out of the little cunt

  3. if ISIS want to get publicity this is the way…..rooftop sniper,shoot this cunt in the head jo done…..Bieber is a treble cunt with bells on

  4. Agreed…when ISIS cunts are ever found guilty of something, their “unpaid community service” should be taking out cunts like camoron, duncan-smith &c. And I don’t mean pork scratchings and the local flea-pit, although admittedly anything local would be a flea-pit after a visit from ISIS.

      • You really think ISIS are controlled by Americans, Isrealis and Turks?????????????????????????????

        Nah! You’re having a larf ain’t cha?

      • Yes absolutely its no laughing matter I think the same people behind the forced migration are the same people behind ISIS. I don’t care for group cunt think(GCT) I have my own opinion and I stand to it I could care less what others think. I posted a video on migration the other day on the Clare Moseley thread its informative “controlled by ” no funded by what difference does it make what I think anyway

      • Look I don’t want to argue but this is my belief and I’m sticking to it . The quickest way to discredit me would just call me a follower of spivey or some shite but I’m actually well read on both the migration and ISIS .Involving the supposed “syrian war” its actually a rape of the syrian people and it more or less happened overnight.

        It would take me ten pages to talk about this. I would link to a few websites but some are supposed anti-semite websites. Which is a half truth its more satire which leaves no group uncriticized but the zionists and evangelical christians champion forced migration.
        Check it out yourself they are behind “No borders campaign” pisstake and its very serious issue which most laugh at with out realising how detrimental it is. So no I’m not having a fucking laugh because IT ISN”T BLOODY FUNNY MATE

      • “You’re entitled to your opinion but I totally disagree” Fair enough thats fine we don’t have to agree on everything. But if you want check out the migration video (very heartbreaking and eye opening ) I posted on Clare Moseley thread, research barbara spectre forced migration advocate a evil women indeed if you’re interested come to your own conclusions.

        Todays a good day aside from some bad news Ginger Baker( My first bagged cunt perhaps) ? just canceled his tour and I’m very fond of him as a drummer and person. The good news is I haven’t had a (fag) smoke in 1 month 2 weeks 5 days tobacco free at the moment hoping to quit as long as possible. Sunshine of your love https://youtu.be/HbqQL0J_Vr0
        Ginger Baker is poly rythmic drummer its a advanced type of drumming that baffles most drummers the complexity of it I mean

      • I mean if you won’t even check out the links of what I say how will you understand why I hold my opinion. I understand wwhy you don’t have time you moderate 2(3maybe?) websites and support your family it’s no problem we are all busy. It was just a theory, theories can be wrong.

        I just don’t care for people trying to make me feel daft & stupid for holding a opinion. If I’m wrong I’ll change my tune but the two(ISIS& Migration) are I believe are linked, until then….. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/18/turkey-cut-islamic-state-supply-lines-erdogan-isis

  5. There are so many bad things I want to happen to this nasal whining little tuneless cunt I don’t know where to start! Mouthing off to some gang bangers and getting er, gang banged before being tied to Kanye cuntin’ West and then used as kindling to burn the Lardassians to death. Every day my workmate asks if Bieber is dead yet and I live for the day I can happily say yes.

  6. The ‘religion of peace’ seems a queer entity to me, they hate women and go around hugging and kissing each other, could they be closet homosexuals, no of course not that’s another group they hate, its very puzzling.

    • I think the basic premise to work on is they hate everything and everyone.

      They probably hate Islam if truth be known

    • Closet nonces more like They have sex with little boys but hate homosexuals go figure remind you of another religion?…… if you answered catholicism ding ding ding you’d be right they both hate condoms too

  7. why is justin still here? I use this place as a kind of advent callender, and like a daily cunt, justin has gone stale

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