The Premier League’s 9/11 ‘tribute’

(… clearly the EPL did forget…allegedly! – Day Admin)

This weekend saw the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, in which thousands died and many more were left with life changing injuries. People of all colours and religions, by the way.

With this in mind, how did the Premier League show their respects on Saturday, September 11, 2021?

By ignoring this anniversary completely, but still kneeling for George fucking Floyd, of course.

Now one argument I heard was ‘This was in America. What has it really got to do with us?’

Well, quite a few of our own were murdered by the evil ‘peaceful’ cunts that day, but guess what…

… George Floyd’s death was in America too! So stick that one up your fucking hoop for a start.

What absolute fucking cunts. The cunts will also kneel on Remembrance Sunday again too, the bastards.

The link doesn’t mention the EPL not honouring 9/11, as no cunt in the shit bag media is mentioning it.

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35 thoughts on “The Premier League’s 9/11 ‘tribute’

  1. I don’t bother with the EPL these days. But if there was no recognition at all by these cunts then fuck them all with a hot poker!

    They can wear armbands for the Alphabets, they can bend the knee for some criminal from 3000+ miles away, and yet they they can’t be arsed to pay tribute to over 3000 people from a terrorist attack 20 years ago!

    fuck them all, along with the FA and EPL if that is indeed the case

  2. Those who were murdered in the Twin Towers by the fucking towel heads were working Joes out to put food on the table. The deserve our respect. Of course, working hard is something less and less cunts know anything about.

    Now it is me, me, me. and the MSM play up to it, Floyd being a classic case on point. Bellyaching losers and towel heads, same thing. All cunts.

    Good cunting.

  3. Remember folks, only black lives matter ✊🏿 The rest of us can all fuck off apparently.
    Bunch of cunts!

    • pretty sure loads of blacks died that day

      In a weird way it brought people closer together and for a period and the blacks forgot how relentlessly they were being oppressed by the whiteys so they could gang up on the muzzeys

  4. Shower of vermin. Kneel for a piece of shit and will happily go to a slave state and play in a crooked world cup though.

  5. 67 British nationals were murdered on 9/11, so quite a lot to do with us.

    Besides, it was an attack on the West in general and its values, ergo to do with us big time. Anyone who thinks we should simply have turned the other cheek is a blithering idiot, imo.

    And taking the knee for a foreign criminal is a fucking insult at the best of times. Taking it on 9/11 should be a criminal offence!

  6. The criminally corrupt EPL are just revolting cunts. Please god I hope one of the cunts pull a hamstring when doing that Marxist salute. As the cretin Kane learnt to speak properly yet? As Rashford opened a soup kitchen for poor kids yet??
    Fuck em, fuck em all.

  7. Would we have been Cunting them in the “Griefjacking” nom. if they did do something?

    • That’s a fair point DF.

      You could do away with all minute silences for me, but it’s the fact they ignored the 9/11 anniversary, but still knelt for a dead criminal in Yankland.

  8. About time the sport was just renamed to Fägball. Then I think intentions would be clearer.

  9. All the footballing tosspots could emulate the 9/11 deceased by leaping off the top of a tall building in tribute.

    • How many of the lives lost on 9/11 were black?
      Fair few im guessing.
      And aren’t the EPL most concerned about BlackLivesMatter?
      More than anything!
      So would of thought theyd of jumped at the chance to show they value all lives?
      Black, white, chinese, Hispanic whatever, that died that day at the hands of extremists.
      Or is it all just posturing?

      • All those people in the twin towers had jobs, so…..probably not many were of an all-year-tan persuasion…

  10. The only thing the EPL or the MLB or the NFL or the Olympic committee etc etc etc are interested in is the 1.5 billion people in China. They could not give a fuck for the mugs who pay to watch here and buy their shit . You are irrelevant.Cricket is slightly different. The only thing they give a fuck about is the 1.3 billion Indians.

    • You will never see a take the knee for the million uigers in concentration camps in China or the slaves who built the next world cup in Qatar.

  11. The EPL is controlled by chinx anyway.

    Also, there weren’t enough sambeaux criminals and frard chiggen at 9/11 for the EPL to be arsed about the tragedy that hit New York in 2001.

    I bet mongs on stilts like Harry Kane and plastic Black Panthers like Eldridge Rashford don’t even know what 9/11 is or when it happened. Overpaid imbecilic retards that they are.

  12. You give these clubs money,
    Merchandise, pay per view, attending matches, etc
    Your a twat.
    They laugh in your face and you hand them £50.
    Fuck me.
    Starve the cunts into submission,
    Soon see sense when the money stops rolling in.

    • Just saw Norm had posted above that wasn’t aimed at you Norm,
      Meant anyone buying merchandise!

  13. I was hoping for a lot of 9/11 coverage last weekend but in retrospect I’m glad it was low-key. There was the BBC documentary on George Bush’s point-of-view of the day featuring Bush and his cronies and it was intriguing, but 9/11 is such a rabbit hole of dark madness that I don’t think that the mainstream outlets are the place to present it. People have moved on and don’t want to revisit such horror while in the midst of such fucked-up times, but it is all connected of course, from 9/11 to the continuing lockdown tyranny. I hope it reaches some sort of conclusion next year and we can get to just enjoying the simple life and not living our lives in anxiety behind our screens going down rabbit holes. Let’s get back to the pre-9/11 lifestyles. Being online all day is depressing.

  14. Is there anything worth less than a footballers opinion?
    They would probably mix the facts up with the plot of shite sci fi movie Independence Day. As it seems do a lot of people.

    There was a documentary series on national geographic lately about the events on 9/11, and it was heartbreaking. Watching the firemen try to keep it together as the sound of the many people who chose to jump rather than burn to death hitting the area around them is something that will stay with me for a long time, and I bet they will never forget it.

    • I saw most of the stuff on Nat Geo that day (most if it anyway). There was a lot of new footage I’d never seen before, some of it really harrowing (the photo take from inside the tower I think, could’ve been from a helicopter I’m not sure), of a desperate ‘jumper’, is one I can’t get out of my head (he’s looking up towards the camera as he falls). Tragic. Got to me a bit that one, I was ready to nuke the entire ‘peaceful’ world.

      It was a brilliant day of documentary by the channel (whose documentaries I don’t usually rate), but a hard watch – with too many fucking adverts though.

      • There was that guy who helped save some woman who had been burned badly by the fireball that blew down the lift shafts, her got her out before the collapse. As he’s thinking he had an incredible escape, he finds out his younger sister was on the second plane to hit.
        It brought back the feeling of helplessness and anger I felt on 9/11.

  15. Football in this country is a virtue signalling cuntfest. The sooner these broadcasters are deprived of cash, then they will get the message. Unfortunately there are too many cunts who don’t give a shit and carry on paying the extortionate subscription and allow this shitfest to carry on. The cunts at sky and bt will only take notice when thier subscription income drops off the cliff.

  16. 9/11 is all lies. Apparently it was done by the Irish. Two Micks were fitting doors at the twin towers when one saiys to the other to get a plane and take a bit off the top.

  17. Football is full of cunts. These cunts are becoming bigger cunts day by day. And yet people still go and watch football. What a fucking joke.

  18. I’ve come to the conclusion that footballers don’t actually know why they are ” taking the knee”.

    That is the only explanation I can come up with, as they must know that this show is universally hated by 99.3% of the population.

  19. Black lives matter! (Unless they are slaves to the billionaire Arab that pays our wage)

    Black lives matter! (Unless they are the blacks in Africa working as slaves for our sponsors)

    Black lives matter! (Unless they are the poor cunts working in sweat shops to produce our kit)

    It’s all virtue signaling bollocks that their now too stubborn to stop.

  20. Kneeling for free school meals, according to saint Marcus. Meanwhile scores of aspiring rappers are getting murdered by white supremacists while the BBC does everything it can to normalise perves in frocks and mentally unstable kids getting their bodies mutilated because they saw all the attention it got that Kardashian kunt. Climate change activists block the M25 because of insufficient loft insulation for illegal immigrants, I have started to keep a bucket of shit in the car just in case I encounter a road blocking protest of any kind, or Nicola Sturgeon. Should really get a lid for the bucket, but it doubles as an ashtray. Anyway I digress….

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