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drummer boy

I see Chris Spivey is on trial and is being sentenced today for harassing the family of Lee Rigby.

Reading the things that Spineless Spivey has done to that family, I find it difficult to believe that any intelligent, civilised human being could come with the sheer evil that Spivey has concocted. Then again, having visited his sight, it’s clear that Spivey isn’t even slightly intelligent or civilised. And I have serious doubts as to whether he qualifies as a human being. My instinct is to say to know.

This worthless piece of shit actually started his campaign against Lee Rigby and his family the day AFTER his murder. Over the past couple of years, Spivey has printed the addresses of his mother and sister, accused the mother of working with MI5 to incite anti-muslim violence, questioned whether Lee Rigby actually existed, accused Lee’s sister’s partner of being Lee Rigby, accused another man of being Lee, expressed his doubt that Lee was ever in the Army and if he was, “was a potato peeler at best”. This cunt is pure, fucking, evil.

It’s rare that for me to visit a website and then think, “what the fuck did I just see”? But that’s exactly what happened when I looked on Spivey’s site. This prick needs to be forced to speak to a psychiatrist, because he has some SERIOUS fucking issues. He’s not simply a sandwich short of a picnic, he’s an entire hamper short of a picnic. I know we’re supposed to treat the mentally ill with sympathy and understanding, but Spivey needs a severe beating, he takes trolling to a whole new level.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. – and of course, since his arrest and conviction, his website has been bleating about how Spivey is being “harassed”.

    Highly ironic of course that a cunt whose entire raison d’etre consists of harassing others should complain when he himself is harassed.

    Couldn’t we crowdfund someone to do a Dr David Kelly on the ignorant tattooed cunt…?

  2. 2 year suspended sentence. bang goes another spivey theory, that they wanted him in prison to ‘silence’ him.. oh well no martydom for him.

    • An absolute fucking joke!!!
      Is there anyone in this country who believes that the ‘justice system’ can be even remotely taken seriously – or that you can’t get away with anything?
      I despair…

      • Well, he should have committed a proper crime like not paying his TV licence or disagreeing with something a non-white person has said.

  3. oh he has been banned from posting on blogs and social media! is his website considered a blog? whats to stop him posting stuff in someone elses name? FTS for instance?

    • That’s quite a good result. He was so shit scared of being sent down I’d be surprised if the cunt does try posting under other names – all it needs is for him to slip up and an IP address to be connected with him and he’ll be inside before his feet can touch the ground.

      • Funny you should mention IPs.

        The accused not having crossed my radar up to this point I thought I’d have a look-see before making my usual inane cuntish observations, so I donned my interweb NBC suit aKa. Tor before I entered. It’s all pretty lame stuff and main stream gѠgle. There’s the occasional diamond in a sea of shit ( Confronting the corrupt legal system) Then a mountain of links to other people’s work. He bangs on about the system then appears to give out personal details which Dr Watson could probably follow to source. I can’t weigh him up; yet. My feeling is QDMc has the right of it with troll.

      • Clearly a cunt with classic self esteem issues. Ugly slap headed fat gutted delusional pierced and crudely tatooed tosser and rejected by society. I think a nice stretch at Her Majesty’s would be the making orf him. At least his arse would be in demand.

      • Well how did you read it? The daily fail like to blow things out of proportion mate he has avoided prison got a restraining order for life and two year suspension just like I predicted would happen.

      • ‘the judge also made spivey subject to a restraining order banning him from posting on blogs or social media and contacting fusilier rigby’s family’. sounds like a complete ban to me.

      • Well maybe I dunno I thought the article was referring to the lee rigby incident I could be wrong though sorry if I am. Just didn’t they could stop him from talking about other stuff we will find out soon enough I just don’t buy into daily fail’s wording and fear mongering & the shitty website makes my computer jam/freeze up up with all the shite articles and photos mashed everywhere so i avoid it mostly.

  4. Spivey’s family are inbred mutant cunts…
    And I agree, QDM… Spivey really needs a fucking good hiding…

    • One dark night a couple of squaddies will see Mr Spivy in a dark alleyway, they will produce a dice, tell Spivy to roll it and tell him if he rolls a 1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5 they are going to kick the living shit out of him.
      “What if I roll a 6?” Spivy will say.
      “You get to roll again” will be the reply

  5. These people who keep altering the rules of football are cunts. Stuart Pearce got it right – if someone’s offside, then it should be offside. Referees can’t keep up with the changes, we’ve already seen Liverpool being given a 1-0 win over Bournemouth when it should have been the other way round. And if someone’s tripped in the area and a penalty’s given, why should they send the man off? What’s the point in penalising a team twice? Cunts are ruining our game.



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      • Correction, the inhouse search engine DOES crawl the blogs but can’t pinpoint further info in the many comments on the page.

  7. One thing I’m certain of: if Spivey had targeted some celebrity he would be dropping the soap right now…. But it seems the family of Lee Rigby are seen as lesser beings by the judicial system….

    Some daft cunt who hacks pictures of silly Hollywood slags, who are stupid enough to photograph themselves in the buff, gets ten years…. Yet Spivey slurs and viciously targets the decent family of a dead hero and he gets fuck all… The Mind fucking boggles…

  8. Altogether now: “He’s once, twice, three times a cnut…” LOL:)

    Is it a first time record on here for someone to be nominated three times? I had the misfortune to stumble upon his site a few years’ ago. Once I took issue with one of holocaust denial posts under the moniker ‘Nice Jewish Girl’ I received a whole torrent of anti-Semitic abuse from him and his groupies. His harassment of Lee Rigby’s family who have already been through hell and back already is absolutely disgusting. Spivey is an obsequious little toad.

    • A nice comment reply, Jewish Girl.

      Bigger cunts like Tony Blair have been nominated 6 times or more on this website. But I’m certain Chris Spivey will get more cunting nominations here in the near or far future. He is that big a cunt.

      • Oh dear, that should be a blow to Spivey’s fragile ego, Norman:) I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cunted several more times on here though, as if anything, the judge’s reprieve seems to have given him and his lackeys even more encouragement that their delusions are truthful and thus bolstered their confidence that they can get away with anything. *Just one thought; I wonder if what it’s really all about is that the judge follows this blog avidly and has a bet on Spivey with his colleagues to get the most cuntings? Maybe Spivey will have to go to court to get reprieved five more times before he finally gets locked up in order to beat Bono on his eighth cunting?;)

  9. Have any of you stupid cunts actually bothered to take a look at the evidence ( instead of gathering all your limited intelligence from the daily mail?

    Chris Spivey was illegally arrested, evidence was collected illegally, government services were misappropriated illegally and there’s the issue of plain clothes (MI5) illegally breaking into and smashing up his property. To top it all there was the addition of the traditional olde English “crooked” judge.

    Spivey also investigated “elite” paedophile rings.

    If there is any truth behind any of his allegations then a number of “very important people” could be severely “inconvenienced”.

    This is not rocket science it is just another example the clandestine social hierarchy in action.

    • Get real! Spivey was never anything but a two-bit, ten a penny web troll; a mentally ill, narcissistic, cyberbully (along with the equally deranged slew of intellectually bereft, woefully degenerate rat vomit who infested his blog – hiding behind pseudonym’s such as Dogman, Wolfie, Lisa Pea, Fuck The State et al). Nobody in the sane world actually ever gave a flying feck for his crazed conspiracy theories – least of all law enforcement agencies with a myriad of other more important things to do with time – until his Internet virtual masturbation spilled over into stalking and harassing people in the real world, such as Drummer Lee Rigby’s family who already had enough on their plate to cope with, without some hateful, low life nutjob coming along and calling them liars, making the profoundly hurtful claim that their tragically and horrifically murdered son, partner, father, uncle, cousin, cherished friend NEVER existed!

      At no point before this did anyone ever try to stop Spivey, Dogturd and the rest of his motley crew from expressing their crackpot and frequently offensive opinions – even the regular bouts of holocaust denial; the paranoid sniping at LGBT people, the racism (oh yes, don’t try to deny that) as many of the regulars on Spivey’s site frequently backed their rubbish up with links from people like David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the KKK for pity’s sake!)

      Spivey was a con artist who was always duping the susceptible idiots who frequented his cyber shithole to flood him with donations, supplying them with some extremely shallow hard luck story about him being a poor little me victim of some imagined persecution or another at any given time.

      Now please note that I speak about Spivey’s blog in the past tense, because despite the sycophantic bravado of his groupies who paint his reprieve from jail as some glorious victory, I do note that the terms and conditions of the judge are that he should stay away from the internet and as of now his blog is actually defunct, null and void, dead, gone to meet its maker, an ex-parrot! How do I know that ChrisSpivey.Org is a spent force? Because there hasn’t been a comment posted on there for three freaking days. Spivey fought the law and the law won, he’s finished and good riddance to that. Chris Spivey, three times a cunt, deeply unpleasant webtroll, holocaust denier, homophobe, misogynist, knuckle dragging neo Nazi bonehead and all round loser: good riddance and rest in pieces. Chris Spivey: a sick man in more ways than one. Toodleloo.

    • so you agree Alton Towers w as a hoax? so you agree Glasgow was a hoax? so you agree the Tunisian beach shootings were a hoax?. i actually agree with you, his arrest and conviction were suspect to say the least but he does himself no favours when virtually everything that happens is considered by him to be a ‘false flag’ maybe some are but he should remember ‘Peter and the wolf’.

  10. 1) It’s a bit fucking rich to accuse anyone of getting their information from the Daily Mail when that’s where Spivey seems to find all his “evidence” of conspiracies. All Spivey seems to do is read the downmarket tabloids and decide that any anomalies he finds therein are “proof” of conspiracies. Wrong. Everyone with a brain knows that the tabloids are full of exaggerations, distortions and barefaced lies for two reasons: to be more sensational in order to sell papers and/or to suit the agenda of the proprietor. Not to collude with the security services, the establishment or any other bullshit. Spivey’s site is littered with links to the Daily Mail (and, to a lesser extent, other tabloids) where he smugly identifies anomalies in the reporting without seeming to realise that the tabloids have always been full of these kind of bullshit lies because hacks are lazy, don’t research their stories properly and just want to sell papers.

    2) Spivey is not a journalist. He might like to think of himself as such, but he’s not. He’s a halfwit tattooist and classic under-achiever who craves the adulation of his small band of (equally halfwit) groupies to boost his low self-esteem. Professional journalists have journalistic training and get paid for what they do. Spivey does not. I could buy myself a surgical gown and offer to cut open people’s heads, but that wouldn’t make me a brain surgeon. In one of the screenshots in the thread above, Spivey admits that he “doesn’t have time” to check all the “facts” he publishes. Isn’t fact-checking the first rule of journalism? If the facts don’t stack up, the allegations fall down and what you’re writing is fantasy…

    3) For someone who is always bleating about “freedom of speech”, it’s odd that Spivey blocks dissenting (rational?) voices from his website. Isn’t that what he’s always accusing “the establishment” and the MSM of doing – blocking those with an alternative narrative?

    4) Ditto bleating about “harassment” while he’s perfectly happy to harass others online?

    5) He’s one of the biggest, saddest cunts on the planet. I hope his grandson gets taken into care and I hope his dog dies. I also hope his fucktard supporters egg him on until he breaks the conditions of his suspended sentence and he gets sent down.

  11. Oh, and “elite paedophile rings” are being properly investigated by professional journalists – take a look at Byline and ExaroNews.

    Real journalists take their time and speak to sources first hand, they don’t hastily cobble together anything they can find online and jump to quick conclusions.

    Spivey adds precisely nothing.

  12. Have to admit, some of the comment thread exchanges on Spivey’s blog are (unintentionally) comedy gold, though. Witness the ‘gem’ that popped up in one of their latest discussions:

    August 27, 2015 @ 7:41 pm
    Me too, those DM readers sure are as thick as SHIT. No wonder Britain is in the state it is in. They believe any old shit that the Zio shit MSM tell them. Jordan Maxwell is right, they are too lazy and stupid to wake up. They would not know what truth is even if it was shoved up their arse.
    August 28, 2015 @ 3:09 am
    same here …….. the reds are out doing the greens lol …daily fail …fail
    August 28, 2015 @ 12:24 pm
    Great work people, keep hammering them!”

    *Hammering* them LMJAO:)))) 2funny. Dogman obviously needs to consult an urban dictionary as last time I looked ‘hammering’ is contemporary slang for having intense sex with someone, often propped up against a wall and/or giving oral head! Crikey, those guys love the Daily Mail, don’t they?

    Maybe that’s why he’s called Dogman? Keep on dogging ‘Dog’man… LOL:)

  13. i may have imagined this but ;m sure Spivey once said he had a press card. how could that be possible? i think he was actually lucky he wasn’t sued by the girl who lost a leg at Alton Towers, who he accused of being, wait for it…… a crisis actor for fucks sake. truth is she’s probably never heard of him.

  14. Maybe Spivey could ditch the tattoo business and start a new career as a porn film producer and find employment for the regulars on his sight as actors? He definitely looks the part in his bald head, shades and selection of dodgy ‘I’m too sexy’ shirts, which he invariably wears unbuttoned to his navel. At least this would enable the legendary Dogman to continue ‘hammering ’em’, question is how long could he keep it up for, though?;) Instead of trying to cream money off susceptible visitors by donations, maybe The Spiv could start a pay-per-view option on his site…ya know like those dodgy Channel X stations you find late on freeview (by mistake when you were looking for The Bible Network, of course;) From the makers of Bald Men in Handcuffs I & II comes “Judge Well’ard vs. Dogman” give ’em the first half hour free of Dogman ‘hammering’ Judge Well’ard in slow motion to a Serge Gainsbourg soundtrack in the background. (*Because it’s not porn, it’s art you see;)

  15. you know what ‘d like? i’d like to see some of his followers come on here and have a debate with us, tell us why we have got him all wrong. i know they do come on here ‘cos its mentioned over at spiveyland. come on chaps! not louise though, she scares me.

  16. ohhhhhhhhh blimey. sorry to keep on but it seems spivey is insisting he has got it right about GLASGOW, he is promising/threatening a part 4 of his ‘expose.’ could it be that we are all actually brain dead sheeple?

    • the only expose on spiveys site is him being exposed as a cunt, peado, nonce, fascist, communist, immigrant, benefit claiming, nhs sponging bald headed neo nazi mutha fucker”!

    • I look forward to the You Tube video of his visit to Glasgow in which he attempts to explain his ‘genius’ theory to various groups of Glaswegians out on a Friday night.

      • – and I look forward to the video of the bereaved Glaswegian families (crisis actors, as the bald cunt alleges) explaining their own theories to Spivey by way of a baseball bat and a pickaxe handle.

      • Sounds like fun, Fred – shall I bring the beer and you bring the popcorn, or the other way ’round:)))

      • ..And, yeah, very true, Spivey seems to have a knack of putting people who have been through a lot of loss, pain and hurt through even further hell and kicking folk exactly at the point when they’re down. So if the day ever arrives when payback time comes around that will be very satisfying.

  17. Leave Spivey alone, okay, he may not be the messiah, but a very naughty boy, but he represents the judean peoples front, not the fucking peoples front of judea – splitters!

    • Have you heard the one about Chris Spivey going into a Travelodge with two planks of wood and a bag of nails and asking: “Can you put me up for the night?”:)

      • …And, of course, Dogman gets to be Spartacus. Or failing that, at least Dorothy;)

  18. I now know what makes Chris Spivey so mean. He’s really Mister Potatohead and has a *chip* on his shoulder;)

  19. I haven’t made a comment on a site before but 14 years ago my son was almost killed in a racist attack. It was awful at the time and continues to be. He did and thank god continues to exist. Google `mark clayton oldham`.

  20. I suppose you all feel really big kicking a man when he’s down don’t you? One day you’ll come to see that Chris spoke the truth. The internet has given us the first chance to re-write history and Chris will go down in history as a great thinker and activist – hell, he might even have his bald head which you mock so much on a postage stamp one day. And where will you be then eh? What contribution will the people on this blog leave to the world. You can take the proverbial out of him it’s easy isn’t it but can you honestly turn around and look at yourselves and say he is not telling the truth? I love Chris. Chris Spivey is a genius, a visionary. How dare you disparage his name on here!

    • Having read your comment carefully, do I assume it is irony?

      I’d have more time for Spivey if he removed the censorship from his website. If you are serious in your comment, then you are clearly deranged but note that, unlike Spivey, we allow you to make that comment uncensored. Shame he doesn’t do the same isn’t it?

      can you honestly turn around and look at yourselves and say he is not telling the truth? ” Yes, I can…

    • Another example of Spivey’s towering intellect and complete absence of self-awareness:

      He accuses the media of writing “libelous works of fiction” about him, seemingly unaware of the ironly that his entire site is chock full of libelous works of fiction.

      He accuses the media of “manipulating their moronic readers” seemingly unaware of the irony that he does exactly the same, just like all the tuppeny-hapenny prophets the world has thrown up, from David Icke to David Koresh. It wasn’t too long ago that Spivey was damning his readers, saying that if everyone who clicked on his site would only donate one pound… (not that this constitutes “manipulating moronic readers” of course).

      He criticises the Mail Online for not allowing any comments that disagree with the main article! I’ve got news for you, Spivey, you ignorant cunt – THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO ON YOUR SITE. You remove comments and block IP addresses of anyone critical of your sad conspiracy narratives – no dissenting voices are allowed.

      He then claims that the only comments permitted on the Mail Online “would appear to be written by twelve year olds [or] knuckle-dragging halfwits” which again, is written with no trace of irony given the level of coherence and articulacy on display not just his own Comments section, but throughout his own rambling, ungrammatical, badly spelled drivel, littered as it with obscenities and non-sequiteurs.

      I can’t work out who is the biggest cunt here – Spivey or the sad fucktards who actually defend him. Any suggestions?

  21. Because we are free to do so which, if his bald empty noggin WAS on postage stamps, wouldn’t be allowed I would imagine….

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