Cunt of the Year 2015

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Well the votes are in and the panel of adjudicators has carefully considered all the candidates for the prestigious title of “Cunt of the Year 2015”.

It was a close run thing and we were tempted to award the title to Islam after adding together all the votes for the religion, jihadists, Islamic State leaders and extremists but we thought that would be unfair because if we did that, then the title would have gone to the Conservative Party. Interestingly, however, David Cameron did not receive a single vote!

The Royal cunt was Prince Charles. Entertainment went unsurprisingly to Bono. Special mention must be made for Chris Spivey who was disqualified for only pretending to be a cunt and for ‘too much effort’.

In fact the title was a dead heat between Dianne Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn who received equal votes. In the end we decided that Abbott should get the award as the real cunts were the people who voted for Corbyn rather than the man himself…

So congratulations to Dianne Abbott who receives the award of a bar of COTY soap which, if the rumours are to be believed, she is desperately in need of.

25 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2015

    • We were in a quandary about that. Should we shove it up her big fat arse or use it to shut her gob up???

      Then we realised there’s not room in her mouth because her foot is constantly in it…

      • I guess you could always stick it up her big fat ass and THEN put it in her gob.

        I don’t pay any attention to politicians because they don’t matter, they don’t matter as far as i’m concerned because they are all the same person so individually I don’t rate one as any worse than another but it’s votes that count so as cuntish as democracy can be the angry mob has spoken πŸ™‚

        Ps Dio, after out banter about spelling I only spelt Abbot(t) wrong so you wouldn’t feel bad about your spelling of Dian(n)e, that’s my story and i’m sticking to it πŸ˜‰

      • The problem is, if you try to shove it up her arse, you’ll get sucked in and lost forever.

  1. Disappointed not to see Bono as COTY, I digress.
    Abbott deserves it for being an obese, Corbyn fucking, public money rifling, cunt of a whore. who has had more cakes than votes or cocks in her life!

  2. I’m still shocked that the pig fucking scandal of the year wasn’t Corbyn and Abbotts interspecies coitus revelations. By all accounts, it’s fair to imagine they went further than Cameron did. Even kissed using lips. Even prostitutes charge more for that.

  3. I am not surprised that Abbot won, but Bono,Madonna (even her own son has fucked off because he hates her!) and Wee Burney Sturgeon were in with a shout…

  4. Yay!! At least there is one place in this strange, strange world we live in that recognises her for the abomination she is and the blight she embodies. Made my Christmas holidays, yay!!

  5. Personally I think we should boil her down for soap and make into ” a bar of COTY soap ”

    Not sure what we could do with so much soap though

  6. Fucking hell, Andy… If such a thing was ever done with Abbot, it would probably end up like the Sherburn-in-Elmet tyre fire….

    • Good idea Should burn the fat cunt, trouble is the fat would burn for at least a couple of years before it petered out!

  7. A worthy winner, I can think of no one more deserving of the award than this fat, useless, hypocritical, stupid black cunt. Every time this cunt opens its fat gob Camorons popularity must go through the roof.
    Congratulations Abbott you fat cunt, you should be proud of your award and face it, it’ll probably the only honest thing you ever earn in your miserable cunting life you disgusting fat fucking CUNT !!!!

  8. she is probably walking around blissfully unaware. i doubt if she’ll see the funny side. if there is one.

  9. No way can Diane Abbott be the cunt of the year, if she is in the mix she will win it every year. Maybe a lifetime cuntishness award would be more fitting. If she is eligible some other cunts who strive hard each year for this major honour will end up being cunted off by Cuntzilla Abbott.

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