Chris Spivey (5)

Another right cunting, well overdue for Chris Spivey.

I know this will be supported by Fred who has cunted this cunt before. After an all too brief hiatus when he says he was off line because he couldn’t pay his hosting bill, he is now back with his oversized begging bowl out and shaking. Have a look and see who is now saying “does not exist “. And still dumb cunts send him money.

As he is fond of saying, “You couldn’t make this shit up “.

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

23 thoughts on “Chris Spivey (5)

  1. Apparently ‘Paul’ donated £350 to the cause of this deluded mouthpiece so he could continue polluting the ether for a little longer.

    That ‘Paul’ was not your humble cunter in comradeship, I can assure you.

    However, whoever this ‘Paul’ may be, you are just as large if not a larger skinback than Spivey himself. A pair of delectable cunts made for each other.

  2. As Fred pointed out :
    “worth noting that the Spivey cunt claims it costs him £300 a month to have his site hosted in Iceland by OrangeWesbite and yet the most bespoke ‘Platinum’ package that company offers costs just under 25 euros a month (£21.21). Spivey’s sycophants really must be cunts (and mugs) if they keep sending him £300 a month out of their benefits in the mistaken belief it all goes to OrangeWebsite…”

    I pointed this out on Spiveys site and dared him to publish it. As a result, a cunt called Dogman said if I was such a big man he dared me to meet him in person so he could kick my head in…

    • From time to time I’ve had a look at some of his ramblings!
      Incoherent shite! Is probably the politest term I can use…
      Although without question he’s a stratospheric Cunt what does that say about his drone army??
      It’s the greatest argument against care in the community I’ve ever seen! ……….

  3. It always comes as a surprise to me that this hapless twat hasn’t been beaten to a pulp or thrown into a padded cell yet. Surely it’s just a matter of time, or is his continued existence actually evidence of the genuine “conspiracy” to transform Western society into a vast monument to slack-jawed stupidity posing as higher knowledge?
    Whichever way, a massive irredeemable cunt of the first order…

    • “It always comes as a surprise to me that this hapless twat hasn’t been beaten to a pulp or thrown into a padded cell yet.”

      And you wanna know why? Mr Bastard I just can’t believe hes gotten away with it for so long but Chris Spivey is himself a crisis actor… and hes also controlled opposition and a greasy two faced cunt

  4. To think Brian Jones was David Bowie this whole time sneaky fucker… pull the wool over my fucking eyes, we’ve been had!, Thank you Spivey for this precious bit of information your life is in danger now that you revealed this mystery to us mere peasants

    May the Queen personally bestow a Blue Plaque and MBE in your honor

    • Obvious that Bowie was Jones. At least 5 years between them. One short and chubby, the other tall and skinny. One couldn’t write songs, the other wrote hundreds. Why didn’t I see the obvious? Thank you Mr Spivey, my eyes are opened.

      • Neither were chubby they were both skin and bones but you got the rest right m8 both were blonde but Jones was brighter blonde hair and Bowie was a sandy blonde hair.

        The only thing they had in common was the had the same last name Jones (David Jones bowies real birth name), but thats all. Spivey is a delusional arse puncher

  5. I usually don’t bother chipping in when I am unfamiliar with the cunt in question… Online searches either reveal a tattooist or a cunt who said obnoxious things about Lee Rigby.

    Sorry to be a jonny-cunt-lately, but just who is this fucking cunt?

    • Some call him a conspiracy theorist but to actually have a theory on a conspiracy you actually have to make sense…. he just pisses about half the time going on long winded rants not maiing much sense and putting lame photo comparisons up to prove his half baked point thats hes a whacked in the head

      Personally I think hes more of a Troll and a Crackpot Photoshopper take a gander at his site have a few laughs and behold the craziness and his rabid fanclub of nutjobs

  6. In light of the announcement of Pro EU campaigners donation of £400,000 by billionaire George Soros

    The sooner we are out of the EU and are rid of the hopeless smiling arrogant clueless self-serving non entity corrupt fuckers otherwise known as MEP’s the better.

    Sir Nigel, this is not directed at you.

    Fucking useless cunts.

    • BS, I live in hope, I really do !!

      I read this crap on the front page of the Telegraph today, so, hopefully, now it’s even more obvious what this lizard-faced teracunt is up to, it’ll be gloves off.

      It would be even funnier if Vlad’s lot nailed him. VP could sort out a lpot of problems, and if it came to a choice between “peacefuls” and the people that gave us Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Ratmaninov and vodka, I know who I’d go for – and I’ve never been any commie.

  7. Well this Soros gamble isn’t going to come off.

    Much like the one he made on the Yen which lost him everything he gained from us exiting the ERM.


  8. Isnt it possible that his father was actually Mick Jagger? I seem to remember some dalliance back then. Would explain why he is such a cunt.

    • Apparently that groupie slag, Margaret Trudeau, was torpedoed by Ronnie Wood… So maybe he’s the little cunt’s dad?…

      • His “father” was a frog. Frogs live and breed in ponds. Ponds are full of scum so it’s anybody’s guess.

        Trudeau is a cunt. A “Minor League” cunt but a cunt nonetheless. Given time and more idiotic legislation he could become a “Major League” cunt and thus a credit to Cuntkind.

        But right now he is strictly “Bush League.”

    • Looks like an escapee from a soap…

      Hopefully, one day, he’ll be inside, and then it’ll be a case of “where’s the soap?”

  9. GOD bless you! Yes Spivey is well overdue a cunting for being the worlds biggest cunt. His daughter is a cunt aswell.His Facebook friends are a shower of cunts and all their friends are cunts too.
    His website just got updated afew hours ago…a long cunting rant about more nonsense about how EVERYONE in the public eye is a crisis actor/actress..including ofcourse the new peoples princess (no not Jade RIP Goody)..but ofcourse Megan Markle.
    Amazingly cunting stuff indeed.
    More cunts who are overdue cunting are

    Kim Hollingsworth (Google this cunt)…in short this deluded wannabe celebrity started life out as a hooker sucking cock for $5 and then turned to horses and starved more of them than the Manchesters Curry Mile ..She recently got convicted for animal cruelty AGAIN! …
    Danielle La Verite……Long overdue cunting, this cunt is so much of a cunt she deserves a site of her own. Be careful though cos she has boasted of getting trolls arrrested and jailed!!! …I shit you not.
    Carl McCoid..The Miey Cyrus superstaler who is in his 40s and has over 30 tattoos of Miley…..He was expsed a couple years on Twitter as having a morbid interest in “animal crush videos”….he soon shut down all his social media shit after his IP was proven to be all over that shit…..Cunty Cuntus he really is.
    Ritchie Allen…the potato munching bomb slinger is one hell of a deluded TROOFER cunt …
    Ian Watkins ex also is a huge cunt….the cunt of all cunts. Can’t write her name on here cos she got Google intranet Cyber police watching any mention of her name.
    Her porno interview video shows her true colours…well one colour Shit brown.

    Spivey will no doubt end upwith the cops kickin his door in again soon anyway since he has been mocking James Bulger …big fuckin man he is!!…big CUNT more like.

  10. Just a quick note for your amusement.
    Go look at the comments Chris Spivey has been giving the green light too on his stupid website.
    All very supportive ofcourse…..but he might just think about using Google to search these people before making their posts public.

    Out of the 18 so far on his latest nonsense article two are the names of people who do porn using dogshit and another two have convictions for shaggin animals.


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