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Morrissey is a clueless dumb cunt who worships PETA whose track record is pretty fucking shady to say the least.

To begin with the fact that they endorse celebrities who wear shit loads of fur all the while telling people don’t kill animals or eat them. You know just eat salad and nuts for the rest of your bloody fucking life and that Ingrid Newkirk is a real fucking cunt I’d like to slap the shit out that ugly slag cunt she’s responsible for this whole mess.

Also PETA has killed 78% of the animals they rescued in 2013 btw there is no money rescuing animals zip zero none hence why they kill so many. Morrissey just die you has been cunt or at least realize your a dumb stuck up douchebag who can’t write a decent song anymore.

I’m off to eat some hailal bacon

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  1. Definitely a poncy cunt. I like to shove a bunch of daffodils up his slack arse, douse him in petrol and set the cunt alight (just for a change).

    • He loved daffodil he use to put them on his pants and jam them up his bum, he also requested plants and shite like that when he was in the smiths because who needs booze and drugs when you could have a pine tree.

  2. Don’t get me wrong I Like the smiths but his don’t eat meat policy is biased hypocritical bullshite. He also has a huge ego that prevents him from making good music he should just apologize to his ex bandmates and Johnny Marr get on with it his solo stuff is shite although your arsenal was decent. I also hate that song suffer little children they did about the moor murders, it is disgusting and tasteless to even mention them in a song although I’m sure it was fred’s and myra’s favorite song sick paedo cunts . I’m not fond of serial killers or gangsters being immortalized in a song that’s just me though. He also has Barrett’s esophagus which is a deadly cancer he probably doesn’t have much more time come to think of it maybe another 5 years, I suppose the smiths reunion won’t happen now.

    • Just on a point of accuracy: A Barrett’s oesophagus is an ulcer of said organ and does not necessarily transform into a carcinoma. However, it does predispose to cancer of that organ.

    • Still a terribly touchy subject in Manchester, the Moors Murders… I don’t think the band helped themselves with that song… Tony Wilson was one of many who despised it….

      Little known fact: Johnny Marr asked Ian Brown to be The Smiths bass player…. Ian was the bassist for the pre-Roses band, The Patrol…. Brownie had the Smiths style hair in those days, but he just didn’t get into what Freak Party (an early incarnation of The Smiths) were doing… He later formed The Stone Roses with his Patrol bandmate, John Squire….

  3. Morrisey looks like a right cunt. I can’t stand all these I don’t eat meat cunts, yet they buy ‘Veggie’ Sausages, Bacon etc. I mean if you didn’t want to eat meat why buy something that mimics it? Another thing if we didn’t eat meat back in the olden days (ice age) we wouldn’t have survived without the calories the meat gave us, the fur to keep warm and the fats for lighting the torches etc. Also farming techniques weren’t developed enough to grow loads of fucking organic vegetables neatly in a massive field, We were HUNTER gatherers at least thats my guess. How many of these vegetarians wear Leather etc? I don’t have an issue with people choosing to be veggies but don’t fucking tell me eating meat is wrong you cunts. Now give me a pork chop.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s only one thing worse than Morrissey and that’s a Morrissey fan.

    Take a look at the forums over at and judge for yourself. For sheer volume of cuntitude it exceeds even Chris Spivey’s site. It’s full of supercilious tossers who clearly have no jobs because they appear to spend all day online thinking they are emulating Morrissey’s so-called “waspish wit” by bickering with each other like infantile fucktards.

    Can we have on the front page sometime soon??

  5. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Spivey got a suspended sentence (though lots of conditions are attached apparently – let’s hope that closing down his website permanently is one of them).

    In the meantime, enjoy the video of his arrest on his site – it’s sandwiched between the endless ramblings about illegal arrests and judicial failures . Highly ironic of course that a cunt whose entire raison’etre consists of harassing others should complain when he himself is harassed:

    • It’s getting boring now…. He’ll do what all these online loony cunts do… Wait for things to go quiet, start his crap again with a new (online) name, use other social media outlets to spread his bullshit…. He knows now he can basically get away with it… Spivey is a vindictive mental cunt and those who ‘sentenced’ him are as much cunts as he is……..

    • Suspended sentence? Shame, was hoping he’d get a good Jannering in the prison showers (also known as being “Begrevilled”)

    • I can’t really say I’m surprised. We seem to be living in a country that doesn’t do justice anymore. The number of violent scumbags who walk free from court is ridiculous. We might as well just shut the courts and sack all the judges. Well if they won’t the do the job we pay them to do, I don’t see why we should fucking pay them.

  6. To quote Johnny Marr, on his reason for leaving The Smiths: ‘I didn’t join a band to do cover versions of Cilla Black…’

    Morrissey – for all his anti-Thatcher rhetoric – was a fan of the 60s output from recently deceased scouse harridan… Maybe he conveniently ignored the fact that Cilla had tea regularly with Maggie and was a staunch Tory at the height of their 80s terror…

    Moz is also an ‘admirer’ of the Kray Twins (why, for fuck’s sake?), John Bindon (maybe Morrissey heard about Big John’s huge knob?) and that redneck Republican Reaganite shitkicker, Johnny Ramone… Also a lad born and bred in Stretford wearing a West Ham shirt? A crime worthy of hanging in parts of Newton Heath and New Moston…. The late great Tony Wilson called Morrissey a woman trapped in a man’s body… More like Morrissey is a closet racist BNP West Ham wannabe hooligan cunt and Alf Garnett clone trapped in a Manc’s body…

    • Morrissey purposely destroyed the band singing covers of cilla black and marr said in his biography that morrissey sang out of key in there last recording session together. He Also screwed over the bassist and drummer out of royalty checks there was a huge court case and he still owes the bassist money. Morrissey loves the kray twins because he wants to poke them in the bum he probably thought the gangster murdering bastards looked so cute together. He also called the chinese subhuman cause they eat dog ruff ruff!

  7. To be honest I’m not bothered about Morrisey one way or the other, but Penguin are fucking cunts for publishing his autobiography under the Penguin Classics label.

  8. I think Morrissey insisted that his his autobiography was released under the Penguin Classics label…. The pretentious cunt…

    Morrissey’s arrogance about his former bandmates also shows great cuntitude… According to Morrissey Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke would ‘be busking in Streftford Arndale Centre’ if it wasn’t for Morrissey’s ‘greatness’…. I’ve never met Andy, but he’s a fine bass player (‘Barbarism Begins At Home’ being his showcase)…. Mike is an excellent drummer and also a good lad…. Morrissey can swipe at Rourke, Joyce (and even Marr) all he likes… But has he released anything that matches The Smiths since they split in 1987?
    Of course he hasn’t…. And let’s not even start about his ‘The Chinese are subspecies’ and ‘Reggae is vile’ remark… Ever listened to a Wailers album, Morrissey, you cunt?

    • Morrissey is a elitist cunt so his opinions change one minute to the next. The way he has treated his ex band mates is a cuntish thing to do always acting like the smiths didn’t happen or wasn’t that big of a deal, Moz basically brian jones’d his ex bandmates basically saying their contribution didn’t matter shit like that. Reggae is kind of vile but so is last 3 records moz put out, he doesn’t care about the music he could care less as long as has his idiotic lyrics shrugs through. I’m not saying all reggae is vile I don’t mind the wailers, scientist is alright but augustus pablo is the best I heard so far from a reggae/dub musician I dunno maybe I’m just weird but I feel most reggae is kinda the same stuff different package, same rickety guitar riffs, same stop n start drum beats it’s kind of repetitive. I mean if your gonna listen to reggae you might as well smoke pot because the two go together like coffee and cigarettes. You absorb it more like with jazz you basically need some form of drug to enjoy it, that’s why all the jazz heads do heroin or some form of opiate it compliments the music.

      • Agree about reggae going with weed… I like the classic Wailers albums and I also liked a lot of the Trojan stuff… I remember being into Dave & Ansel Collins’ ‘Double Barrel…’ That was a great single…
        UB40 were also OK at the start, then they went terribly shite…. The Specials in their prime were a great live act….

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