Chris Spivey [6]

Surely it’s time for another massive cunting for the platinum grade cunt who goes by the name of Chris Spivey. His latest ravings about Meghan Markle and the Royal christening yesterday plumb depths that the Thai Cave Divers can only dream about.

This bell end attracts deluded loonies like a horses arse attracts flies. He then proceeds to relieve them of any funds they care to donate to enable him to keep on deluding them all! What a business model and they fall for it. His motto is “If God didn’t intend them to be fleeced he shouldn’t have made them sheep ”
( That bad guy out of the Magnificent Seven 2 said it first )

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

Chris Spivey (5)

Another right cunting, well overdue for Chris Spivey.

I know this will be supported by Fred who has cunted this cunt before. After an all too brief hiatus when he says he was off line because he couldn’t pay his hosting bill, he is now back with his oversized begging bowl out and shaking. Have a look and see who is now saying “does not exist “. And still dumb cunts send him money.

As he is fond of saying, “You couldn’t make this shit up “.

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

Cunt of the Year 2015

Diane-Abbott-Quotes-5 copy

Well the votes are in and the panel of adjudicators has carefully considered all the candidates for the prestigious title of “Cunt of the Year 2015”.

It was a close run thing and we were tempted to award the title to Islam after adding together all the votes for the religion, jihadists, Islamic State leaders and extremists but we thought that would be unfair because if we did that, then the title would have gone to the Conservative Party. Interestingly, however, David Cameron did not receive a single vote!

The Royal cunt was Prince Charles. Entertainment went unsurprisingly to Bono. Special mention must be made for Chris Spivey who was disqualified for only pretending to be a cunt and for ‘too much effort’.

In fact the title was a dead heat between Dianne Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn who received equal votes. In the end we decided that Abbott should get the award as the real cunts were the people who voted for Corbyn rather than the man himself…

So congratulations to Dianne Abbott who receives the award of a bar of COTY soap which, if the rumours are to be believed, she is desperately in need of.

The Spivey clan


Like Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre and the SNP, Spivey cannot be cunted often enough.

And for that reason I’d like to cunt his daughter and grandson too, in order to cunt him by proxy.

Oh wait, but maybe it isn’t fair to cunt his daughter? After all, as Spivey himself writes:

” I get mighty fucking sick of seeing malicious, completely untrue things written about me, Stacey & Clayton, by the complete dregs of the earth, who are as toxic as a dog shit sandwich”

Yeah, Spivey – I bet Lee Rigby’s family also got fucking sick of seeing the malcious, completely untrue things you write about them, but that didn’t fucking stop you, did it, you ignorant cunt?

Nominated by: Fred West

Spivey tattoos (2)

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 23.25.22

OK I know he’s been done before but our old mate Chris Spivey deserves another cunting. Not for his normal mentally ill twaddle but for the quality of the work of the “registered tattoo artist”.
Feast your eyes on the incredible masterworks that Michaelangelo himself would I am sure marvel at. I particuarly like the fact that Michael Jackson’s nose looks even worse than it did in real life!

Nominated by: Al Wayz-Right