Women with tattoos (3)


Women with tattoos! What the fuck do they think they are doing to themselves?

Don’t get me wrong here, a small little discrete flower , fairy, unicorn or dolphin maybe on the ankle I don’t have a problem with, a bit chavy perhaps but we all make mistakes. No, I’m talking big fucking ugly full sleeve jobs, ones covering the entire chest or the very worst big ones on the thighs. I saw one with a big red indian head on one thigh and a dogs head on the other. Fucking gross! And she couldn’t have been a day over 23. Big chief Pow-wow and fido are going to be with you for a very long time, you silly little cunt.

What are they trying to say? Tats are traditionally for bikers, convicts and sailors. People living on the fringes of society. Is that what these bimbos are trying to say? “Look at me, I’m an outlaw living on the edge” No you are not, you are just a silly little air headed cunt! I wouldn’t touch one with a barge poll.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Spivey tattoos (2)

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 23.25.22

OK I know he’s been done before but our old mate Chris Spivey deserves another cunting. Not for his normal mentally ill twaddle but for the quality of the work of the “registered tattoo artist”.
Feast your eyes on the incredible masterworks that Michaelangelo himself would I am sure marvel at. I particuarly like the fact that Michael Jackson’s nose looks even worse than it did in real life!

Nominated by: Al Wayz-Right



Tattoos have to be the cuntiest thing to do to yourself.

I’m not against people getting them but why would you pay hard earned pounds to get marked up so you can better your ego and have a conversation piece. Tats can get very expensive and if later want them removed twice as expensive.

The Yakuza get their whole body tattooed – some even the cock gets tattooed.

Nominated by : Titslapper

( I wonder if this nice lady is married? )