Chris Spivey [6]

Surely it’s time for another massive cunting for the platinum grade cunt who goes by the name of Chris Spivey. His latest ravings about Meghan Markle and the Royal christening yesterday plumb depths that the Thai Cave Divers can only dream about.

This bell end attracts deluded loonies like a horses arse attracts flies. He then proceeds to relieve them of any funds they care to donate to enable him to keep on deluding them all! What a business model and they fall for it. His motto is “If God didn’t intend them to be fleeced he shouldn’t have made them sheep ”
( That bad guy out of the Magnificent Seven 2 said it first )

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

29 thoughts on “Chris Spivey [6]

  1. What a strange looking person. Looks like someone who’s natural habitat is a padded cell, very odd.
    Good evening.

  2. Nice work if you can get it, but requires a basic level of insanity, and Spivey has it, to succeed. There is no shortage of loonies, and on the whole it’s good that they congregate in their e-asylums where they can be clearly identified. I find no need to revisit the site, and that option is open to all.

    There are much more insidious operators out there, often backed by foreign states. Spivey’s a cunt, but a relatively harmless one IMO

  3. Only heard of the cunt through this site. Perhaps ISAC should deprive him of the oxygen of publicity. Or perhaps just deprive the cunt of oxygen.

  4. Top cunting,
    Came across this mega bellend when the spineless gutless blambos killed Lee Rigby a la the burning in cages, mass beheadings and cutthroats of the famous sons of islam. This fat tattooed cunt went to great lengths to “prove” there was no Lee Rigby, no murder, no victim and no crime committed whatever. Apparently there are a group of actors who carry out these so called atrocities then fade into the background until called on to re-enact another false flag.
    Now cunts like this are dangerous enough even via wordpress but this waste of a good skin has a following that is as loyal as the followers of Jim Jones or Scientology. A note on the sidebar of his home page asks for money but tells you not to be cuntish and use explorer as “its crap and the money never comes through”. His adherents are as daft as he is – he has a comments section and many is the time I have given him some online pain (of course my replies don’t quite make it past the mods – or should I say “Mod” – there is one – and that’s him).
    He did write me back a year or so ago as to post comments you have to submit a current useable email address so I made up a Hotmail account and got a reply from the man himself telling me that he could trace the IP address of my machine and using several highly placed “contacts” would have my name and address within 24 hours and I may have problems walking again. Well the full of shit baldy cunt has had a slagging off once a month since and as yet there have been no knocks on my door.
    To actually explain in detail about this fucking prick and how he operates would take a tome and it still wouldn’t do fat lad justice so for your delectable delight I will attach a shortcut. Within a minute or two you will get the gist of fat lad and the dopy cunts that follow him. Walt Disney really should have created 8 dwarfs – as this cunt Spivey needs cunting on the World stage. So for your delectation my fellow cunters I give you Mr Chris “fat lad” Spivey. The man who makes even the likes of David Icke sound as sane as Charlie Manson.
    PS _ be aware – he is under so much scrutiny from Black ops and dark forces both sides of the Atlantic his web page sometimes mysteriously goes offline – in other words the mugs haven’t chipped in their dole money in time when his subs are due.

  5. He’s fucking funny though… can’t take that away from the cunt. You’ll never actually find yourself laughing ‘with him’, but fucking hell, the shit he thinks up… hes the intellectual equivalent of 2 + 2 = lemon meringue. I don’t even think David Icke would say hello to him at the bar… but still, a funny read.

  6. Cunt looks like Uncle Fester on lithium.

    This all-star, plutonium grade fucking helmet was given a 6 month suspended jail sentence for harassing the family of the murdered fusilier, Lee Rigby, whose death he insisted was a government staged incident to whip up racial hatred.

    Fester should really be in his own special hospital for his own good. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to learn of him becoming a new resident at Broadmoor in the not too distant future.

  7. Sorry but who is this guy? I’ve been reading the site since early last year but I assume this dates to well before that.

    • I mean, I know from his reputation here that he’s a cucking funt but who is he exactly?

  8. i very rarely visit the site now especially since i was banned from commenting. surely some sort of badge of honour!!.his laughingly titled ‘in depth investigations ‘ have been wrong on every single occasion. when subsequent public enquiries prove that was the case , does he issue a humble apology. does he fuck. i caught him out when he accused Lee Rigbys sister of lying about competing in the Paris Marathon. i went on their website and found photos of her crossing the finishing line. did he admit his errror, did he fuck .. he was also proved hopelessly wrong went it emerged that the Glasgow bin lorry driver had lied about his health ,, the actual cause of the accident was that the driver blacked out. that fuckin idiot Spivey claimed’ ‘ no one died ‘ . when in the public enquiry members of the public were shown being scattered like nine pins in videos ( the families had to leave before it was aired) did he humbly apologise ? did he fuck. if any of you fuckin morons who think he is ‘brilliant’ are reading this . for fucks sake when are you going to see sense?
    one of my hobbies is leaving bad reviews on Amazon for his so called books , it counters the ones written by him and his friends.
    lets not forget those 2 poor girls who lost legs at Alton Towers, they were apparently crisis actors according to that monumental deluded fuckwit , the Spivster.

  9. opinionated cunt have a look at his website . its both tragic and funny at the same time.

  10. Lost count of the number of times Spivey has blanked my comments, so one day I wrote a real scather telling him he was talking bollocks and daring him to publish it. To his credit, he did….

    ….then one of his acolytes called DogMan offered to meet up with me “if I had the fucking balls” to “talk about it”. Well, I do have the balls, but didn’t fancy them being mashed with a baseball bat by him and several of his brain dead mates.

    I ignore him now because the guy is just a con man full of shit.

  11. Should have his ugly egg head smashed in for what he said about Lee Rigby – and how he upset the Rigby family – alone…. Fucking sick cunt!

  12. Why did you delete my england are wank football comment?

    We’re coming home! We’re coming home! We’re coming!

  13. Spivey looks like some two bob Cunt who got cut by central casting for lock stock or rocknrolla!!!
    His conspiracy theories are utterly ridiculous and anybody who sends this fuckin tool a penny needs to visit a psychiatrist immediately!
    A first class pseudo intellectual cunt ……

  14. Been having internet connection troubles so I’m late posting…

    From what I know of the aforementioned subject of this cunting he transcends the normal boundaries of cuntitude and passes into that state of metaphysical cuntitude reserved for only those whose cuntificent deeds cannot be adequately described by mere verbal expressions. (And this coming from someone who is beyond contempuous of HRH Meghan, Duchess of Suckit.)

    By the way…where is the Pendatic One when needed? The actual quote is, “If God didn’t want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep”. – Eli Wallach as “Calvera” in The Magnificent Seven. (The original film and one of the greatest westerns ever made.)

    A righteous and worthy cunting, my pendantic observations notwithstanding.


    • General. Yep, the greatest western movie ever. Maybe True Grit would give it a good run for the best. In my defence for the misquote, sheared and fleeced mean the same thing to us Antipodeans.
      PS. Eli Wallach, one of the greatest players ever to epitomise a real dead set cunt on screen. Maybe a call for our nominations for the best fictitious on screen cunt?

      • @GOC

        No worries. We are in complete agreement about the movie and the villien.

        Fantastic theme song as well

        🤠 🎶

  15. People like this are a total waste of space and need to be deprived of oxygen asap

  16. The spivey has GONE!!
    He can’t afford the 270 quid a month and is shutting down his website. You should read some of the comments Haha.
    No doubt some silly cunt will give money to his charity.

    • That’s money for the make Shivey rich fund. Fuck all to do with running a site.
      This one costs fuck all as does mine.

      Bloke’s a cunt…

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