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Women with tattoos! What the fuck do they think they are doing to themselves?

Don’t get me wrong here, a small little discrete flower , fairy, unicorn or dolphin maybe on the ankle I don’t have a problem with, a bit chavy perhaps but we all make mistakes. No, I’m talking big fucking ugly full sleeve jobs, ones covering the entire chest or the very worst big ones on the thighs. I saw one with a big red indian head on one thigh and a dogs head on the other. Fucking gross! And she couldn’t have been a day over 23. Big chief Pow-wow and fido are going to be with you for a very long time, you silly little cunt.

What are they trying to say? Tats are traditionally for bikers, convicts and sailors. People living on the fringes of society. Is that what these bimbos are trying to say? “Look at me, I’m an outlaw living on the edge” No you are not, you are just a silly little air headed cunt! I wouldn’t touch one with a barge poll.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

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  1. Tribute tattoos are also for cunts and superchavs….
    Some daft slag has ‘Nan’ and the date of death tattooed on her fat neck in ‘tribute’ to her deceased grandma… Where are these unwashed scrotes at? Our kid died when he was hit by a car and my sister died in the same year (cot death), but I don’t have their names plastered all over my anatomy… What sort of tasteless cunt does that?… Footballer bellends covered in tattoos are also cunt (see Beckham, Fatty Rooney, all the foreign mercenaries at Ver Harsenal and the Gorton Globetrotters etc)…

  2. My son (tattoos) said to me: “you’ve got no tattoos Dad.” I told him I didn’t like them and said that I’m tattooed and pierced on the inside from life events and it’s varous shit. My Dad had one tattoo. And when i asked him as a little boy he said he had it done when he was young and daft (in the Marines). “Don’t you do it son.” “No Dad.” Never did. Now you see pensioner women with tattoos and piercings and what the fuck do they look like? Got nothing as Norm says, against a discreet tattoo but the country has gone so chav that the Police Federation now wants to lift the ban on visible tattoos to boost recruitment. On women with tattoos, have a look at this fucker, Jemna Lucy. It’s a mess. What a cunt.

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  3. I agree about the tattoo sleave it’s horrible,but worse is the body tattoo, front or back. I especially hate it when I’ve downloaded some lesbo porn and the tarts are coveted in them (didn’t see them in the screen shots) …….really puts you off….

  4. Not a fan. Have none myself. A mate of mine once told me to keep an eye out for the “FMA” tattoo.

    I had no idea what he was on about but this is the tattoo which appears in the small of a ladies back.

    When I enquired why “FMA”? He responded simply with: “Fuck Me up the Arse!”

    Alas I wouldn’t know because I only started to notice them after he mentioned it and by then I’d already been married for 10yrs.

  5. Good cunting. For whatever reason I’ve always felt that tattoos were a masculine thing (obviously gross and stupid), but definitely for the male of the species. Women with tattoos I find very unattractive. To me, it lacks class and femininity. But hey, each to their own I ‘spose. Dopey slags.

  6. I have no tatts. I can’t add much to what’s already been said, except to say that Alan’s pensioner comment is spot on. Lately I’ve seen a few of these groovy grannies and reckon they look horrible. Young or old though why any woman, aside from a absolute attention whore, would cover herself in indelible markings that age worse than age itself is beyond my capacity for understanding. The bint in the bikini in Alan’s links, complete with botox lips, looks like an idiot!

  7. I do see some of the local chavs with this sort of barcode thingy on the back of there necks.

    I did assume it was for social security purposes, so they just scanned them in so they could reduce on the paperwork.

    But it’s a fashion statement.

  8. I have just had my day ruined by the Cronut. When I woke I was blissfully unaware of the cronut, sadly no more….

    The cronut is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut and was “invented” by some frenchist ponce in New York but is now available in UK. Well London, but hey London is all that counts, right?

    Cunts are willing to queue for an hour at 7 am for the honour of paying a fiver each for one. How empty must your life be that a baked product takes on such significance?

    • She’s okay with Islam is because one of her aides Huma has ties to the muslim brotherhood

      Fun fact: Huma was married to mayor Anthony “aka let me show you my” Weiner and when I said “was” just recently he had another scandal and they divorced because he had a dick pic with his 2 yr old son in the background http://i.imgur.com/2wuDp1B.jpg

    • It’s already there, Skid. It’s just obscured by the thick cloud of lies, deceit and corruption which follows that bitch around.

  9. when I joined up one of the other recruits had decided to have two full camoflage sleeves, Bit of a stupid thing to do as he hadnt passed any of his intake tests, end of BMT he went off to be a blanket stacker, Next lot of twats went out after BMT and got regimental tattoos (fuck knows why) and two of the PVR’d so after a stunning 13 week military career they were left unemployed and scarred for life with hard to explain tattoos.

  10. I had the misfortune to previously to work with a total bitch who had ridiculous delusions and liked to think she was a member of exclusive clubs and one step ahead of everyone else… For a start she thought she was cool because she listened to crap like Sleater Kinney and Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks… Then there was how she referred to herself as a ‘fashionista’ when she had about as much style as a dog turd…. And this tops the lot: the horrible excuse for a woman and a human being was a huge fan of that smug Yank twat, Stephen Colbert…. So much so she also called herself a ‘Colbertinista’ (I know: what a cunt!) and had a Colbert catchphrase (‘Truthiness’ whatever the fuck that means!) tattooed on her neck… One of the biggest cunts I have ever had the misfortune to come across… Absolutely diabolical…

  11. They look so attractive when they get old and the skin has sagged along with the picture. I would never shag a woman with a tattoo unless it was Rachel Riley, Lucy Verasamy..and some others.

      • Has Scarlett Johansson been counted yet,coz I’ve never seen such a mong on telly or cinema. Every clip you see of her , in an upcoming movie or any scene that she’s in all she ever does is gawp and squint like a total mong ….i pride myself in seeing the fuckability in most tarts but that cunt has me digging a hole under the patio just in case i bump into her down at the post office… I am now pissed off thinking about her. cheers….

  12. It reminds me of that incident a few years ago where some emo girl had her pubes dyed bright green. She had to go in for an operation downstairs & she had a “Keep Off The Grass” tattoo just above her twat. When she woke up from the anaesthetic, for a laugh…the surgeon had written above her tattoo in biro “Sorry had to mow the lawn”.

  13. The next growth industry will be tattoo removal services. When it is no longer fashionable to have the fucking things, all those statement type cunts will be queuing around the block to get rid of them. Isn’t it funny, how all those cunts who want to look different or unique, all end up looking the same?

  14. I fucking hate tattoos, look at me. I’m original, I have a tattoo, well no your fucking not, tattoos are coming as muck, I’d rather pay me Road tax or food bill than get a fucking tattoo that all the other unwashed people have.

      • So long as it is a fire breathing whore then a bit of ink is in order. But all these little chicky boos with their tramp stamps are anything but the real deal. Give ’em a little love tap or two and it would be tears before bedtime I assure you.

  15. Only person in my family was my granddad and he got that in the army (1914-19). However he regretted getting it. Dad was in Royal Navy (1942-54) but don’t get tatted up. It used to be a sign that basically you were in the services and had been abroad.
    Nowadays any and every cunt gets them although my kids have been warned in no uncertain terms not to. These cunts don’t look ahead and as sure as cunts are cunts they will regret their cuntish decision in years to come when it’s not fashionable and they start to get flabby skin.
    It looks fucking ugly – it’s not art you cunts – and what’s all this bollocks about dates ? Don’t you have a diary ? Chinese/Japanese stuff is also bollocks. It could well say “I am a huge cunt” and the wearer wouldn’t have a clue.
    Chav cunts. Let’s hope it’s fucking painful when they have them removed.

    • The next cunting along these lines should be body and facial piercings… Fucking ugly,facial ones make them look like they have a disease and body ones get in the way. Ever sucked on a pierced nipple ? Its fucking strange.. Guys with pierced nipples or other are creepy looking cunts ,and when they have facial ones you just want to punch them to watch them scream in agony .it just reads punch me here..

  16. I saw a whining woman on the front of me local newspaper, moaning about tax credits, standing in the picture how she’d struggle to pay for school uniforms for the 5 kids she’s had (she’s only 23 herself so her fanny must be like the top of a Wellington Boot) BUT, FUCK ME! they still have mone

  17. Money to get tacky tattoos rather than feed the five kids and the two child eating Staffordshire Bull terriers

  18. They think they look the bollocks, tattoos traditionally are for people who live on the fringes of society like soldiers and biker gangs, not little tarts or blokes who work in offices.

  19. I don’t know how it is in the UK, but tattoos are practically an epidemic here in the States. I don’t begrudge the man who’s done military service- he’s earned the right so long as it’s not too awful.

    Being in healthcare I can’t tell you how many under 40 parents I’ve seen with tattoos that made it hard not to ask “What were you thinking you stupid cunt?” The wisp of a father with the tribal ink on his noodley “biceps” or the “band with the feather” on his calf- “No, I’ve no Indian blood, I just thought it looked cool!” The tramp stamp seems to have gone out of favor amongst the mom-whores- it’s been replaced by the “deep thought” tattoo. You’ve seen it, the dimestore philosophy in script inked along the ribcage or the wrists. Very personal and original bits like “Carpe Diem” and “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

    I’ve seen some Godawful “tribute” drawings- the one where gran looks like a chimp with a wig or the precious baby looks like ET fucked an Oompa Loompa.
    Among the under 25 crowd it’s popular to get tats on their breasts and vulva. The rainbows, the unicorns, dog pad prints…you name it.

    The most infuriatingly stupid are the blacks with tattoos. I have never seen one that didn’t look like a slightly creative bruise- most look like smeared shit. These of course are the single moms on the dole complaining they don’t have enough to feed their kids (but of course always find money for tats, cigs and hair weaves.

    • Same here William. The bon mots from memes, as you say the deep thought tattoo. We have a TV show called tattoo fixers which over draws some of the execrable drawings they’ve had in intimate places. It’s epidemic and rapidly gaining popularity among young women Then there are these fuckers who look like they’ve been shot by a nail gun. I look away, I find their self mutilation offensive. People who self mutilate are cunts. I hate it.

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