Spivey tattoos (2)

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OK I know he’s been done before but our old mate Chris Spivey deserves another cunting. Not for his normal mentally ill twaddle but for the quality of the work of the “registered tattoo artist”.
Feast your eyes on the incredible masterworks that Michaelangelo himself would I am sure marvel at. I particuarly like the fact that Michael Jackson’s nose looks even worse than it did in real life!

Nominated by: Al Wayz-Right

32 thoughts on “Spivey tattoos (2)

  1. Well done, sir. Like Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre and the SNP, Spivey cannot be cunted often enough.

    And for that reason I’d like to cunt his daughter and grandson too, in order to cunt him by proxy.

    Oh wait, but maybe it isn’t fair to cunt his daughter? After all, as Spivey himself writes:

    ” I get mighty fucking sick of seeing malicious, completely untrue things written about me, Stacey & Clayton, by the complete dregs of the earth, who are as toxic as a dog shit sandwich”

    Yeah, Spivey – I bet Lee Rigby’s family also got fucking sick of seeing the malcious, completely untrue things you write about them, but that didn’t fucking stop you, did it, you ignorant cunt?

    • True, Fred… Spivey is one to talk about being malicious, when he said that the 1996 IRA bombing of Manchester didn’t happen… I must have been imagining things when I saw people crying and picking glass out of their arms and legs, and when I saw friends’ businesses go under and never recover….
      Just die, Spivey, you fucking lunatic cunt…

      • That’s the utter absurdity of the “crisis actor” argument – if Norman’s friends (whose businesses failed) were crisis actors, then surely Norman would have to be a crisis actor too in order to support their “cover”…? It’s not just the “victims” who have to be crisis actors, it’s their friends, families, neighbours – and the friends, families and neighbours of their friends, families and neighbours…etc etc

        If these so-called crisis actors are just parachuted in for the day, plenty of people would be saying “Wait a minute, we’ve never seen these guys before…”

      • I was joking and saying spivey would say something like that not me personally. Haha are you kidding I don’t take spivey seriously his articles are only good for a laugh,I don’t even consider him a conspiracy theorist. Here Fred is a song all about those pesky crisis actor cunts! good fooking song too.Tell me Have you ever seen me? https://youtu.be/Rh9V0OiTXtI

  2. Tats that shit are what laser tattoo removal was invented for.

    Does anyone know if Spivey is a dyslexic Parkinsons sufferer by any chance?

      • Getting Tats removed cost a small fortune that’s why I advise people not to get them. Removing them can be painful(depending on treatment) at best itchy for weeks on end sometimes months. I mean I personally don’t see the fascination of putting a tat on you think your dead mother or father give a fook if put a tat on in rememberance of them? bollocks its stupid shite of little importance

      • I nearly had a tat done, I went all the way to New York to one of the supposed top guys at the time ( but he turned out to be a cunt ). I had my own design and everything but then Mr Cunty told me it was going to hurt like fuck, cost a small fortune and probably look shite when finished so I decided not to bother and went on the piss instead.

  3. Jackson does have a wonky nose but that’s pretty average tattoo but who the fuck would put a paedophile on they’re arm? Not only that but michael jackson fooking sucks. I rather listen to a quartet of screaming monkeys, the joker tat is a bit better but still not a milestone in tatting. Bad artistry+Spivey=Cunt

    • Haha you know looking at the michael jackson tat he’s got spivey’s dead set eyes, Is that his trademark or some shite? out of all the people I’ve seen in my lifetime spivey takes the cake for having the most creepy looking eyes I’ve had the displeasure of viewing.

  4. Knock knock!
    “Who’s there?”
    “Tat who”
    “Yes please – there’s still a bit of skin on my arse to ink.”

      • And it works with any name for a bespoke joke.

        Knock knock!
        “Who’s there?”
        “Quick Draw McGraw”
        “Quick Draw McGraw who”
        “Yes please – there’s still a bit of skin on my arse to ink.”

  5. Had a look at his website and saw this, explains it all, if he knows what he is doing ad wise he should be making a fucking fortune from that traffic!
    (I block all ads and sub-domains from scripting so cannot see his ads)


    My website – this website – is currently ranked at 210,052 in the world, 10,649 in the UK, 10,968 in Australia and 472,491 in the USA… Which trust me, is an altogether fucking brilliant ranking.


      • I did actually bother to go and check, (Alexa)
        his site does have quite good rankings, he SHOULD be making very good money but he is a retard so he is probably only making £20 a month (after hosting costs) lol

        Global Rank – 200,544
        UK Rank – 15,906
        Australia Rank – 18,203
        US Rank – 967,910

  6. Maria Eagle is a cunt. A vile disgustingly evil beast from hell.

    The hideously ugly deformed vile filth pig Nazi thinks it is wrong that babies are not being starved to death, burned alive, raped to death, and denied medicine till they die in agony.

    The dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty ugly evil deformed filth beast Nazi Maria Eagle, wants to stab babies up the arse and piss on them as they die screaming.

    Welcome to the Labour Party and the British parliament.

  7. Charlotte Moore is a complete cunt… This ties in with QDM’s recent cunting of Steven Moffatt… BBC Controller, Moore is responsible for all the PC multiculti bollocks that now infests the BBC (not to mention ‘wimmin’s’ shite like Strictly and The Voice!)…. This dreadful feminazi cunt has been telling all and sundry that she wouldn’t rule out a woman playing the lead role in Doctor Who… I hope this ridiculous remark costs the silly bitch her job, and that she is forced out: a la Thatcher in 1990… Moffatt is a cunt for setting a very ugly precedent by making The Master a woman…. If the Doc is ever made a woman then no character (legendary or otherwise) will be safe… What the fuck would be next? Shirley Holmes? Lulu Skywalker? DCI Gina Hunt? It’s fucking disgraceful… And what if a male TV exec decided to make a female character male? Say, if a certain elderly sleuth became Mister Marple? You’d hear the cries of ‘chauvenism’ and ‘sexism’ for fucking miles…
    No doubt about it… Charlotte Moore is a fucking cunt…. Exterminate!

    • Like the setting of the Sun and the turning of the waves, that will never change Norman.
      Once a scouser, always a cunt

  8. Is Mr Spivey a figleaf of his own imagination. I could refer his imaginary self to an excellent psychtherapist.

  9. part 3 of the Shoreham ‘hoax’ saga has just been ‘released’ ‘escaped’ or been shitted out whatever the phrase is . it’s mind boggling stuff, almost literally.among the highlights:
    1.no plane crashed, at least i think thats what he;s saying, i’m not 100% sure.
    2 no one really died.
    3, the chaffeur who died is the same’ actor’ who played the man who designed the ride at Alton Towers where the accident happened ( which also is a hoax btw.
    4. oh fuck it, theres more but you get the drift,
    if you read the comments underneath its a major piece of investigative journalism although unusually there , they have allowed one hostile comment through. the only puzzling thing about the crash is that the pilot survived and was walking around 5 weeks after the accident.he must be part of the hoax eh?

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