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Morrissey. Apart from the shitty…fucking…songs of misery, he’s a complete twat. Morrissey is a vegan, which means he considers it his God given right to tell everyone else on the planet what they should.

For example, he recently cancelled a gig in Iceland, (the country, not the shop), because the venue he had chosen in Reykjavik refused his demand to only sell vegetarian food. The venue promptly told Morrissey to fuck off. Not those exact words, obviously, but it was made clear that the venue’s management reserved the right to sell whatever fucking food they wanted, including food containing meat.

Naturally, Morrissey went full drama queen. In his little rant, he even used the word “cannibalism”. Last time I checked, and that was immediately after reading the story, cannibalism involves one human eating the flesh and/or organs of another human. Hot dogs are made from pigs. Which are not human.

So, fuck you Morrissey. You are an eternal twat. Your music is miserable AND shite. You have an unjustified sense of moral superiority, and don’t even know what a fucking cannibal eats. Thick fucker.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Morrissey is indeed an irritating twat of epic proportions. This from an interview with him:

“While we were playing the song “Meat Is Murder,” somebody in the audience threw a heap of sausages onto the stage, and oddly, they hit me in the face and part of them got in my mouth…”

Yes Morrissey, I’m sure you have had this experience many times backstage as well….

Nominated by: Lez

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse….

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  1. I know someone at work who went to one of his gigs a couple of weeks ago and apparently pictures of animals being slaughtered were projected onto the large screens. What a cunt.

    • Yeah, apparently the cunt does that to stress the cruelty to animals aspect of the song Meat Is Murder – hilariously though, when he tried the same stunt at Glastonbury, Michael Eavis had the plug pulled on the projection screen, saying that the animals on his farm were “happy”. Cue another tedious rant from Morrissey about Eavis.

      And let’s not forget the abhorrent ongoing Morrissey-Russell Brand love-in which massively increases the cuntitude factor of both:

      • I don’t mind anyone being a veggie, but when cunts like Morrissey shove it down peoples’ throats.. People go to a concert or festival to see a band or artist sing or play… Not a get a lecture on morality and all that Bono and Bob type bollocks… Morrissey is a hypocritical cunt anyway… I know (from someone within The Smiths circle) that Morrissey went on a bacon butty kick and ate loads of the things…

        I also recall John Lydon berating Chrissy Hynde (another don’t eat animals because I say so cunt!)… John was in a restaurant and he heard Hynde openly going on about abbatoirs and other gory stuff as customers were trying to eat. Lydon got up from his table and bellowed at Hynde: “You silly cow! You’ve put me off my fucking steak!” That’s the way to treat ’em…

  2. Arguably there is now a bigger cunt than Morrissey and that’s the Morrissey Fan.

    Take a quick trawl through the forums of and you’ll discover an exhibition of cuntitude so nauseating it puts the miserable Manc to shame. Admittedly, the Morrissey Fan wouldn’t have come into being without the existence of Morrissey himself, but I’m tempted to say that the Morrissey Fan has now surpassed and exceeded the cuntitude of its hero on every conceivable level.

    There are two types of cunt on – there’s the cunt who tries to act like Morrissey by talking down to everyone else in the forums in the most deliberately pompous and patronising manner; and then there’s the cunt who pretends to hate Morrissey and yet seems to spend almost all of their day in the forums because they claim “Morrissey needs to be challenged”. The latter type of cunt is the most objectionable since they are not only massive hypocrites, but also seem to be labouring under the wilful delusion that writing lengthy posts on an internet fansite every single day is somehow going to “challenge” Morrissey – I mean, the talentless cunt is hardly going to top himself or retire based on the content of a website he doesn’t read.

    I therefore nominate for a cunting the Morrissey Fan by way of

    • So I went and took a look at that site. It’s what the GPMG was made for. If I hadn’t seen that with my own eyes, I would not have believed one person could outcunt Morrissey, never mind so many.

  3. Morrissey has committed a heinous crime where (most) Mancunians are concerned… Born and bred in Stretford, and the cunt ponces about in a West Ham shirt! Not to mention his love of the Krays and other ‘hard man geezers…’ How can someone who marketed himself as so quintessentially northern (all those kitchen sink and Coronation Street references) suddenly be into all that cockney knees-up, Ronnie & Reggie, Dagenham Dave and Up The ‘Ammers bollocks?! Any fool knows how West Aiiiim are loathed by both United and City supporters… Morrissey even called an album ‘Your Arsenal’ for fuck’s sake… Maybe, like so many other cunts (like Guy Ritchie and all those middle class cunts who write for NME and love the Sex Pistols) Morrissey thinks that being a cockney geezer and sucking up to these ‘lovable rogues’ is being proper English and salt of the earth and all that crap… Well bollocks to that… Apparently Morrissey no longer likes Manchester… Just as well, because we don’t like him…

  4. Raheem Sterling is a little cunt…
    First of all the little tosser skives out of an England game, claiming he was ‘Too tired’ to play… Too tired? A 20 year old with excellent fitness levels who plays professional football? The little wanker is taking the piss…

    And while holding out on Liverpool FC and demanding even more obscene wages than he already gets (100 grand a week isn’t enough for the little fuck!), the cunt goes around smoking fuck knows what and getting off his tits on laughing gas… Of course all the leftie cunts are on Sky: saying how he is only a young man, that he has to learn and that he need mentoring… Do fuck off! Sterling is 20 years old, not 2 years old… The same excuses are now routinely made for the shitty behaviour of the likes of Sterling, Ballotelli and others… I mean, why don’t they just go round to Sterling’s luxury apartment and wipe his arse for him?!

    • An to cap it all, Sterling has been caught being a dirty little druggie. What an interstellar cunt. Loved Balotelli’s tweet on Sunday during the Manchester derby. “OLD TRAFFORD….stand up, shut up”. It was in reference to City scoring after ten minutes, and completely ignored the fact that there were still eighty minutes left to play. He went somewhat quiet after United equalised. I’d love to have seen the cunt’s face at the final whistle. MARIO BALOTELLI…..shut up, you fuck up.

      • Don’t know what happened there… When Ballotelli used to leave or crash his expensive sports cars around town, some lackey from MCFC would pick them up for him and smooth it over with the police,,,, City couldn’t wait to be rid of the little prick and Roberto Mancini came close to killing the little twat… Pellegrini apparently took one look at ‘Super Mario’ and said ‘I am not working with you. Fuck off!’ I expect Liverpooll will also get rid of Ballotelli sooner rather than later…

        I also have to say that Marouane Fellaini was fucking immense on Sunday… Eat that, Phil Neville, you cunt!

  5. Raheem Sterling “made a mistake” in being filmed inhaling nitrous oxide, but the 20-year-old Liverpool star should be treated with understanding, according to players’ union chief Bobby Barnes…..

    Pity you didn’t show Eric Cantona the same sort of ‘understanding’ after he was provoked by that racist cunt in 95… You PFA Judas cunts…

  6. Morrissey Finally gets cunted, he deserves it too . He basically sees himself as this messiah like figure a voice of reason or some bullshit , and he has the most braindead fans while singing he’ll have hordes of fans touching him as if he was jesus of something , i mean i like a few smith songs but when go around telling people they are cannibals cause they eat meat and refuse to sing unless the vendor across the gig has to shut down your a bit of a Cunt and the poor fag got sausage in his mouth doesn’t he like cock though? how can you have that many female fans but decide ” You know i’ll have some cock tonight instead of those 16 yr old cuties who keep throwing themselves at me ” i mean What the fuck Morrissey has gone off his head

    • Like that silly slag, Natalie Portman… She is another veggie fascist…
      Portman said that eating a hamburger was as bad as rape….
      Nah… What’s bad is being an overrated Hollywood luvvie who believes because they are famous that they are some kind of great oracle… And helping to ruin the Star Wars legacy is pretty bad too…

      Oh, and while she needs some more brains and acting talent, she should grow a pair of tits while she’s at it…

      • lets see the dumb things morrissey has said In 2014 Morrissey stated that he believed there is “no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder.” facepalm he says hes not gay “Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course … not many.” Morrissey stated that he refused “to recognise the terms hetero-, bi-, and homo-sexual” because “everybody has exactly the same sexual needs” michael stipe basically said the same thing doesn’t like labels but loves cock, and Morrissey hates asians “you can’t help but feel the Chinese are a sub-species”

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